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Extended Version:

[Opening logos]

Disney Rovio Animation Columbia Pictures

Later after Red running to the house with this hatchday egg.

Extended Scene:

- Red's Hatchday Song

Red: TA-DA!

Timothy: [SCREAM!]

Red: No, no no...

Red: look, it's okey I'm just a clown.

Red: uuh.. Happy HatchDay to you. Happy Hatchday to you. Happy Hatchday, Dear

Red: Timothy wheat allergy, dosen't like clowns.

Red: Oh boy.

Timothy: [sniffles]

Red:[continues to finish the song] Happy Hatchday to you!

Timothy: [SCREAM!]

Red: Oh boy That's loud, You're loud, You're... very scared me.

Red: Here, come here.

Timothy: [SCREAM!]

Red: No? Okey. No, never mind. uh Happy Hatchday.

Later before Opening title


Later after Opening title

Disney Rovio Animation and Columbia Pictures Presents

Later after In-Credits logo title, Red's story with Phil Collins Played "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven", after song is over, and after court scene

- Red and Stella meeting

Stella: Hi Red! Good to see you! 

Red: I wish I could say the same.

Stella: Oh, so where you going?

Red: To the anger management class.

Stella: That's nice. Why are you so angry?

Red: Cause I got anger issue.

Stella: Oh, Okey Call me I'll see you later!

Red: I'll see you later too, maybe.

Later after Red entering Angry Management class, Meet Matilda, Chuck, Bomb and Terence. and Chuck's Story

- Terence's Story

Matilda: Terence uh, seems to have an....

[Terence's flashback without showing the terror scene just use audio with female bird scream, police sires, breaking window, and car crashes]

Terence: [Happy groans]

Matilda: incident.

Chuck: [whisper] scary isn't it red?

Red: [whisper] I don't know chuck?

 Later after Bomb's story, doing yoga pose before inhale Bomb gonna explode, Red's taking to Chuck and Bomb, Red went back home, Meet the piggies, and King Leonard, PARTY WITH THE PIGS, Red interup the pigs, 

- Red and Stella talking about pigs

Red: Whatever. Don't listen to me. [walk out]

Piggy: Body train coming through!

Chuck: should we talk to red?

Stella: No. I'll talk to Red.

[meanwhile at Red's home doing alone, Stella open the door]

Stella: Red, it's me Stella.

Red: Oh it's you Stella, Have a enjoying the piggies party?

Stella: Well, yes but it's just a pigs, He's doing a visitor to peace and love.

Red: Oh really you think about that pig right? He's mysterious and weirdest things! I'm sorry Stella, I don't trust them.

Stella: Red, You have to be more welcome to the pigs.

Red: *sigh* Stella, I confuse that I'll never be welcome to the pigs.

Stella: Red, honey just give up and forgiveness to the pig, then you'll enjoy the fun right?

Red: No thanks.

Stella: Well see ya...

[Stella close the door]

Chuck: What did he's say?

Stella: He's never trust pigs.

[Chuck and Bomb looks sad at red lied on the bird nest bed and look away, before "Friends" song starts]

Later after Friends song, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Terence painting, Stella take a tour with Leonard and Pigs, Red take the paining to Leonard, Red talks warning about pigs.

- Stella confront Red

Red: And you know what? If you are staying, why don't you just say so? And why did you leave your home? How do we know you're not fugitives of the law?

Judge Peckinpah: You are making our guests feel unwelcome.

Red: And you're not asking basic questions! Maybe I wasn't clear enough.

Judge Peckinpah: Your opinion is not needed!

Red: Why do we have to agree? Why does it matter that we're not the same?

Judge Peckinpah: Anger, is not always the answer!

Stella: Judge, Please let me talk to Red.

Judge Peckinpah: Oh, Okey let Stella can talk Mr. Red.

Stella: Thank you. 

Stella: Red, You can't just do that. The Piggies are welcome in the bird island did you trust me?

Red: Well, No. But I warn those piggies like motocycle, Food hogger, Tramplane, and some Piggies on my home.

Stella: Red, Please don't do anything about warning the pigs, he just our guests.

Red: like a guests can eat some eggs for breakfast, but I DON'T TRUST THEM!

Stella: Well, I trust them.

Red: Then Why are you doing this for me?

Stella: Well, Because I.. I.. I..

Red: Well, you can say anything what are you gonna do Kick me out or throw me out of the seas? Well, Stella SAY IT!

Stella: Because I LOVE YOU!

