Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic (also known as Everyone's Story in Japan and Southeast Asia) premiered in 1999. It has been overhauled in 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2017, and so on. This time, it will feature new characters and new scenes.

DOI 100 Yrs


Opened on September 3, 1999, 100 Years of Magic, has also been known as All Star Parade and The Magical World of Disney on Ice. In 2004, the characters from A Bug's Life were dropped and Jessie from Toy Story 2 and the characters from Finding

Disney Sur Glace - La Magie Eternelle (fan-edited)

Suggested edited poster of the French production, La Magie Eternelle.

Nemo and The Incredibles were added in 2005. Stitch was later added to the show since 2007 as well.

By 2011, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo were replaced by Pluto and the characters from The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Fairies, Alice in Wonderland, and Stitch's family. By September 2015, Daisy, Chip and Dale, Pocahontas and John Smith, It's a Small World, Fairies, Foulfellow and Gideon, and Monstro were replaced by Frozen, Penny from Proud Family, characters from Recess and Finding Nemo again and it featured a new look of the castle. By 2017, Penny from Proud Family and characters from Recess were replaced by American Dragon Jake Long while Nick and Judy from Zootopia were added to solve an off-ice caper. Dory's parents, Jenny and Charlie from Finding Dory were added also.

Judy and Nick were omitted in October 2018; so in the preshow, a host, Donald, and Goofy arrive before the intro. Plus, Mickey and Minnie's new Shanghai masks have been introduced.

By September 2019, the characters from American Dragon replaced by Della Duck and her kids Huey, Dewey and Louie (who have been absent during 23 years), and Webby and Lena from DuckTales and Hiro, Go Go and Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6.

It is unknown if the Beast's lighter costume from Reach for the Stars will be used though shown in the recent poster.


Celebrate an amazing Disney century that's all started by the Mouse himself - Mickey! Accompanied by sweetheart Minnie Mouse, allies Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto, and official conscience Jiminy Cricket, they take you through a montage of exciting highlights such as Frozen, The Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story, and many more!


Act 1

  • Aladdin
  • Finding Dory
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Princess Medley
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • Cinderella
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • Aladdin
    • The Princess and the Frog
    • Tangled
    • The Little Mermaid
    • Snow White
  • Toy Story
  • Frozen

Act 2

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mickey Leads the Band
  • Pinocchio
  • Mulan
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • The Lion King
  • Finale


Act 1

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls! Feld Entertainment welcomes you to our special presentation of Disney on Ice!

(Mickey and his friends enter the rink.)

Mickey: Haha! Hiya, folks!

Minnie: Hello everyone!

(Pluto barks)

Donald: Hello!

Jiminy: Hey there, folks! Cricket's the name, Jiminy Cricket!

Goofy: Hi Everybody!

Mickey: How's everybody doin'? That's great. 'Cause today, we got a show for you that's really different.

Minnie: Because today we're going to share some highlights of Disney memories. Isn't that wonderful?

Mickey: Ha-ha! You said it, Minnie. And you know folks, if you hear one of your favorite songs during our show today, you can just join in and sing along with us! You know what they say, the more the merrier! Right, gang?

Goofy: Yup!

Donald: Yeah!

Minnie: You're right, Mickey!

(Pluto barks)

Jiminy: Right!

Mickey: Then what are we waiting, folks? Let the show begin!

(Goofy steps on the lamp by accident and fells)

Minnie: Oh, Goofy! Are you alright?

Goofy: Yup! A-hyuck!

Jiminy: You know, Goofy. Looks like you stepped on something.

Donald: Say! What is that?

Mickey: You know, this magic lamp reminds me of one of the most magical stories of all time.

Minnie: Oh, Mickey! I know just the story you're thinking of! It's story of certain young man in a distant land who finds the magic lamp.

Mickey: That's right! And inside the lamp there lives a Genie who will grant three wishes to whoever rubs it.

Goofy: That's the best thing I've heard all day.

Donald: Me too!

(Pluto barks)

Minnie: I wonder who that might be.

Jiminy: Let's check it out!

Mickey: Come on, everybody!

Dory: (enters the rink and sings) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Belle: (singsI want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell
And for once it might be grand
To have someone understand.
 (musical interlude and Lumiere comes out)
(giggles) Hello, Lumiere.

Lumiere: Oh, bonjour, Mademoiselle. Taking a stroll around the castle?

Belle: Aha.

Lumiere: Very good. Just remember, do not go into the west wing. The master has forbidden it. Oh, cherie!

Babette: Oh no no no. I've been burnt by you before.

Belle: The West Wing. What's in here anyway?

Lumiere: Oh là là. Did you see that?

Cogsworth: Oh, Lumiere. What are you muttering about now?

Babette: The girl! She is here!

Cogsworth: I'm not seeing this! I am not seeing this!

Belle: What unusual rose.

(When Belle is about to touch the rose, the Beast enters the rink and roars)

Beast: What are you doing here?

