Doraemon: 20 Years into the Future is an obscure feature-length episode of Doraemon that aired on TV Asahi. It is unknown which year this episode was made and/or release.

Dubbing History

This special episode was dubbed into English two times. The first dub was made for a rare limited VHS release, and was recorded in the US. The second dub is made as a test dub by Media Concepts, which is the same company that (possibly) did the early 2000's Doraemon dub with Phuuz Entertainment. The movie was dubbed without Phuuz's help, unlike the dub of the 1979 series. Both of the dubs are mostly unedited and have dialogue close to the original Japanese version, but the latter dub has the name changes from the Phuuz dub. Both dubs are rare and hard to find, and are made in Los Angeles.

English Cast

Character English Voice Actor (VHS, USA, 1998) English Voice Actor (Media Concepts, USA, 2003) Notes
Doraemon Candi Milo Diane Michelle
Nobita/Nobu Michelle Ruff (kid), Michael E. Rodgers (?) (young adult) Bryce Papenbrook (kid and young adult) VHS dub: It is unknown who voices the young adult form of Nobita, but he sounds very similar to Michael E. Rodgers' voice. It is unknown if Michael actually did his voice, but he was somewhat credited in the VHS and the credits as Nobita and his blonde clone.

Media Concepts dub: The original voice actor of Nobita/Nobu in the Phuuz dub was unavailable at that time, so they had to replace him with Bryce Papenbrook.

Shizuka/Serena ??? Michelle Ruff (kid), Jennifer Hale (young adult)
Suneo/Zippy Rob Paulson Michael Sorich (kid and young adult)
Gian/Giant ??? Paul St. Peter (kid and young adult)
Dekisugi ??? Hope Levy (kid), ??? (young adult)
Nobisuke Michelle Ruff Diane Michelle
Clone Doraemon Candi Milo Diane Michelle
Clone Nobita/Nobu Michael E. Rodgers (?) ??? It is unknown who voices Clone Nobita/Nobu in both dubs, but Michael E. Rodgers was somewhat credited as Clone Nobita/Nobu in the VHS and the credits.

Dub Changes

The two dubs of this TV special are mostly unedited and has dialogue closer to the original Japanese script. The VHS dub keeps the Japanese names, while the Media Concepts dub has the name changes from the Phuuz dub.

The voice actors for the Phuuz dub of Doraemon reprised their roles in the 2003 dub, with the exception of Nobita's voice actor, who had to be replaced due to being unavailable.

Michelle Ruff, the voice of Shizuka/Serena in the 2003 dub of the special, voiced both Nobita/Nobu and his son in the 1998 dub.

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