Red: [Surpised]

Leonard, Pigs, and Judge Peckinpah: *Gasp*

[Stella cover her mouth]

Red: You.. You love me?

Stella: Yes.

Judge Peckinpah: Wow, Oh Snap Ms. Stella, you made him a love message?

Stella: Yes sir, but...

Judge Peckinpah: I know, You made him love and one day you'll get married red and I'm so proud of you.

Stella: Well, Yes.

Judge Peckinpah: Good news Mr. Red, Stella fell in you with you, and someday you'll get married stella.

Red: Uh.. okey, but you're right Anger is not always the answer and I will merried stella.

Judge Peckinpah: Very nice. Well, I'll see you later Red. Continue the tour.

Stella: [Kissing on his hand and blow on the Red's cheek, and wave goodbye] Bye Red. [Stella went continue touring with Pigs, Leonard, and Judge] Surfs up, you guys. So, get ready to hang loose.

Leonard: That went well, if you're me. Good luck on your wedding day.

Piggy: Ha Ha Ha Red's got a girlfriend Red got a girlfriend.

Red: Dummy.

[Red's looking at Mighty Eagle Statue]

Red: We could really use you right about now.

[Red's Looking at Stella touring with the pigs]

Red: Maybe I will married Stella someday.

Red: Wait. Actually...

Later after Red, Chuck, and Bomb taking to the Mighty Eagle's Home, Puddle of Whiz, Red, Chuck, and Bomb meet Mighty Eagle

- Piggies' Party Place, and Piggies and Birddies have a fun in Bird Island with his song: Phil Collins - Find a way to my heart

Stella: So I can do invited to the party?

Leonard: Sure, Stella and take your friends to the party.

Stella: Yeah, if only can Red can date with me to the party?

Later after Mighty Eagle Song with Red, Chuck, and Bomb.

Later after the Mighty Eagle song ends and red's talking to mighty eagles

- Stella discover the piggies

Luca: Oh boy oh boy oh boy I can't wait to see the party!

Poppy: Yeah!

Dahlia: This is gonna be so fun.

Willow: Now, Luca remember stick with me.

Luca: Okey.

Poppy: What do you think Stella?

Stella: Yeah.. I'm waiting for Red.

Gale: Yeah, Stella unless..

[She's looking at piggies putting a dynamites on birds' houses]

Stella: What the?

Gale: There's a dynamites in the bird's house, You want to get rid of it

Stella: Uh.. I'll be right back You Gals.

[Stella running to the village, She's shocked at Birds' house fill with dynamite. Piggies steals the eggs]

Stella: No. it can't be?

Leonard: Oh Stella, What's a matter? Scared of the dynamite?

Stella: You tricked me. I though we're be friends.

Leonard: I was.. But now We're gonna steal the eggs. Boys capture Her!

[Piggies capture Stella , Tie up, cover her mouth with scarf and put on the bag of Bird's eggs]


Leonard: Don't worry Stella, I'll take good care of you in the Piggy Island.

Later after Red's telling Mighty Eagle about stop the piggies, but he's retired, Red, Chuck, and Bomb taking to village to stop the piggies, but it's too late Chuck gonna tell the birds get back to the village, Red and Bomb can take back our eggs, but Red's saw Stella been captured by Pigs

Red: Stella! I'm coming for you!

Leonard: Come on, let's wrap it up. and asked for you Stella, You can one trip to Piggy Island.


Red: We gotta get Stella and the eggs off the ship.

Bomb: Yes!

Pigges: Is everyone on Board? Let's go. Let's go.

Red: Use the tramplanes.

[Red and Bomb jumps on the tramplanes. on grab the ropes]

Piggies: We've got intruders!

Leonard: What the heck are they doing?

Red: Untie the rope, drop the eggs in the water, then I'll save Stella.

Leonard: Get rid of 'em! Get him off of there!

[Piggies throw objects at Red and Bomb]

Bomb's It's too strong. I can't break it.


Red: Huh?

[Red remove scarf]

Stella: Untie me please?

Red: Okey Stella, Bomb, blow off the chain.

Leonard: Knock them down!

Red: Don't worry Stella I'll get you outta there.

Bomb: Come on, Bomb. You can do this.

Red: Come on, Bomb. You got this. Blow up.

Bomb: You got to get me mad.

Red: Okay. Well then, what makes you mad?

Bomb: Try insulting me on a personal level.

Red: Oh, oh, uh. Your poetry stinks! You're just a bad poet. And you know it!

Bomb: Oh. I know. I know!

