Disney Action Force! is an animated series created by TBD.


When a new threat caused the whole DisneyVerse to mixed up into one world, a group of heroes must fight the new threat and save the world.



  • Mickey Mouse (voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos) - The main mascot who is the leader of the Action Force.
  • Star Butterfly (voiced by Eden Sher) - One of the people who is a magical princess from
  • Launchpad McQuack (voiced by Beck Bennett) - One of the people who is a pilot and a duck.
  • Jiminy Cricket (voiced by Joe Ochman) - One of the people who is a cricket and
  • Chip & Dale (both voiced by Tress MacNeille and Corey Burton) - One of the people who are two chipmunks and rescue Rangers.
  • Mabel Pines - (voiced by Kristen Schaal) - TBD
  • Kim Possible -


  • Yen Sid (voiced by Clancy Brown) - an ancient wizard who is easily magical and


  • Darklord (voiced by Rodger Bumpass) - The main antagonist of the series who tries to destroy the whole Disney universe (including the mouse) and get the ultimate power.
  • Narissa (voiced by TBD) - A villain


Disney Action Force!/Episodes


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