Doragory is a moth Choju from the fourth season of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters.


Doragory was created by Yapool in his dimension.


Godzilla: New Age of Monsters

Yapool began his invasion of Earth by sending three of his strongest Choju, Vakishim, Velokron and Doragory to exterminate the human race and attacking Tokyo, Osako and Sendai. They fought against the Gammas, Unicorn and the Zone Family and have proven to be too powerful, even for Giant Robot.

Gomora shows up and fights Velokron in Tokyo as the Choju kept blasting organic missiles at Gomora, but the Gammas distracts the Choju as the prehistoric dinosaur had gained the upper hand and kills Velokron. When Vakishim was killed in Sendai by Ultraman Ace, Doragory was fighting Godzilla in Osaka and it seems that Doragory was winning until Rodan flies towards and knocks down the Moth Choju and instantly pecks on Doragory.

As he gets up, Telesdon pops out from the ground as he, Godzilla and Rodan strike at Doragory at the same time, injuring the Choju as Godzilla kills Doragory with his Atomic Ray as Telesdon fires his flames at the monster too. After underestimated the strength of Earth's monsters, Yapool decides to attack Earth and send U-killersaurus to battle Ultraman Ace.

The Godzilla/Young Justice Special

Powers and Abilities

  • Enchanted Strength


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