Piggies: Hey. Who wants a birdie bath?

[Piggies' Water gun pushed Bomb off, Then Red finally untie Stella]

Red: Stella are you okey?

Stella: I'm feeling good.

Leonard: You untie your girlfriend?!

Red: Yes and We're gonna untie the eggs.

[Bomb fell off and bump on Red and Stella and they both fell of in the water]

Red: Oh. I'm sorry, you guys. I couldn't do it.

Stella: That's okey Bomb.

Red: Don't give up. This isn't over!

Lenoard: Hey Red. You can keep your girlfriend, but I still got an eggs. Thanks for your hospitality. Ha ha ha... !

Stella: Lenoard YOU LAIR!!!!

Lenoard: Set sail for Piggy Island!

[Piggy throw the arrow with fire, But the dynamite on Mighty Eagle Statue, Then KABOOM!!!]

In the morning, All the bird's eggs gone, House, Hospital, Childen's Daycare, Restaurant, and Banks Destroyed by the Piggy Villians with the song Phil Collins - We said Hello Goodbye

The Blues' Mom: Huh! Oh no!

The Blues' Dad: We'll find them

Red: *sigh*

Stella: Red. The Eggs [Stella begin sobs] it's all gone.

Red: [Red hugging Stella] I know.

Female Bird: They're all gone.

[at the Daycare]

Female Bird #2: [sniffles]

Female Bird #3: Shh, shh. It's okay.

[Meanwhile back to Red, Chuck, Stella, and Bomb]

Judge Peckinpah:Mr. Red! What do we do now?

Red: Wait, hold on. You're asking me?

Judge Peckinpah: You knew.You try to tell us. But we didn't listen. I didn't hear

Stella: Red, we need a leader. All Male and Female Birds: What do we do now? What do we do?

Red: Wait a minute. I'm not a leader.

Chuck: Okay. Pigs stole our kids. That sucks. Made all you guys looked like idiots. You know what we got to do? We start replacing those kids.

All Female Birds: *Gasp*

Stella: No. Not on ChuckxStella FanFiction

Chuck:Ladies, get busy! We're going to be laying some eggs tonight!

Red: No. No, stop. No no no... We're not going to replace those kids. We're gonna get them back. Matilda: How are we going to do that?

Red: What do you mean how? The pigs already showed us how. That, is where they went! And, so that, is where we are going!

Judge Peckinpah: But how do we get from here to there? I'm not aquatic, in the least.

Red:Well. You know We're gonna build our own boat.

All Birds: Huh? What are you talking about? Red: They stole your kids. No. They stole our kids. I mean, who does that? Have you ever stolen any one's children? Huh? Have you?

[Red pointing at Hugger Bird]

Red: I mean, you look like you would. And you know what? I'm a little bit angry. Correction. I'm really angry. And I don't think I'm the only one. Come on, we're birds! We're descendants from dinosaurs! We're not supposed to be nice! Right?

Little Hatchling: [ROAR!]

Red: Uh. Yeah, point-point made. Who else here is angry? 

ALL BIRDS: I! -I! I am.

Red:Yeah, you are! We're getting our kids back, and I don't need any ... calm, detach, happy birds.

All Birds: No.

Red: Not going to help us. Don't need it. I need some Angry flocking Birds. You hear me! Now, who's angry!

ALL BIRDS: Yeah! Angry!

Red: Well, let's go!

[Phil Collins - "Something Happened on the Way To Heaven Reprise" Playing]

Red: Bring me everything that floats. Yeah. Yeah. That's perfect, yeah.

Terence: *Groan* [Happy Birds, Not good to battle. Angry Birds, Good to Battle]

All Birds: [Acting Angry Silly]


Red: With every single feather of my being, I am not going to let any of these eggs be taken from their parents.

Terence: *Angry Groans* [ Listen again! Angry Birds, Good to Battle. LOOK AT MY FACE!!]

All Birds: [SCREAM and RUN AWAY Except for little hatchling]

Hatchling: Pfhht [Stick to the tounge]

Terence:  [... Give up.]

Red: Chuck, I need you to tie those crates together.

Chuck: You got it.

[Chuck Seed up tie the crates together for 1 second]

Hal: AUGH!

Chuck: Done, and done.

Hal:Uh. A little help here?

Red: Let's go! Move it, everybody! Push with your upper body. Put your back into it.

Bubbles: I have no upper body!

Red: Darn good for a bunch of birds.

Bomb: Whoa! Whoa!

