Donkey Kong Country is a computer-generated television series produced by Nintendo of America with the partnership of Technicolor, based on the Donkey Kong franchise created by Nintendo.


The show is mainly focused on the diverse Kongo Bongo archipelago, where the law of the jungle is always in full swing.



  • Donkey Kong (voiced by Chris Jai Alex) – The iconic hero of Donkey Kong Country and rightful leader of the island with the same name, being a tie wearing curly gorilla gifted since birth with incredible strength.
  • Diddy Kong (voiced by Vincent Tong) – The intelligent good hearted monkey who is DK's best friend.
  • Cranky Kong (voiced by Mike Pollock) – A bitter yet fatherly elderly Kong who acts as DK's mentor.
  • Candy Kong (voiced by Novie Edwards) – A kind hearted and strong-willed Kong who is DK's love interest.
  • Dixie Kong (voiced by Erica Mendez) – A swift and good-natured Kong who is Diddy's love interest and Tiny Kong's older sister.
  • Funky Kong (voiced by Scott McNeil) – A laid back Kong who works as the mechanic and a lifeguard as well as a good friend to DK.
  • King K. Rool (voiced by Mark Hamill) – Kremling king/pirate captain/mad scientist/boxer who is the archenemy of Donkey Kong, his family and the residents from Donkey Kong Island.
  • General Klump (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) – K. Rool's loyal right-hand and military specialist.
  • Kludge (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) – The muscle among the Kremling soldiers, despite his lack of brains.


  • Animal Friends – DK Crew's closest allies.
    • Elephants –
      • Ellie the Elephant –
    • Enguarde the Swordfish –
    • Expresso the Ostrich –
    • Giraffes –
    • Rambi the Rhino –
    • Squitter the Spider –
    • Squawks the Parrot (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) – Cranky's personal messenger, often sending reports to the other Kongs when their home is in trouble.
    • Squirrels –
    • Tawks (voiced by Greg Cipes) – Funky's pet and substitute then his owner isn't around or just on a break.
    • Winky the Frog –
    • Zebras –
  • Bashmaster (voiced by Nolan North) – The Unbreakable.
  • Chunky Kong (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) –
  • Kalypso (voiced by Angel Parker) –
  • Kass (voiced by Grey Griffin) –
  • Kiddy Kong (voiced by Tara Strong) –
  • Kip (voiced by Grey Griffin) –
  • Kremling Krew – The fellow subjects of King K. Rool.
    • Gnawties –
    • Klaptraps –
    • Klobbers –
    • Kopters –
    • Kritters –
    • Krocheads –
    • Lockjaws –
    • Neckies –
      • Mini-Neckies –
    • Zingers –
      • Queen B. –
  • Lanky Kong (voiced by Rob Paulsen) –
  • Lord Fredrik (voiced by Clancy Brown) – The Snowmad King who's dreadfully seeking revenge on the Kong family, after his remaining tribe quickly fell from grace.
  • Pompy (voiced by Tom Kenny) – The Presumptuous.
  • Professor Chops (voiced by Bill Freiberger) – An exploratory pig with a strong Greek accent.
  • Skowl (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – The Startling.
  • Snowmads –
    • Tuckses –
    • Fluffs –
    • Waldoughs –
    • Hootzes –
    • Lemmingtons –
  • Squiddicus – A giant octopus that usually don't like trespassers through its water.
  • Swanky Kong (voiced by Phil LaMarr) – Wealthy business"ape" in media to market industry and and Donkey Kong's love rival.
  • Tiny Kong (voiced by Janice Kawaye) – The grow spurted little sister of Dixie Kong.
  • Wrinkly Kong (voiced by Candi Milo) – Cranky's late wife that has the ability to revisit the living as paranormal support.


Season 1

  1. Barrel Blasting Jet Race

Season 2

  1. Donkey Kloned

Season 3

  1. K. Rool Retires

Season 4

  1. Banana Day 25


  • Some of these figures take over roles that were originally filled by other ones, within the first television adaption. Such as Fredrik and Swanky replacing Kaptain Skurvy and Bluster Kong.
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