Don is a 2008 American CGI-animated musical fantasy comedy-adventure film produced by Fox Animation Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film was directed by Will Finn. Once upon a time there lived a pack of armoured mooses were walking they were on a mission to stop a wolf army from killing them all the leader of the soilders the king of mooses Robert (Nicholas cage) he told the pack wolfs are coming and they have to hide to sneak attack them the wolf pack leaded by captain wolf ( matt damoun ) told the others to attack any nearby mosses as they can so they can concur there kingdom as there after spotting two mosse soilders they are killed and eaten after the others are killed Robert stands up to battle captain wolf but he is sadly killed captain wolf reports to his boss king wolfauls ( Alec Baldwin) about the mosse king,s death sitting on a painted tree stump a pregnant mosse gave birth to a boy named don and other pregnant wolf ( resse wither spoon) as a boy named devil the report of Robert,s death had shook the mosse kingdom they had know choice but to later crown don king when he turns 29 years of age his mother queen siala and also Robert,s wife ( Kristen wigg) tells son about this but he can,t speak since he was just born 60 years later it was don ( Justin tim

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