Quotes from Rapunzel of Disney Warriors

Chapter Start Quotes

  • Let's all start a new journey!
  • Everyone, show them our embrace! (Final Chapter)
  • Stay strong, everybody!

Combo Quotes

  • Don't worry, I can give you a little healing.
  • I hope it didn't hurt bad as I've expected....
  • Enemy tangled up! (enemy officer defeated)
  • All the light of my hair is rising! (reaching to 1000 combo)

To player

Super Attacks

  • I will protect them all!


  • I can't hold on much longer....
  • Things aren't looking good right now....

When player assists or heal the ally

  • Thank you so much!


  • I'm sorry, I should go for now....

Encounter an Enemy (The player)

  • Prepare to be defeated!
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