Disney In The House: Return To Adventure Camp is a 2019 live-action/animated film produced by Walt Disney Wonder Studios in association with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The sequel to Disney In The House: Time Travel and the seventh film in the studio's classic Disney In The House film series, the film was directed by Wes Anderson and produced by John Walker from a screenplay by Anderson and David Gordon Green, and stars an ensemble cast that consists of Sarah Silverman, Ginnifer GoodwinDakota Fanning (from archive recordings of her child voice), Ed O'Neill, Frank Welker, Michael J. Fox, Owen Laramore, and Lulu Wilson reprising their roles. New additions to the cast include Ozzy Osbourne, Sally Field, Stellan Skarsgård, Steve Coogan, Kevin Hart, Jeffrey Tambor, Derek Stephen Prince, Bryan Cranston, and Jamie Kennedy.

The plot centers on Vanellope Von Schweetz teaming up with Annie, who is now a forest warrior, to rescue her abducted friend, Beth Pierce, by defeating a zealous humanoid gorilla named Polize, who intends to ship Beth to North Dakota. A continuation of Time Travel, the film is not a direct sequel to Off To Adventure Camp. However, they do have several characters in common, with the ordeal of Annie being a camper-turned-warrior. Unlike Off To Adventure Camp, Camp 76 Productions was not involved in this film. Danny Elfman did not return to compose the score for Return To Adventure Camp, being replaced by Hans Zimmer.

Disney In The House: Return To Adventure Camp was theatrically released on September 13, 2019. It received generally positive reviews from critics and earned $327 million on an $185 million budget.

A sequel, Disney In The House: World Animals, was released on December 23, 2019.


Right after the events of Disney In The House: Time Travel, Beth Pierce is turning eight years old because her birthday is coming in four days, and Vanellope Von Schweetz is willing to keep everything perfect. On the first day, Beth and Vanellope ride on their bicycles and have a bike race to find the first presents. Vanellope is in the lead, but is knocked off the track by an evil gorilla named Polize Parker. Beth rushes to recover her best friend before being abducted by Polize, who accidentally knocks his sword overboard.

Vanellope tries to follow the jet and ends up in Adventure Camp, which is now abandoned because of a rain storm coming, and Polize has somehow turned it into a woodland apocalypse. Vanellope walks into the forest to track Beth and finds herself face-to-face with Polize's three coyotes, Cat, Cutter, and Carver. Vanellope tells them that she is looking for Beth. The coyotes deem Vanellope a "yummy dinner", and chase Vanellope after she finds the sword Polize dropped. Annie, who made friends with Vanellope in the events of Disney In The House: Off To Adventure Camp, rescues Vanellope, and the two get away.

Annie now lives a life of being an explorer after her parents told her that she was old enough for life on her own with her squirrel, Spark for company. Vanellope offers Annie and Spark a deal to help her rescue Beth before the rain storm so Annie can return to the camp, to which to they sternly agree. In Polize's lair, Beth is sent to work. Instead of working, however, Beth instead disowns Polize, and their fight over a plate causes it to break into pieces. Meanwhile, Judy Hopps goes searching for both Vanellope and Beth, and recruits Randy Rattlesnake, Bana Bobcat, and Barry Bear to help her after freeing them from a tree. When Vanellope and Annie get to higher ground, Judy and the forest animals join them.

The search party walks the trial to Polize's lair. Vanellope devises a plan: the forest animals will create diversions, while Vanellope will get the key to free Beth. Vanellope is about to free Beth, but Polize's hound spots them, and the plan fails. The group gets away, but Polize captures Judy as well. Outside the lair, Annie and the animals refuse to help Vanellope figure out a new plan to rescue Beth, and angrily abandon Vanellope in the woods after she insults them by saying integrity is something a forest warrior would not understand.

Polize puts Judy in Beth's cage, but as Vanellope confronts Polize and demands Beth back, Judy takes the key and frees Beth. Jiminy Cricket encourages Vanellope to confront her selfishness. Annie and the animals overhear this and come back to help after a change of heart. Judy, Beth, and Vanellope slip through the transportation booth vault, but Polize grabs Beth and intercepts Vanellope and Judy, who chase after them. Polize is about to put Beth on the plane headed for North Dakota, but is stymied by the rain storm that Annie predicted would happen, giving Vanellope the advantage to free Beth from her booth.

Angry that his plane delivery has failed, Polize fights Vanellope in his lair. Vanellope confesses that she was made to save worlds at all costs and punches him and his coyotes into a lava pit, massively resulting in the villains' defeat. Annie and Judy run to the destroyed lair, only to find Beth crying over an knocked-out Vanellope. When Vanellope wakes up, it is revealed that she is still alive. Delighted to have her friend back, Beth tearfully hugs Vanellope. Back at the camp, Vanellope and Annie share a bittersweet goodbye. Vanellope, Judy, and Beth return to Disneyville, and Beth's birthday party goes on as planned.


Following Russi Taylor's death on July 26, 2019, archive recordings of previous Disney In The House content and other Disney media were used for Minnie Mouse's lines. The film is dedicated to her memory.


The film grossed over $121 million in the United States, and $206 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $327 million. Disney In The House: Return To Adventure Camp ended its theatrical run on October 29, 2019, after grossing $327.9 million against its $185 million budget.

Critical response

The film has a 79% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 28 reviews. The film's critical consensus reads, "Disney In The House: Return To Adventure Camp has the right to keep children entertained." On Metacritic, the film has a score of 67 out of 100 based on 67 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film a positive grade of "A-" on an A+ to F scale.

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