Disney Culinary Arts is an upcoming game and it will release in 2026.


The game is similar and referenced to Cooking Mama and Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit.


Characters in each universe joins up in a culinary arts competition to see which character is the best star in the world.


Characters Series English Voice Actor Spanish Voice Actor French Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Mickey Mouse Bret Iwan
Minnie Mouse Lisa Breitman
Donald Duck Tony Anselmo
Daisy Duck Tress MacNeille
Goofy Bill Farmer
Pluto+ Bill Farmer
Pete Jim Cummings
Scrooge McDuck DuckTales David Tennant
Hey, Dewey, and Louie DuckTales
Webby Vanderquack DuckTales
Launchpad McQuack DuckTales
Mrs. Beakley+ DuckTales
Mal Descendants
Evie Descendants
Dizzy Tremaine Descendants
Celia Facillier Descendants
Uma Descendants
Rapunzel Tangled Mandy Moore
Eugene Tangled Zachary Levi
Hiro Hamada Big Hero 6 Ryan Potter
Baymax Big Hero 6 Scott Adsit
Gogo Tomago Big Hero 6
Honey Lemon Big Hero 6
Wasabi Big Hero 6
Fred Big Hero 6
Star Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil Eden Sher
Marco Diaz Star vs. the Forces of Evil Adam McArthur
Cricket Green Big City Greens Chris Houghton
Tilly Green Big City Greens Marieve Herington
Anne Boochuny and Sprig Amphibia Brenda Song and Justin Felbinger
Luz The Owl House
Eda The Owl House
King The Owl House
Sprucia Wilds Three Lionhearted Kats Amanda C. Miller
Gilli Wilds Three Lionhearted Kats Julie Maddalena
Isaak Wilds Three Lionhearted Kats Crispin Freeman
Prince Charles Three Lionhearted Kats Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Prince Arthur Three Lionhearted Kats Stuart Allan
Princess Bridget Three Lionhearted Kats Abby Trott
Viola Miller/Vivid Heart Viola the Approved Pop Star Olivia Holt
Monique Wilson/Techno Girl Viola the Approved Pop Star Cree Summer
Claire Thompson/Crimson Rose Viola the Approved Pop Star Isabela Moner
Liam Davis/DJ K-4 Viola the Approved Pop Star Matthew Mercer
Ming-Yu Ping/Blossom Maiden Viola the Approved Pop Star Erica Schroeder
K.O. Pam K.O. Pam's Hyper Adventures Andrea Libman
Snort McPiggson K.O. Pam's Hyper Adventures Andrew Sabiston
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