Dottie "Doc" McStuffins is the main protagonist of Doc McStuffins


In addition to her cuteness, kindness, sweetness and beauty, Doc is a cheerful little girl who loves taking care of toys that are injured and sick.


Purple headbands in her pigtails with red rubber bands at the end. Purple and white striped long-sleeved sweater. Pink knee-length skirt with pleats. Pink, purple and white short leggings with a circle pattern. Purple ankle-high socks. Pink sparkling sneakers with white laces, but no bows. White doctor's lab coat. Pink and purple stethoscope with a band-aid on it. Sometimes Doc also wears a swimsuit. Her stethoscope is the source of her magic. When she activates it, the toys and stuffed animals around her come to life. The stethoscope was a present from her grandmother, with a wink and a hint that she knows how special and magical the stethoscope is.


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