All Birds: *Cheers* [ All Birds going to Piggy Island]

Later after Song end, King Leonard Announcement, Arrive at Piggy island, and finally Origins ends The original Game Begin. after Stella slingshot scene

Stella: Sorry Red!

Red: She's far. But far enough.

Stella: I can try. Uh oh.

Later after Red's Launch, Chuck's Launch, and Bomb's Launch, then Red, Chuck, and Bomb want to find eggs.

Leonard: Calling for Piggy Airport!

Stella: What is that?

Leonard: My loyal subjects. The treacherous birds have repaid our friendship with an unprovoked act of aggression! The attack will fail! We have glass! We have wood! We have TNT. We tried to kill them with kindness and now we're just gonna have to... Well, you know.

Bubbles: Run!

Stella: I'll find My boyfriend Red.

Matida: No Stella, It's to dangerous!

Stella: I have to do myself.

[Stella was a speeding bird, Piggy Airport attacks Stella! Nope. She's quicker then the bullet, but she's made it to the Leonard's Castle]

later after Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Mighty Eagle went to save the eggs from Leonard's Dinner Room

Red: You got to fly those eggs to safety.

Mighty Eagle: I got this.

Stella: Red!

Red: What? 

Leonard: Who is she?

Stella: It's me Stella.

Red: Stella, I Though I told you far but far enough.

Stella: I was, But I come with you.

Mighty Eagle: Are you feeling love with Stella?

Red: Well Yes.

Mighty Eagle: Here we go! Whoa. Whoooaaa.

Red: Yes! Yes. Yes!

Leonard: My eggs!

Red: Don't forget Stella, Chuck, and Bomb.

Mighty Eagle: Who?

Red: Those guys.

Mighty Eagle: Right. Right.

Leonard: Gotcha! [Leonard Grabs Stella's leg insted of grabs Red's Leg in original theatrical version]

Stella: AAAH!

Red: No! Stella!

Leonard: You're not getting away that easy.

[Cut the rope, one Blue egg bonking on Red, Stella, Leonard, and Pigs]

Red & Stella: NO!

[Egg jump on tramplane, then slide on curtain safety, then it's crack cause the it's almost hatching]

Red: Save yourselves.

Bomb: Hold on, You guys!

Red: We're gonna save that egg.

Chuck: Red, don't be a heroes. Red, no.

Bomb: No!

[Red, Stella, Leonard, and the pigs falling back to Leonard's Dinner Room]

Red & Stella: Huh?

[Red, Stella, Leonard will grab the eggs]

Random Bird: Get out of town, everybody.

Mighty Eagle: Whoa.

Chuck: There's just so many of them, we're outnumbered.

Mighty Eagle: What? How many?

Chuck: Oh, not that many. Just the right amount really. No need to look back. Just keep flying. FASTER!

Leonard: I'll take that!

Stella: No, you won't! Give me that!

Leonard: They just don't know when to stop, do they?

Red: Here's a 2 word answer,

Red & Stella: "Uh-uh!"

Leonard: Looks like your Disney's little slingshot game ends here. Give me that!

Red: Not going to happen!

[Suddenly The big hot boiled water pot will fall]

Leonard: Huh!

Red & Stella: Oh no.

Red: Get out of our way.

[Red, Stella, and Leonard jump and hang on the ceiling light]

Piggy #1: Every pig for himself.

Piggy #2: I quit!

Bomb: I know what I got to do. I got to blow up that ram.

Chuck: And that would be a good plan? if you were good at blowing up.

Bomb: I need to stop those planes! Remember me, Chuck. Remember me. Bomb's away!

Matilda: Oh, hi there.

Piggy: Here, chicky chicky chicky.

Matilda: This little piggy popped![BOOM!] This little piggy exploded.[BOOM!] And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee, "I want my mother!" [BOOM]

Piggy: [Goofy Holler]

Bomb: Come on, Bomb, you can you do this! Blow up. Blow up.

[He's saw a Piggy Airport and They will Attack!]

Bomb: Oh oh.

Piggy Airport: Ah ha ha ha!

Bomb: Oh no. Think explosive thoughts. Surprise parties! Yoga poses! PIG CITY AIRPLANES! 


Bomb: I blew up, on purpose.

Leonard: You're wrecking my house. What's wrong with you?

Red: You wrecked my house!

Leonard: Your house was ugly!

Red: Well, now we're even.

[Ceiling light falling with Red, Stella, and Leonard into TNT Room]

Matilda: Run! Run!

