Three young girls, Abigail, Sophie and Maya‘s uncle, Captain Andrew Coleman gets kidnapped by Pete and his men, David and Devon so Abigail, Sophie and Maya team up with Donald and Daisy, including Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy to come to his rescue.


It involves, Captain Andrew Coleman is a captain of the Air Force when some people can fly airplanes. He had a brother named, Harold and he has three daughters, the oldest is Abigail, the middle is Sophie and the youngest is Maya. Harold was looking out on the plane and he see some storms has come near him so it’s strike him and landed unconscious. Captain Andrew call the hospital and they need some help from them and as those doctors try to cure him, they failed and Harold is dead and Andrew’s heart has broken because of the storm so he tells all air forces armies to never fly the planes ever again so nothing can happen to his three nieces too.

2 years later, Donald Duck has always dreaming of flying an airplane until he got woken by his girlfriend, Daisy and she told him that they can assume to their own some day but she also said that Mickey annouce that they, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy are going to visit Clara, Shirlene, James, Mac and Charles at the police headquarters so they can all protect to each other so Mickey and his pals went to see them and here they are, eating their breakfast. Donald asked Mac has he been on the Air Force before and Mac told him that they were trying to do for their lifes. Goofy ask Donald, why’d he want to talk about Air Force, Donald told him that he had always been dreaming about airplanes and Mac told him that Air Force was the real one got killed by the storm so non of the pilots can’t do Air Force again.

Donald doesn’t understand that so he and Daisy leaves the headquarters and they started using the texi and they head for the airport. When they get there, Donald and Daisy see three girls, Abigail, Sophie and Maya who are pretending to be pilots just like their uncle, Captain Andrew. But he told the girls that they were not supposed to be pilots anymore as they have to do is play with their dolls but Abigail, Sophie and Maya are so sad because their father is dead from the storm.

Then suddenly Peg Leg Pete and his two henchmen, David and Devon are planning to kidnap Captain Andrew who was a pilot so they must get somebody to help from all of his friends and then they’ll trick them into the lost areas. Pete, David and Devon have began to capture Captain Andrew and stolen him away, one of the captains men started driving to find their captain but Donald and Daisy can help Abigail, Sophie and Maya to get in the plane and started flying to find their lost uncle.

Back at the police headquarters, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy are so worried about Donald and Daisy and didn’t know why’d they do to run away and it’s one of their fault. Then suddenly Mac and Charles hear there’s more kidnapping from the airport so they, Clara, Shirlene, James, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy must go there immediately. When they’ve got there, there’s no one there because they decided to make up their own minds in their brains.

Meanwhile on a airplane, Abigail, Sophie and Maya told Donald and Daisy that their father got killed by the storm and that’s why their uncle don’t want anyone to fly planes ever again and Donald and Daisy feel sorry for the girls father is dead and now their uncle is kidnapped by Pete, David and Devon so they have to decided what will it takes to get there as Donald started flying as Daisy tell him. When he was trying to get it fix right so he could stop the mean ones as he, Daisy, Abigail, Sophie and Maya are flying as fast as they cool.

At Pete’s lare, Captain Andrew demands Pete, to let him go but Pete told him that he needs to be hussle and no worth it so he, David and Devon have plans for Andrew but first Pete has a secret to Andrew, he whisper in his ear and told that was no storm, “Pete had killed Henry” and then Andrew was not very happy so the guys want to save their captain but those villains captured those former pilots and let them join Andrew for periling just like when Pete, David and Devon use to kidnap the orphan sisters (whom got adopted by a police officer, his nephew and their dog).

Back on the plane, Donald, Daisy, Abigail, Sophie and Maya saw a storm so they must pass it immediately before they get killed just like the girls father (which it’s a lie). As they wanted to think about what will happen If they got strikes, they all have been rescued by a bigger airplane which Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Clara, Shirlene, James, Mac and Charles. Donald and Daisy are both happy to see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Clara, Shirlene, James, Mac and Charles again as Abigail, Sophie and Maya are happy to see James, Mac and Charles again too, but Donald asked the girls how did they know them, Abigail told him that Mac is her father and uncle‘s cousin who was also a pilot and now he retired and joined the police officers and then Abigail, Sophie and Maya get to meet James‘s adopted sisters, Clara and Shirlene.

The gang help Donald, Daisy, Abigail, Sophie and Maya to rescue their uncle from Pete, David and Devon as they have to do something or else Andrew can get killed just like Abigail, Sophie and Maya’s death father. As they made their way to the lare, Mickey, Donald and Goofy has a plan to save Andrew so they could get the disguise to dress up as the babies or something else like clowns so they see what they look like as they distract Pete, David and Devon while Clara, Shirlene, James, Abigail, Sophie and Maya can free Andrew. After that, Pete has realized that he knows about what's distracting him, David and Devon was Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Mac and Charles while the kids free Andrew and the other former pilots.

The war is about to begin as Donald fight with Pete as he resulted his emotionally and then they both got into the hot air balloon and started flying and battle in it. Mac and Andrew are shocked because Donald is in trouble so he can find the way to get back with it as Donald used the pin and pop the balloon and the air conditioning came and Donald than jumped out and left Pete behind and never was seen again. Donald is safe and is the hero of defeating Pete from his life and everyone cheered for Donald Duck.

Later, Andrew apologize to Abigail, Sophie and Maya for thinking that storm killed their father and they accepted his apology so everyone can continue started flying airplanes again and that makes Donald happy so they have to fly the airplanes around France and everyone lives happily ever after!

The End!


  • Donald Duck
  • Daisy Duck
  • Abigail Coleman
  • Sophie Coleman
  • Maya Coleman
  • Captain Andrew Coleman
  • Peg Leg Pete
  • David and Devon
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Clara McFly
  • Shirlene McFly
  • James Mcfly
  • Constable Mac McFly
  • Charles the Police Dog
  • Pluto
  • Goofy
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