Quotes from Eugene of Disney Warriors

Chapter Start Quotes

  • This is gonna be a tough quest!
  • Here we go, last war! (Final Chapter)
  • I'm still keeping up!

Combo Quotes

  • Who's next?!
  • C'mon, I'm just getting warmed up!
  • Haha! Gotcha, buddy! (enemy officer defeated)
  • Whoa, haven't I got stronger already! (reaching to 1000 combo)

To player

  • Cool! That's what I want to see!
  • Looks like someone's getting warmed up!
  • Rapunzel, I wish I fight together with you! (to Rapunzel)

Super Attacks

  • Here's a demonstration!


  • This is frustrating....
  • I feel uncomfortable....
  • Can someone assist me already?! (in danger)

When player assists or heal the ally

  • I would appreciate that, friend!


  • Defeat accepted.... Now I retreat....

Encounter an Enemy (The player)

  • I'm not letting you go for a fight!
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