Belle: I didn't mean any harm.

Beast: Do you realize what you could have done? GET OUT!!! GET OOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUT!!!

Belle: Promise or no promise. I can't stay here any minute.

Beast: Well you shouldn't have been in the West Wing.

Belle: Well you should learn to control your temper.

(The Beast transforms into Prince Adam. Then Belle and the prince skate around as female singers sing "Beauty and the Beast". Then the other Disney couples, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ariel and Eric, Tiana and Naveen, Aladdin again and Jasmine, Aurora and Phillip, Rapunzel and Flynn, and Snow White and her prince come out one at a time as the songs "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes", "Kiss the Girl", "Down in New Orleans", "A Whole New World", "Once Upon a Dream", "I See the Light", and "Someday My Prince Will Come" are performed respectively. The princesses and princes skate along as they exit the rink, and Goofy comes out to see them briefly as they exit the rink.)

Singers: When you wish upon a star,
Your dreams come true.

Goofy: Well, howdy again everybody! Gawrsh! It sure was romantic watching all the princes and princesses skating around together, wasn't it? (hums to "When You Wish Upon a Star" and falls over) A-Hyuck! I guess being a prince can kind of slippery proposition (laughs).

Sarge: (enters the rink) Is that supposed a joke, mister?

Sarge: I don't know what I've been told.

(Buzz, Woody, and Jessie exit, while Mickey and his friends return)

Mickey: Yee-haw! (chuckles)

Minnie: (giggles) Now, Mickey. Behave yourself.

Mickey: Gee, I'm awful sorry, ma'am. But it's what us cowboys do in Frontier.

Donald: Oh brother.

Minnie: The Frontier? Oh, Mickey. We're not in Frontier.

Mickey: So, has seeing all these stories help you fellas decide on what you're making your movie about?

Donald: You said it!

Jiminy: Now, with so many great stories to tell like singing and dancing, I'll bet it'll be inspired by one of them.

Mickey: In fact, our next very special story is about two sisters who live in a place called Arendelle.

Minnie: One's a fearless princess and the other's a good-hearted queen. Together, they share their moments and discover the meaning of true love despite having distinct perspectives.

(Pluto barks)

Mickey: That's right, Pluto. (The bells ring to "For the First Time in Forever") Do you hear those bells? That must mean it's time for this story that takes place in Arendelle.

Minnie: Oh, Mickey. It would be great to see that right now.

Donald: Oh boy! That's gonna be a good one!

Jiminy: So here they are, folks. Princess Anna and Queen Elsa!

(Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Jiminy exit the rink as the "Frozen" story starts with Anna skating along and Elsa singing "Let it Go")

Act 2

Jiminy: Well, hi again, everybody. Oh, don't you look spiffy? Hey out there! Good to see ya! Now it's time for us to get started. So here's everybody's sweartheart now... Minnie Mouse! (Marching music starts playing)

Minnie: (enters the rink this time without a baton) Hello, everyone. Don't you just love my outfit? (chuckles)

Jiminy: And a loyal, playful, pup; here's Pluto!

(Pluto enters the rink barks)

Jiminy: And playing a bass drum, a fella with many talents and a few tantrums, hoo-hoo! Donald Duck!

Donald: (enters the rink still wearing his blue traditional sailor suit playing his bass drum with Mickey's face on it and laughs) Hello! (laughs)

Jiminy: Watch out, everybody, here comes Goofy!

Goofy: (enters the rink still wearing his traditional outfit playing the cymbals) Hi everybody! A-hyuk!

Announcer: From hand-drawn scribbles on a piece of paper, many years ago, Walt Disney created a character who became known for love throughout the world. Let's welcome the leader of the band...MICKEY MOUSE!

Mickey: (Minnie escorts Mickey into the rink as he leads the band and some dancers marching along the sides of the rink in his parade) Hello...Hiya folks!

Singers: Mickey Mouse!

Donald: Donald Duck!

Singers: Mickey Mouse!

Donald: Donald Duck!

Singers: Forever let us hold our banner high!

Come along and sing the song and join our jamboree,
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Mickey: Haha! Boy! It sure is fun marching along with the band. Isn't it gang?

Donald: You bet!

Goofy: It sure is.

Minnie: Aha! Maybe our friends would like to be part of the show too.

Mickey: That's a great idea, Minnie. So listen, folks. We're gonna do the march one more time. So I want everybody out there to really sing along.

Jiminy: So come on now, everybody. Let's all get up out of our seats and stand up nice and tall.

Minnie: Everyone, stand up!

Goofy: Cm'on, everybody. Up and at 'em. A-hyuk!

Mickey: Alright gang, here we go!

Singers: Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?

Mickey: Come on, everybody!

Singers: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Mickey: Hello!

Singers: Hey there, hi there, ho there, you're as welcome as can be!

Mickey: Sing along!

Singers: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Mickey Mouse!

