Don Bluth's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a 1989 American animated musical film directed by Don Bluth and released by Walt Disney Pictures for December 15th 1988 The film features the voice talents of TBD.




Rudolph-The main protagonist who was born with a glowing red nose and is made fun of causing him to not join the reindeer games and eventurally leading Santa's team through a storm

Ginger-a female doe who likes Rudolph and thinks his nose is handsome and nice.

Bahumbug - the lord of anti-Christmas spirit who wants to ruin Christmas and wants to use Rudolph's nose to demolish Christmas

Merry-a penguin and Rudolph's friend (voiced by Robin Williams)

Jingle-a polar bear (voiced by John Candy)

Voice Cast

  • Michael J.Fox as Rudolph
  • Phillip Glasser as Young Rudolph
  • TBD as Ginger- a female doe who likes Rudolph
  • TBD as Young Ginger
  • Adam West as Santa Claus
  • TBA as Mrs.Claus
  • TBA as Bahumbug
  • Gino Conforti as Leon the Snowman
  • Robin Williams as Merry
  • John Candy as Jingle
  • Dom Deluise as Pepper Minstix- Santa's right hand elf who aids Santa and is the one to search for Rudolph and Ginger.
  • TBA as Donner-Rudolph's father
  • TBA as Mitzi-Rudolph's mother


  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Seek the Stars-Gino Conforti


VHS and DVD Release

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