12 year-old orphan, Clara and her 5 year-old sister, Shirlene gets kidnapped by Peg Leg Pete and his two French partners, so a French police officer, Mac, his nephew, James and their dog, Charles team up with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto to come to their rescue.


Once upon a time, When Clara was 7 years old, she lived with her mother, father and her baby sister, Shirlene talking about all of the activities, they see something that somebodies whose coming to enter inside the house, their names are David and Devon and they are closing the mortgage but the father closed the door and get the family in the car and start driving. David and Devon have dynamite and throw it to them but mother and father plush their daughters out of the car to be safe and then dynamite explosive them. Clara and Shirlene lost their parents and they met a nun named Mother Lita who came to see them with no parents so she let them to come to the orphanage with her.

5 years later and it was picture day, Clara is now 12 and Shirlene is now 5 and they are getting ready for pictures day and they're now in the living room and getting ready for some pictures and Mother Lita came to the front door and see the two French photographer whose are coming to take pictures of the orphans and they wants Clara and Shirlene to go first. As the photographers taking pictures of the sisters, they give them splashed and made them unconscious. The photographers turn out that they are David and Devon in disguise.

David and Devon kidnap Clara and Shirlene and take them to their boss, a guy with a big purple hat cover his face and wearing long purple coat. Clara and Shirlene woke up and saw those men whose killed their parents since 5 years ago and they are taking order from their boss who told the girls that he wants his revenge on them so he told David and Devon to give the sisters some ugly clothes (orange shorts sleeve shirt with belly showing, dark blue medium pants, light blue sock on the left, red sock on the right and brown shoes for Clara and green-blue shorts sleeve shirt, blue shorts rip-overalls, light blue sock on the right, green sock on the left and brown shoes for Shirlene) and they look ugly.

After giving the orphan sisters a ugly clothes, they are locked in the attic, but they have to do something because those thugs have replaced photographers, they have to get back their perfect clothes and how are they going to escape and then suddenly they see two talking mouses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their dog, Pluto and they can help them to be escaped so they set out the window and start running. A guy with a big purple hat cover his face is very angry because that mouse is always a hero of the world.

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Clara and Shirlene are walking on the road to get them back to the orphanage when suddenly there's a bull dog scaring them. Pluto try to fight him back but he too strong for him, then there's a police dog named Charles who scare that bull dog away and he belongs to a 10 year old boy named James Mcfly who told the bull dog's owner, another kid to leave his dog in his house for now on and then they walk away. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Shirlene and Clara thanks James and Charles for saving their life and he told them that he lived with his uncle, Constable Mac, a police officer because his parents died when he was a baby.

James and Charles took Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Clara and Shirlene to his uncles house, they told him that the orphan sisters are perils by two men and their boss with big purple hat cover his face, so Constable Mac, James and Charles help Mickey, Minnie and Pluto take Clara and Shirlene back to the orphanage immediately. During this, David, Devon and their boss with the big purple hat cover his face are watching and a man with the big purple hat cover his face told David and Devon to kidnap the orphan sisters again so they captured Clara and Shirlene again and stolen them from Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, James, Mac and Charles.

Mickey and Pluto realize that Shirlene and Clara are captured by a guy with a big purple hat cover his face again so Mickey told Minnie to stay with James, Mac and Charles to get all the police officers while he and Pluto ran to find out where is a guy with a big purple hat cover his face taking the orphan sisters. At the Eiffel Tower that guy with big purple hat cover his face has the orphan sisters tied up as Mickey and Pluto found them up there so they went up and asks that guy with a big purple hat cover his face to let Clara and Shirlene go but he won't as he remembered Mickey and Pluto. But they don't know how did the guy with a big purple hat cover his face know their names so he take his hat and Mickey realizes that he was Pete and he told him 5 years ago he told David and Devon to kill the girls parents they didn't realize that.

But Pluto bite Pete's hand while Mickey free Clara and Shirlene and they and Pluto escaped from the Eiffel Tower and Pete was like "CURSE YOU, MICKEY MOUSE!!!." After Mickey, Pluto, Clara and Shirlene run for their lives, they got very tired and hungry so they see Donald Duck and Goofy baking some dinner. As Mickey interduce Donald and Goofy to Clara and Shirlene, they realize that the sisters are wearing some ugly clothes so they brought them some pretty good clothes. After Clara and Shirlene got changed to their new clothes, they set next to Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy and they sing friendship song to the girls while they are eating their dinner.

Meanwhile Mac told the others police officers to search around Paris as Minnie was so worried about Mickey and James told her that he's worried about the orphan sisters too. But Mac has an idea if they can keep to look for Mickey, Pluto and the orphan sisters, they'll never give up. Back to Pete, David and Devon, they are talking about using their revenge on Mickey and the orphan sisters and they don't know how to get them. Pete have got an idea so he, David and Devon can search for Mickey, Pluto, Clara and Shirlene at the camp where Donald and Goofy are.

When Pete, David and Devon try to grab Clara and Shirlene, Donald has begin hit them with a baseball bat and Goofy told Mickey and Pluto to protect the orphan sisters while he and Donald fight them so they begin the plan as Pete followed Mickey, Pluto and the girls. Mickey, Pluto, Clara and Shirlene are safe from those villains but Minnie, James, Charles and Mac appears and they see Pete is chasing Mickey, Pluto, Clara and Shirlene, Pete started grabbed Mickey and fight him off and then he knocked him unconscious. Pluto is very angry at Pete because he has killed Mickey so Pluto bite him off and Charles has also join to fight Pete too so those dogs beat him up and they did.

After they beat up those villains, Mac and his police men arrested Pete, David and Devon and then Minnie, Pluto, Clara, Shirlene and James see Mickey’s dead, but Minnie crying and she can healed him when a drop put on his face, Mickey open his eyes and he’s okay and the girls told him that he saved their lives from Pete and the gang has defeated him, Devon and David and rescue the two sisters so Mickey is the hero.

Later Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, James, Charles and Mac took Clara and Shirlene back to the orphanage and Mother Lita is very happy to see the sisters again and they’re safe and sound. 5 months later It’s adoption day, everyone can adopted orphaned children but Clara and Shirlene are so surprised that they are adopted by James, Charles and Mac and they want them to be part of their family so they adopted all orphaned children and they see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy whose are waving at them and they all live happily ever!


  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Shirlene
  • Clara
  • James McFly
  • Constable Mac McFly
  • Peg Leg Pete
  • David and Devon
  • Charles the police Dog
  • Pluto
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy
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