Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic is an episode of Season 2 of the Disney Channel sitcom, Adopteez.


The Wilsons, Ryder, Harold, Jennifer, Frieda, Bruce, and Luke are ready to watch Disney on Ice's 100 Years of Magic. During the show, Lacey goofs around, sings, lip syncs, and dances to the Disney songs being ignored by the others.

After the Lion King segment, Lacey puts a sleeping spell on Chester, Marga, Dana, Albert, Elaine, and Trixie to prepare for the Disneyland parade Huey, Dewey, and Louie lead. Lacey then disappears and near the end of the show, she invades the parade takes Stitch's place laughing all the way. Eventually, when the other kids notice this, Wynter suggests that her friends must enter the rink and catch her. Before doing so, Lacey hypnotizes and attempts to take Minnie and Jiminy and backstage. The characters and floats scatter around the rink, and when Wynter and her friends catch Lacey and tell her to leave the rink, they then stop.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie notice the kids thinking that they are the grand marshalls of the parade. Unfortunately, Jiminy sees them and tells the audience to call "their mom" who are both Marga and Trixie. Chester, Marga, Dana, Albert, Elaine, and Trixie wake up noticing the unwelcomed kids. The adults enter backstage as the other characters leave. They enter the rink but when they're about to grab the kids, outraged Stitch enters the parade route and tackles Lacey. Mickey then shows up, but then Chester asks the audience what Lacey did to mess up the parade. Mickey and Stitch kindly tell the people to exit the rink. Dana apologizes to them and hopes that they can get the parade finale started again.

Chester grounds Lacey for three days, but she wants to skate again; but Chester and the family take her, crying hysterically all the way, home. When the family returns to the stadium, they suggest some of the Disney characters including Mickey, TaleSpin Baloo, Scrooge, Anna, Elsa, and Stitch to restart the parade, Lacey then apologizes for ruining it, and then they call the same audience members to get back to their respective seats.

Once again during the finale, Stitch enters the rink. Minnie then asks Jiminy what was one of Walt Disney's catchphrases to bring Mickey and the hidden Mickey unit. Mickey finally appears and the parade is all complete!


  • Jiminy noticing the kids on the ice and calling "their mom" is a reference to the Rugrats episode "Reptar on Ice".
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