Dot Meets The Bravest Warriors is a Upcoming Canadian Animated Crossover Episode Created by Randi Zuckerburg And Pendelton Ward


(Coming Soon)

Theme Song

Dot: Helloooo

Chris Kirkman: I Do Foul To Protect to Indisent

Dot: If You Wanna Connect, If You Wanna Explore

Chris Kirkman: To Stand Up For The Adorable

Dot: The World Of Wonders Outside Your Door

Chris Kirkman: And To Throw Down Against Evil All Across The Universe

Dot: Connect

All: Connect

Chris Kirkman: I Shall Refuse No Cry For Help, And Accept No Reward, Nothing Shall Slow My LazerSword, The Astroids, Some Space Stuff, Or Time Travel Paradox

Dot: And Explore

All: Explore

Chris Kirkman: For I Am A Hero, Noval And  Rad, Every Breath Of Evil I Take Is A Promise Of Justice

Dot: And Just Run Outside And Discover Some More

All: Woah Oh Oh Oh Ohhh

Singer: They Are Brave Tonight

Dot: Outside Your Door

Chris Kirkman: And When Evil Gets Fancy, We Break That Biz Down

Dot: Come On, Come On, Come On Along Now

Chris Kirkman; She Is Dot Comet, And We Are The Bravest Warriors

Voice Cast

  • Lilly Bartlam As Dot Comet
  • Graeme Jokic As Chris Kirkman
  • Isaiah Slater As Hal
  • Liliana Mumy As Beth Tezuka
  • Denise Oliver As Mom Comet
  • John Omohundro As Danny Vasquez
  • Terry McGurrin As Dad Comet/Scratch Comet
  • Ian Jones-Quartey As Wallow
  • Grace Oliver As Ruby Marshall
  • Tara Strong As Plum
  • Abigail Oliver As Nev Jumelle
  • Breehn Burns As Emotion Lord/Jelly Kid/Wankershim
  • Ethan Tavares As Dev Jumelle
  • Eric Bauza As the Concierge/Codswell
  • Lynne Griffin As Nana
  • Micheal Leon Wooley As Impossibear
  • Sam Lavagnino As Catbug
  • Jordan Shooter As Robot 3000
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