Dogs Is A 1999 Film.

Plot when dog pals hunderback and roger discover a ancient book telling the legend of Mr lance me dog and a lucky but scared fox

Voice cast

Jeff Bergman as Huckleberry Hound (character) and George Huck

Mark Schiff as Roger Huck

Frank Welker as Scrub Huck and Bob Huckleberry's Horse

B. J. Ward (actress) as Nauvoo Hound and Tanya Hound

Ned Beatty as Tony Hound and Joe Hound

Jim Varney as Sweater Hound

Tom Hanks as Huckleberry's Brother

Tim Allen as Scrub's Brother

Joan Cusack as Rope Hound

Jodi Benson as Marina Hound


The Boys of Rock and Roll

Getting Lucky

Big Hug


Randy Edelman


October 8, 1999

Home media releases

October 31, 2000 VHS and DVD

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