Doggone It, You Chicken! is an American comedy comic strip series created by TBD, being published by Moonlake Comics since May 17th, 1993.


A smart dog and a short-tempered chicken hang out with each other as they start getting into weird situations.



  • Rover - a clever Dachshund who gets into odd situations with Squawks.
  • Squawks - an easily annoyed chicken who happens to always get himself hurt in situations.


  • Natasha - a cowardly cat who Rover has a crash on.
  • Mrs. Cluck - Squawk's elderly yet angry mother.
  • Dana Williams - a kind and intelligent woman who is Rover's owner.
  • Robert Brown - a chill farmer who spends his time taking care of his animals, including Squawks.
  • Rosie Lupez - a sweet little Hispanic girl who is an animal lover and loves to hug both Rover and Squawks.
  • Mr. Cluck - Squawks' wacky father who surprisingly is the mascot of a chicken restaurant, and due to that, he is barely there for him.
  • Pablo - a dimwitted pig who likes to sit around and do weird stuff, often getting on Squawks' nerves.
  • Benjamin - an egotistical bull who sees himself as the best animal out of Robert Brown's animals as he constantly picks on the other animals, especially Squawks.
  • Kelly Davis - a shy little girl who is Rosie's best friend as she is rather nervous around other animals.
  • Yannick Weasel and Charlie Otter - a snarky weasel and a dumb otter who live with each other in the middle of a forest and get into chaos.


  • Edgar Everbutter - an idiotic poacher who constantly tried to capture Rover.
  • Nutty - a grumpy squirrel who often causes chaos.
  • Brian Gettyham - a rude little boy who likes to make fun of other kids such as Rosie, as well as tormenting other animals such as Rover and Squawks.
  • Craig - a crazy but dull coyote who always threatens to eat Robert's animals, especially Squawks, yet fails every time due to his foolishness.
  • Solarstax - an egotistical and strange alien from another world who has been wanting to abduct any sort of life on Earth.



TV series

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In December 2002, it was announced that a series for Doggone It, You Chicken! is in the works and set to premiere in 2003 as part of its 10th anniversary. It eventually premiered on Cartoon Network on October 11th, 2003 and ran until November 11th, 2006.

In May 2020, a second series for Doggone It, You Chicken! was announced and is currently slated to release on June 4th, 2021 on Nickelodeon.


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Video game

See Doggone It, You Chicken: Rise of the Party Animals.


See Doggone It, You Chicken!/Tropes.


  • This is Moonlake Comics' second project, after The Badly-Damaged Face Paints.
    • This is also Moonlake Comics' first family-friendly project, as The Badly-Damaged Face Paints was more for a rather mature audience.
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