[Suddenly, Piggy Battle cart apper.]

Guys, look out!

[Cart stopped and Aim]

Matilda:Everyone, stand back!

[Suddely, Who's Drivin the Piggy's Battle Cart?, Open the window, it was Terence]

Matilda: Terence?

[Terence's grim smile and thumb up for getting on the cart]

Matilda: Put on your seat belts, everyone. Trust me.

[Everyone getting on the cart, close the door, and Terence drive away from Pig city.]

Red: Well. This is dynamite.

Stella: Red! Over here! I found the egg.

Red: There you are.

Leonard:Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!

[Leonard capture Stella and Egg]

Stella: AAAAHH!

Red: NO!

[Red chases Leonard, Leonard using the candle]

Delicious bird eggy wiggy. Or even better Roasted Stella. Ooo.

Stella: Please I don't want to get cooked!

Red: You can't eat eggs or my girlfriend!

Leonard: What are you going to do? I'm a foodie or caniballism.

[The Big Empty Pot is about to fall into TNT House]

Leonard: It's your choice Red. Ether You choose Stella or the egg? You're finished, eyebrows.

Little Kid Bird: eyebrows. Ah ha ha ha...!

Chuck: Someone has anger issue.

Judge Peckinpah: Anger, is not always the answer!

Red: * Deep Breath and Blow* Well, you know what, I guess you win.

Stella & Leonard: What?

Red: That was an awesome plan. Mind blower.

Stella: Red, What are You Doing?!

Leonard: Really? Well, thank you. You know, a lot of hard work goes in my sinister plans. It does.

Red: No, I mean your plan was great. But you didn't plan for THIS!

[Red rescue both Stella and Egg from Leonard, Put the candle of TNT, Leonard chases Red, Stella, and Egg, Big Pot is falling]

Leonard: You have annoyed me for the last time.

Red & Stella: Yep.

[Big Pot trapped on Red & Stella with egg]

Leonard: Huh? NO!!


later after the birds made it out of the pig city, Mighty Eagle put the eggs on the ground and return to the birds family except for The Blues' Parents, The pig city was destroyed, but everyone sad cause they thinks Red and Stella's Death, suddenly Red and Stella get up, and EVERYONE CHEERS CAUSE THEY THINKS RED AND STELLA'S ALIVE! and Jay, Jake, and Jim Hatching.

Chuck: I'm glad you're alive. I thought you and your girlfriend died or defected to the pig's side.

Bomb: Hey, buddy, way to not be dead.

Chuck: Oh. Hello little guy.

Red: It's good to see you guys.

Bomb: Come on.

After Everyone cheers at Red and Stella holding of hatching egg of Jay Jake and Jim, The Blues' Parents really sad about The Blues gone, but Red and Stella tell them.

Red: Sir

Stella: Ma'am

Red & Stella: I think these belong to you.

[Jay, Jake, Jim was happy and found his real parents, and The Blues' Parents was Happy and Hugging his mom]

The Blues' Mom: Thanks you.

after Mighty Eagle congrats Red, Chuck, and Bomb, Everyone went back to Bird Island, Rebuild the Home, Hospital, Restaurant, Entertianmenrt, Store, Children's Daycare, and Banks.




Chuck: WOW! That's you on the statue with the mighty eagle too

Red: Yes I know. I beat up the pigs Pose, and Even My Girlfriend Stella have a Sexy hold my leg pose.

Chuck: Look at that. They gave Mighty Eagle and You all the credit. They made Mighty Eagle look so much more handsome than you. You know, back when I was angry. That would have really ticked me off.

Bomb: Ah, forget about that.

Chuck: You know what we should do? Let's go to the village.

Bomb: Let's do it.

Red: No. Actually I love to go hang out with you guys. But you know I got this thing. And I have another thing after that thing and there's all these things in a row.

Bomb: Would you look at that.

Red: What the?

[All birds has finally Rebuild Red's Home on the Village.]

Judge Peckinpah: Mr. Red. Welcome back, to the village.

[Everyone cheers at Red has finally home, Then The Blues and the Hatchling has come and sing "Mighty Red"]

Chuck: Ta-da!

The Blues and The Hatchlings: 🎶Mighty Mighty Red You rescued me. Defender of our homes and liberty.🎶

Jay: 🎶Bravery.🎶 Jake:  🎶Humility.🎶 Jim:  🎶Angery.🎶

The Blues and The Hatchlings:  🎶Mighty Mighty Red You Rescued Me Me... lalalalaa laalala lalalalaa Lalalaa🎶

Terence: 🎶laalala lalalalaa Lalalaa Lalalalaaaaaaaaa.🎶 [Terence Happy]

Mime Bird: Oh my gosh.

