Dot: For Pet's Sake is a 2018 animated movie and a extended version of a ''Dot.'' episode of the same name. The film was released on July 20th 2018, And the film was rated PG for rude humor and mild action.


Dot and her friends must work together on a memorial video about Nev and Dev's pet fish called Ogopogo, That has been missing.

Meanwhile in Musictropolis, The talking instruments must go on a quest to find the lucky kids for the Elvis 1950's format.

Voice Cast

  • Lilly Bartlam as Dot Comet
  • Isaiah Slater as Hal
  • Grace Oliver as Ruby Marshall
  • Abigail Oliver as Nev Jumelle
  • Ethan Tavares as Dev Jumelle
  • Will Arnett as Saxophone, Tamborine, Microphone, Addtional Voices
  • Jordan Shooter as Drum, Piano, Addtional Voices
  • Ryan Reynolds as Guitar
  • Andrew Auld as 1980's Keyboard, Addtional Voices
  • Tom Kenny as Ogopogo, PPG Narrator, Addtional Voices

The Film In Different Languages

  • English: Dot: For Pet's Sake
  • Spanish: Dot: Por El Bien De Las Mascotas
  • French: Dot: Pour L'amour Des Animaux
  • Japanese: ドット: ペットのために
  • Polish: Kropka: Na Miłość Boską
  • German: Dot: Um Des Willens Willen
  • Italian: Dot: Per L'animale Domestico
  • Korean: 점: 애완용을 위해서
  • Danish: Dot: Til Kæledyrs Skyld
  • Norwegian: Dot: For Kjæledyrs Skyld
  • Swedish: Dot: För Husdjurets Skull
  • Romanian: Dot: Pentru Dragul Animalului
  • Hungarian: Dot: Az Állat Kedvéért
  • Chinese: 点: 为了宠物的缘故
  • Dutch: Dot: Voor Het Huisdier
  • Turkish: Nokta: Hayvanın Uğruna
  • Portugese: Dot: Por Causa Do Animal De Estimação
  • Czech: Dot: Pro Domácí Mazlíčky
  • Russian: Tочка: Ради Домашнего Животного


While the original creators work on the original episode back in 2016, The creators of The LEGO Movie (Phil Lord and Christopher Miller), Gravity Falls (Alex Hirsch) And Rick & Morty (Justin Roiland) start to work on lots of animated extras starring the talking instrumentals, So production on the extended version began on the same year.


  • Andrew Auld, The creator of The Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Strikes Back, Voices 1980's Keyboard and other addtional voices.
  • Tom Kenny (Best known for Spongebob Squarepants) Voices Ogopogo, And other addtional voices.
  • There's a animated short playing before Dot: For Pet's Sake, It's called Doodle Toons: What's In A Name, Created By Jack C., After getting jinxed by Cruncher, Bellybutton tries everything he can to unjinx himself
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