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Rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested

This article is rated PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for users the age of 7 and under.


Donkey Kong and his Friends Mr. Krabs Too Super-Dee-Duper Amazing Adventure in Africa Savannah. Donkey Kong and his Friends we off to Save the world of Savannah. But Evil Villain Thanos has killed off half the Savannah. Donkey Kong When the Evil Villain Kills Thanos and New Adventure.


Patrick Warburton as Donkey Kong

Dwayne Johnson as Sharko

Tom Kenny as Zig

Kevin Hart as Bernie

Richard Kind as Tom "Thomas" Cat

Frank Welker as Jerry

Kath Soucie as Tuffy

Jim Carrey as Batch

John Cena as Oggy

Jason Sudeikis as Jack

Jack Black as Joey

Seth Green as Marky

Jim Cummings as Dee Dee, Lions, Elephants, Warthogs, Meerkats, Zebras, Water Buffalos, Hyenas, Wildebeests, Flamingos, Parrots, Lovebirds, Ostriches, Leopards, Crocodiles, Monkeys, Baboons, Gazelles, Aardvarks, Africa Black Duck #1-10, Animals, Narrator

Jackie Chan as Bob

JonTron as Pat

Eric Stonestreet as Stan

Martin Lawrence as Boog

Ashton Kutcher as Elliot

Cody Cameron as Mr. Wheenie

Will Smith as Popeye

Cree Summer as Cheshire Cat

Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs

Josh Brolin as Thanos

Josh Gad as Chuck (cameo)

Ray Romano as Manny The Mammoth (cameo)

Chis Pratt as Emmet Brickowski (cameo)

Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin (cameo)

Tara Strong as Raven (cameo)

Kevin James as Otis (cameo)


  • Rated PG for mild comic violence, threat, very mild bad language.
  • Running Time: 130 Minutes - 125 Minutes.


May 9, 2020


  1. Prologue (Let Justice Be Done) - Mr. Krabs
  2. When Love is True - Donkey Kong and Sharko
  3. A Story Told - Tom, Oggy, and Jack
  4. I Will Be There - Donkey Kong and Sharko
  5. Everyday a Little Death - Donkey Kong, Sharko, and Tom
  6. When We Are Kings - Jerry and Donkey Kong
  7. When the World Was Mine - Sharko and Popeye
  8. Hell to Your Doorstep - Donkey Kong and Tom
  9. Ah, Women - Donkey Kong and Tuffy
  10. I Know Those Eyes / This Man is Dead - Sharko and Donkey Kong
  11. Pretty Lies - Bernie and Popeye
  12. All This Time - Sharko and Jerry
  13. The Man I Used to Be - Donkey Kong and Boog
  14. Hell to Your Doorstep (Reprise) - Tom and Donkey Kong
  15. I Will Be There (Reprise) - Donkey Kong and Sharko

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