Donald: Donald Duck!

Singers: Mickey Mouse!

Donald: Donald Duck!

Singers: Forever let us hold our banner high!

Come along and sing the song and join our jamboree,
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Mickey: Haha, gosh. That was swell! And, we like to thank our special band members for helping us out in being part of the show. Haha! You sure were terrific!

Donald: Yeah! Especially (singingDonald Duck, Donald Duck!

Minnie: (giggles) Donald, you certainly have a special name with a song.

Goofy: I'll say.

Mickey: You know, each of us has a special Disney memory too. Right gang?

Goofy: Yup!

Donald: Yeah!

(Pluto barks)

Minnie: That's right, Mickey.

Jiminy: You know, all this talk-about songs has got me remembering a certain song of my own; and a twinkling little star.

Mickey: Gosh. Sure wish we can hear about that.

Jiminy: Well, lemme tell you, Mickey. Wishes can come true. Yup, take it from me. ("When You Wish Upon a Star" starts as the Blue Fairy arrives)

(singsWhen you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.

If your heart is in your dream,
No request is too extreme.
When you wish upon a star
 As dreamers do

(musical interlude)

When you wish upon a star,
Your dreams...come...true!

Geppetto: No! You're real! You're a real boy!

Pinocchio: Well, I'm not a real boy yet, father. But I'm not a puppet anymore either. Watch this!

(Sings) I've got no strings to hold me down
To make me fret or make me frown.
I had strings but now I'm free
There are no strings on me.

Hi-ho, the meri-o
That's the only way to go
I want the world to know
Nothing ever worries me.

I've got no strings so I have fun
I'm not tied up to anyone
They've got strings but you can see
There are no strings on me.

I've got no strings so I have fun
I'm not tied up to anyone
They've got strings but you can see!

(As the instrumental score of "I've Got No Strings" plays out, Pinocchio exits the rink. Mickey and his friends enter the rink. Goofy brings out a gong and a Chinese scroll.)

Mickey: Wow, Jiminy (laughs) You did such a great job on your story.

Jiminy: Thanks, Mic. Now, Pluto, Did you think of any for a good story?

(Pluto barks and Goofy smashes the gong.)

Donald: Hey, you did that on purpose.

Jiminy: Hey, Donald, didn't you have to learn to control your temper?

Donald: Yeah. Sorry.

Minnie: Now Donald, I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation. Right, Goofy?

Goofy: Sure is. This gong gave me the ide-yer that maybe our movie can take place somewhere far...away.

Mickey: A lot of stories do take place far off lands.

Minnie: That's right.

Mickey: Say. This looks like an old Chinese scroll. And it tells me the ancient folktale of...

Minnie: Let me guess...Mulan.

Jiminy: You're right!

Mickey: And this is a magical gong that starts that story.

Jiminy: Okay, Goofy, give it a big, gentle push.

Goofy: I got it... Nice, and gentle.

Mickey: One, two...

(Goofy smashes the gong and Pluto barks.)

Donald: Oh brother.

Goofy: Oops!

(The gang exits the rink.)

Timon: Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase.

Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze.

Singer: From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking step into the sun.
There's more to see, that can ever be seen
More to do that can ever be done.

It's far too much to take in here.
More to find that can ever be found
But the sun rolling high, through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small at the endless round.

It's the circle of life
And it moves us all
With despair and hope
Through faith and love

Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle,
The circle of life.

(While the other characters move to the sides of the rink, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, and Jiminy head to the front.)

Jiminy: Well, it's been quite a journey, hasn't it?

Minnie: Oh, Jiminy. I'm having such a wonderful time! So, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto did all of these wonderful stories help you figure out what your movie should be about?

Goofy: They sure did.

Donald: We're gonna have a great story.

(Pluto barks)

Jiminy: But you know, somebody is still missing.

(Minnie giggles)

Goofy: And the greatest stories are about things you care about and people you love.

Minnie: Jiminy, do you remember what our old friend Walt Disney used to say?

Jiminy: Well, Walt himself always reminded everyone...

Walt Disney: “I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.”

(Mickey emerges from the castle)

Singers: When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are...When you wish upon a star, your dreams....(come) dreams.... (come) true (your)...dreams...come...true!

Mickey: Gosh! This has really been a swell celebration! Hasn't it, Minnie?

Minnie: Oh, Mickey! It's been wonderful!

Mickey: And thank you for making our circle of life complete. Haha!

(The characters come to shake hands with the audience as "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" plays out. At the last verse of the song, they exit on both sides of the rink save for Minnie and Mickey)

Mickey: Well, so long folks!

Minnie: Goodbye, everyone! (blows a goodbye kiss) Remember we love you! Buh-bye!

Singers:  (Mickey and Minnie leave the rink by entering the castle) M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

(The door closes followed by the curtain ending the show)



  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie do not appear with their uncle Donald despite appearing in classic Disney shorts and comics.
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