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Doki 2:operation D.O.K.I is the sequel to doki the movie.


the doki and his friends will embarks on a new mission and this time he must face two super villains who want to turn all children into animals and an alien armada who wants to destroy planet earth in this adventure ala james bounde.



the story begins on a planet that is so far away called planet jambo where diverse species of aliens live in society including together with human beings, and on this planet it was ruled by a king and a queen.

the queen is a sweet and kind woman who loves her people very much, and she had the pleasure of helping those in need, the king on the other hand is a cruel and arrogant man who cares for no one but himself he puts all his villainy and cruelty into his religion. but although they are different the two love each other very much.

one day the king and queen decided it was time to expand the kingdom of jambo and for that they had to choose another planet and move there(but the queen didn't know was that this was a plan for the king to destroy all the planets of the universe)and to choose the perfect planet, the rulers of jambo had their own soldiers in whom they call him invaders and these invaders receive their planet to invade according to their abilities.

but a young alien named bello on the other hand is somewhat incompetent which makes him disqualified to be one of the invaders ,even more than after a chance the queen gave him in the galaxy war, he destroyed part of the planet himself with a deadly weapon thinking he was in another

but bello didn't give up he really wanted to be an invader and travel to several planets to dominate because he was very convinced so after so much pissing off the rulers, the king decides to get rid of the bello once and for all.

and then the two took the bello and placed it inside a ship with a defective robot (on which the king who built )called m.a.x and sent him on a "secret mission" to an unknown planet in another universe (but what bello did not know was that the king intended to send him in an area in space where the king believed it was an empty area for him to be wandering in space until he died).


the story is then cut and Continuing the ending of the first movie, as the doki and his friends rejoice as the robbie rotten and loki bad cat was destroyed, doki's favorite agents/exploers the kratt brothers arrive, saying that the US government, wants doki and his friends to enter a spy school because they heard stories that they were the saviors of equestria kingdom and also giving doki a chance to work as a real explorer.

also promising that the people will be back within a month.As they were relocated, doki started his new job at spy academy, and during a tumor that they do with the peppa pig (despite being a 4 year old she has great intelligence)doki ends up getting to know austin who is in the same class as doki only that he is better at absolutely everything and then the two don't like each other very much they are rivals.and austin is a foster child of Miss T.who is the principal of the academy.

after that, he starts a gigantic training of spies and during the training while austin was showing himself, the doki always made some pranks with him so that he "would stop being so mititated"and sometimes austin did the same thing.

and then Miss T puts the doki and austin in detention and holds them in a room so that they understand each other better and stop fighting once and for all.the story is then cut and we see Miss T with her assistant Peppa storing three containers in her office safe

when peppa asks what was in these containers mrs t replies that inside there is an alien substance that can serve as a source of energy and how these substances were powerful several villains from all over the world start to be interested in him mainly by the great villain of this film the lady in pink.

the story is then cut and we see for the first time the lady in pink a mysterious and relentless woman who, as her name already said, is all pink in his den of evil that was located in the big bang of london, and she creates a plan to steal the three containers because she could use those powers plus a secret formula she invented to turn all the children in the world into animals.

.the story is then cut again and we see that it is already night and doki and austin are inside the board cleaning by punicão all the mess at the beginning of the story meanwhile a criminal named zach Varmitech invades the school and manages to steal the three containers, even without knowing what the containers are, austin and doki try to prevent zach from stealing them.

but they can't because the zach was faster than a gepardoand he manages to escape in an elicopter with the help of his henchmen tyrone.


after realizing they were in trouble austin desperately starts the outbreak but fortunately doki manages to calm him down by slapping him in the face and then without much choice doki and austin decide to retrieve the three containers without the director being aware of the theft.

obviously doki remembers that he has an old friend who could very well help him in this mission the fishtronaunt when the two finally find the fishtronaut after a while they receive a distress call from peppa saying that she is inside zach's hideout as a hostage and the strange thing is that neither doki nor austin knew she was there.

