Walking With Dinosaurs 3: The Searching Home is a animated live-action film release in November 28, 2020, and DVD Release in March 12, 2021.


Long Ago, Patchi, Juniper, Scowler, The kids, and friends are serching home. But watch out for Velociraptor. We've to Chase them. Patchi & Scowler fighting Velociraptors. Velociraptor is run away. Let's Continue to Searching Home Said Patchi. Alexandra comes, And meet his Alex. We've Tired to Find Water. We've Found Water! Said Juniper. The Gang Drinks Water. Now Let's Searching for New Home Said Patchi. Gorgon, Derek, and Alberto returns, and gets revenge. Look Out! Screamed Patchi. The Gang fight Gorgon, Derek and Alberto. Get Off You Big Heads yelled Scowler. The Gang Found a New Home. 'Every Animals and Humans are going to New Home. Djali kiss Zephyr's lips.


Justin Long as Patchi. The Male Pachyrhinosaurus

Tiya Sircar as Juniper. The Female Pachyrhinosaurus

Skyler Stone as Scowler. Patchi's Brother

John Leguizamo as Alex. The Male Alexornis

Josh Gad as Patchi Jr. Son of a Patchi

Jane Lynch as Sharla. Son of a Juniper

Patrick Warburton as Parker. The First Patchi's Friends. The Parasaurolophus

Larry the Cable Guy as Stan. The Second Patchi's Friends. The Stygimoloch

Anne Hathaway as Alexandra. Alex's Girlfriend

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