Directed by Joe Aaron
Produced by Karen Malach
Jim Jinkins
Written by Jim Jinkins
Ken Scarborough
Based on Doug
by Jim Jinkins
Starring Tom McHugh
Constance Shulman
Chris Pratt
Holly Hunter
Jeff Garlin
Music by Mychael Danna
Jeff Danna
Edited by Peter Ettinger
Production companies Paramount Pictures
Nickelodeon Movies
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Running time 87 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Doug is an American computer-animated film based on the 1991 series of the same name and is the 10th entry in the Nicktoons Cinematic Series. The film is a stand-alone film and has no connection to Walt Disney Pictures' Doug's 1st Movie, as this film has it shares connections of the Nickelodeon version of the show's run. Tom McHugh, Fred Newman, Constance Shulman, Becca Lish, and Eddie Korbich reprise their roles from the series; while TBA voices Beebe Bluff in place of the late Alice Playten. The cast members of the film's characters consist of Chris Pratt, Holly Hunter, and Paul Rudd. In the film, TBA.

The film is produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; due to the fact that The Walt Disney Company currently owns the rights to the series, Paramount was allowed to produce while Disney distributed; being the first and only NCS film not to be distributed by Paramount.


  • Tom McHugh as Doug Funnie
  • Constance Shulman as Patti Mayonnaise
  • Chris Pratt as Jake Nicholson, Doug's new neighbor and son of Sandy and Ian Nicholson.
  • Holly Hunter as Sandy Nicholson, Jake's mother
  • Jeff Garlin as Ian Nicholson, Jake's father
  • Fred Newman as:
    • Skeeter Valentine
    • Porkchop
    • Bud Dink
  • Chris Phillips as Roger Klotz
  • Becca Lish as Judy Funnie
  • Eddie Korbich as Al and Moo Sleech
  • TBA as Beebe Bluff
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