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is one of the antagonists and the final boss of Disney Ultimate Infinity.



Boss Battle 

His Boss Battle in the game is extremely complex compared to various games with him as the boss.

His boss fight is a combination of his boss battles from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.


All of his moves from Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds were recycled for the game.


  • "I am Galactus. My powers are limitless and in all of the universes is nothing I can't do." - his first monologue before the final boss battle
  • "I, the mighty Galactus, You Young Pirate boy from an Island, SHALL BE DEAD FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL FROM THE MIGHTY GALACTUS!!!!!!!!!!" - to Captain Jake/Werewolf Jake
  • "Well, well looks like a brave and heroic Princess from an another dimension that has a magic wand to defeat me, the MIGHTY GALACTUS???!!!! HA! YOU'LL NEVER DEFEAT ME MY LADY!!!!!!" - to Star Butterfly
  • "Ha! An old adventurer? It's time for you to be defeated BY THE MIGHTY GALACTUS!!!!!!!" - to Indiana Jones
  • "An another brave and heroic princess from an another dimension but this time as a squirrel? HA! YOU'LL NEVER DEFEAT THE MIGHTY GALACTUS!!!!!!" - to Sally Acorn
  • "A heroic warrior from Outer Space? HA!!! YOU'LL NEVER VANQUISH ME, THE MIGHTY GALACTUS!!!!!" - to heroic space characters like Star-Lord, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, etc.
  • "A fast guy, HA! YOU'LL NEVER STOP THE MIGHTY GALACTUS!!!!!!" - to fast male characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Barry Allen/The Flash and Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
  • "The Invincible Iron Man, YOU'LL NEVER STOP THE MIGHTY GALACTUS!!!!!!" - to Iron Man
  • "Mighty Thor, YOU'LL NEVER STOP ME, THE MIGHTY GALACTUS!!!!!!!" - to Thor 
  • "Deadpool, YOU'LL NEVER VANQUISH ME!!!!!!" - to Deadpool
  • "An another Thor? HA!!!! THE MIGHTY GALACTUS WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!" - to Amy Rose/Jane Foster/Thor
  • "Iron Fist? (Evil laughs loudly) YOU'LL NEVER STOP ME!!!!!!" - to Marco Diaz/Iron Fist
  • "To perform your task as my herald, you little bandit, you must become far more than just a man."
  • "My Herald, the hunger is upon me."
  • "
  • "YOU'LL NEVER STOP ME!!!!!" - when he is getting weaker
  • "YOU DARE YOU DEFEAT THE MIGHTY GALACTUS???!!!!!" - when he gets killed


  • In the Japanese dub of the game, Toshio Furukawa, known for voicing Piccolo voices him whilist John DiMaggio reprise his role as Galactus in the English counterpart.
  • One of his quotes against the playable characters, 
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