and then the two protagonists together with the fishtronaut leave behind the zach to try to rescue the peppa,their luck is that in a hotel in london there was a meeting of super villains to discover the defeat of super heroes and among these super villains The Gloom Meister,Rancher Tyrone,Professor Bug,the Goddess of Weather,zach and lady in pink were present at the meeting

and that the zach is smuggling the three containers to the lady of rose in exchange for money meanwhile doki, austin and the fishtronaut finally arrive at the hotel and hiding inside a pipe they sculpt the villains all over the plan.

but soon the heroes' plan backfires when the ventilation tube breaks and falls to the floor causing them to be discovered by the lady in pink and the other villains,luckily the fishtronaut managed to escape but doki and austin were not very lucky as they managed to be captured by zach's henchman.

and as a punishment the lady in pink injects a little of her formula into the bodies of austin and doki transforming the two into a kangaroo and a dog as soon as the transformation was complete the henchman tyrone throws the protagonists in the back of the building dumpster.


the story is then is cut and we see austin and doki waking up from inside the dumpster and the two are scared because they didn’t believe what they were seeing the heroes were turned into animals.

austin had turned into a purple kangaroo puppy and the funny thing is that austin hates purple color and is allergic to kangaroo fur,doki on the other hand he had turned into a dog again but this time he was turning into a common dog but that he at least kept talking like a human.

the doki gets very angry for having turned into a dog again and austin even without understanding anything he asks doki what he meant by again and then doki responds by summarizing the first film.

after that the two protagonists set out on a mission to find a way to return to being human and stop the lady in pink,Before it's too late but suddenly they see something shiny fall from the sky and land on the earth and the two protagonists go to the impact site to see what it is.

the story is then cut and we see mr T, peppa (who somehow managed to get away from the lady in pink) and the rest of team doki looking for desperate austin and doki,until the fishtronaut arrives and warns that doki and austin were captured by lady in pink and zach varmitech and then gabi leads the team doki to find the two protagonists, but peppa insists that they shouldn't do this because this mission could be very dangerous

but gabi ignores her saying that doki is her best friend and that he needs a lot of help and then team doki together with the kratt brothers left on a mission to find doki and austin.

meanwhile we see doki and austin at the place where the mysterious object fell to earth,but when they get there they have an unexpected surprise because what they saw was neither a meteor nor a shooting star it was actually an alien spaceship.

and then suddenly the bello and his robot m.a.x appear from inside the ship,at first doki and austin were scared but after bello introduced themselves in a friendly way they started to become more friends,the doki then asks for help to stop the lady in pink and save the land and the bello accepts on the spot but with a condition that it was to find a place for him and his family to stay on planet earth and so the deal was made.


the story is then is cut and we see gabi interrogating some employees of the hotel where the lady in pink was holding the meeting she then asks the waiter if he saw anything suspicious and he replies that the only strange thing is that the members of the convention were wearing glasses all the time and didn’t wear anything and he also says that when he asked the lady in pink to remove the glasses he received a slap in the face.

despite being useless information, the gabi found it very suspicious that these members of the meeting kept their glasses on and did not take off,after that peppa shows videos from the security camera at the place that was taking place at the meeting of the villains and team doki were shocked to learn that doki and austin plane really turned into animals again.

but soon the computer ends up in a short circuit when they tried to see a small device that was on a left side of the lady in pink's glasses and peppa apologizes saying that she accidentally spilled coffee on her notebook,after that the wild kratts and fishtronaunt set out on a mission to try to find doki and austin while gabi and the rest of the team went to find the lady in pink.

the story is then cut and we see the two protagonists doki, bello and austin doing a tuor around the city and during the tour that doki and austin did for bello to get to know a little of the land the jambo alien was impressed with everything around him, from a television in a restaurant to a bag of potato chips.

during the tourtwo men pass by beautiful and make fun of your face calling him "alien" because of the red face and the rubbery-looking skin,annoyed bello winds up the fight and keeps arguing with the two guys until he tries to hit with a punch but he ends up making a mistake and hits his hand on a pole, when he hits his hand on a pole the bello stops in the middle of the street and for not paying attention he was hit by a van that passed over his head

your body is stretched out on the floor all smashed and bleeding,but in a matter of a few seconds he gets up as if nothing had happened,austin then finds out that bello has the power of invunerability and it makes him very relieved.

but while doki and austin saw the beautiful recovering from being run over, bertie and brutus from animal control come up behind them and immediately capture them,as soon as he sees his new friends being taken by the hunters bello tries to stop running after the truck with the help of his robot max.

