Disney Soccer Strikers is an upcoming soccer game developed by Next Level Games and published by Disney Interactive studios, it is released on the fall of 2025.


The story starts off when there legendary game of soccer season began and the only team shall win the ultimate legendary trophy for the hall of fame.


Characters Ability Type Series English Voice Actor Spanish Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Mickey Mosue Speed Bret Iwan
Minnie Mouse All Around Russi Taylor
Donald Duck Technique Tony Anselmo
Daisy Duck Speed Tress MacNeille
Goofy Technique Bill Farmer
Pete Power Jim Cummings
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Speed DuckTales
Webby Vanderquack Technique DuckTales
Rapunzel All Around Tangled Mandy Moore
Eugene Technique Tangled Zachary Levi
Elena Technique Elena of Avalor Aimee Carrero
Milo Murphy Speed Milo Murphy's Law
Zack Underwood Power Milo Murphy's Law
Melissa Chase Technique Milo Murphy's Law
Star Butterfly All Around Star vs. the Forces of Evil Eden Sher
Marco Diaz Speed Star vs. the Forces of Evil Adam McArthur
Anne Boochuny


  • The game is referenced to the Mario Strikers series.
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