during the chase bello ended up getting hurt on the way be it the things he bumps into or because of the brutus shooting with tranquilizer darts,but he managed to survive because of his invunerability and max manages to stop the truck by throwing a dart that was stuck in his master's face in the rear tire of the vehicle,which ends up causing him to hit and open the cages where doki and austin were.

but when bello went to open the rear doors of the truck he realizes that the two protagonists are gone (meaning someone has already saved doki and austin).


the story is then is cut and we see the team doki in a patrol vehicle looking for austin and doki when they encounter an ambulance parked next to a burning van.at the site there were a lot of people who were turning into animals little by little for some reason.

and behind that truck was a shadow, and fico keep thinking it was the doki he jumps on top of him and gives a hug saying he was homesick but he ends up being scared when he realizes that it was the alien bello.

the reaction of others was to scream in fear because it’s not every day that you see a red alien and a plastic robot,after that bello explains what happened to austin and bello after realizing that they were taken after the truck crashed they ask where the two boys went and max replies that he saw a man in black taking them by helicopter and then team doki went in the direction following the same tragedy as the elicopter that took doki and austin.

while the others try to resuscitate the bike that passed out when he saw a alien and a robot,bello uses max to call your home planet to try to ask for help to try to find doki and austin,meanwhile we see the king and queen resting in their throne room until their rest has been interrupted when they receive a video call and the king is surprised to see that bello is still alive.

bello asks the king and queen for help to help him find doki and austin,so the queen started tracking the frequency and shows that the place where the two protagonists are is in Switzerland after that team doki quickly starts preparing the plane to go to switzerland and bello invites the queen, the king and the entire population of jambo to get to know the planet earth and the queen accepted the invitation with great love,but the king on the other hand did not.

the story is then cut and we see doki and austin waking up in a wooden house,and the two are frightened when they realize that they are in Switzerland for some reason.

while the austin suggested that they seem to sleep (because he believed that this was all a long and terrible nightmare) doki was trying to find out what's going on until they come across a fox sitting in the middle of the room watching doki and austin,after that the two are startled when the fox begins to talk with them.

and then the fox starts to introduce himself as dr.foxy loxy and she explains to the two boys how she was able to speak,she says that when she lived on a fox farm next to her siblings finigan fox and dixie she accidentally ate a magic alphabet soup that allowed her to speak verbally with both humans and animals.

after that, doki and austin explain to the doctor that they are not real animals, but children that were transformed into animals by the lady in pink and foxy loxy is very happy because she said that under this hut there were also a lot of people who also have the same problem

after this explanation, the doctor took the two boys downstairs where a party was taking place with a lot of people who have also been turned into animals,when they arrive at the laboratory that was a giant bank vault that was at the end of the room and right away the dr.foxy loxy she tells the two boys that she had an antidote there to turn the kids back into humans.

and for your creation to be complete, just one last little detail is missing,a rare red fruit that was on an unknown tropical island that was hidden in the "A" of the Atlantic.but before she could hand the map over to the doki so they could find the fruit floor sounds are heard upstairs and when she finds the security camera monitor she sees that she is the lady in pink and the henchman tyrone,who were there looking for doki and austin.


doki,austin and dr foxy loxy goes back and quickly jumps into slade, but without being tied, they ended up going back, making a chase as well the lady in pink and her henchmen chasing after them. Being close to the end of a cliff, Jesper manages to stop the slade.




  • all star-by smash bros
  • when you believe-from the prince of egypt
  • kung fu fighting-by cee lo green
  • cruella devil-by celena gomes
  • the trail we blaze from-from a road to el dorado
  • here i am-from spirit
  • i like to move it move it-madagascar
  • valka and stoick song-from how to train your dragon
  • can't stop feeling-justin timberlake


  • the film is inspired by the webcomic series la verdad
  • in backyardigans tyrone was actually the henchman of uniqua while in the film he is the henchman of zach.
  • in the film are the songs of shrek, kung fu panda, madagascar, the prince of egypt, how to train your dragon, spirit and a road to el dorado as a tribute.
  • on planet jambo are the characters of little robots and mechanimals.

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