[Matilda have a love with Terence, and He's is very very happy]

Stella: Well Red, I hope you enjoy your stay?

Red: Well, yes. You know what? I really like you anyways.

Stella: Yeah. I just wanted to know that I...

Red: Sssshhh!

[The BEST Biggest moment is Red Kissing Stella, and everyone Cheers even Chuck and Bomb]

Chuck: [sniffles] I promise myself I wasn't gonna cry.

[Red done kissing Stella, That's the end of the best biggest moment]

Red: I love you.

Stella: I love you too Red.

Red: Maybe I'll go on the date night?

Stella: Yes, and I'll see you later Red. [Kissing on the Red's cheeks and wave goodbye]

Red: How did you guys find the time to pull this off? This is why we went to go get pedicure, isn't it?

Chuck: Nope. We got pedicures because we are worth it.

Bomb: I got gels.

Red: You guys are something else. To be honest with you, I'm going to miss the beach view. But, so what. It's still there. It's just not... right there when I wake up and look out my window.

Chuck: Well, you can still look out your window and see me and Bomb.

Red: Right. So you know, pluses and minuses. Okay, see you later.

Chuck: Oh.. Well, this just got awkward.

Bomb: That's really insensitive. Want to go get a bite?

Chuck: Forget it, let's just go home.

Red: Guys, I'm just messing with you. Get in here!

Bomb: Ha ha ha ha! I knew it!

Chuck: Let's be roomies.

Bomb: Room mates. Boy, I can't wait to make a chores list.

Red: Wait, hold on a second.

Chuck: I'll move my nest into the master bedroom. Bomb, you can stay in the guest half.

Red: No no no...

Bomb: Ah! Can we get a bunk nest?

Chuck: Oh, this is going to be perfect.

Red: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Guys... No!

[Finale Song played Phil Collins' "Find A Way To My Heart Reprise Finale"]

[Red, Chuck, and Bomb running, jumping, and swing vine in the Jungle of Bird Island with the Hatchday cake, and Stella sees Red's made it, Red and Stella Enjoying Sitting Sunset and Kissing each other]

Ending title

Disney's The Angry Birds Movie

[Extra Finale Song Played "I Will Survive"]

[Mighty Eagle, Red, Stella, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Matilda, Hatchlings, and Piggies are Dancing except for Leonard]

Ross: Come on, Leonard.

Leonard: Leonard can't dance. He's hatching a new plan for the sequel.

Leonard: Okay, maybe I'll dance for just a sec.

[But maybe Leonard can join the dance with Ross.]

[and the Danceing finale was Red's Eyebrows]

Movie Credits before Post-Credits Scene

The Blues Post-Credits Scene

So many of this credits Even the SONG for the credits: Friends Song, Phil Collins' Take Me Home and Find a Way To My Heart

Extended Edition Executive Producer: John Lasseter

Original Theatrical Edition Animation by Sony Pictures Imageworks

Extended Edition Animation by Walt Disney Animation Studios

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The Angry Birds Movie contains a lengthy assortment of mostly fluffy bonus content. A Disney Movies Anywhere or Movies Anywhere code is included with purchase. Note that, for whatever mysterious reason, Disney has hidden the "Scene Selections" tab within the special features category.

Disney's Angry Birds Shorts Film  

  • Early Hatchling Gets the Worm (2:06): Birds and worms can be friends!
  • Angry Birds Dance-Off (5:50): Red having a date with Stella, Chuck and Bomb enjoying dancing, and Hal and Bubble doing guards protect the eggs from the piggies in Bird Island's Dance n Bar Arcade Sports Club Palace!
  • Red and Stella: Chuck's Romantic Plans (6:10): Chuck have an idea to make Red and Stella in love on Bird Island's Romantic place for them. Chuck can do restaurant plan for Red and Stella, But the Piggies trying ruin Chuck's Plan, but he will never let us down!
  • Chuck and Bomb: Skateboard Xtreme (5:10): Chuck and Bomb can enjoy Skating at Skateboard place and the Teenager Birds came to Chuck and Bomb to challenge to EXTREME!!
  • King Leonard and Chief Pigs: BIG Pizza (5:50): In the Piggy Island, Piggies was sad cause we have no eggs, But Chief Pig got an idea to make a new food called "Pizza" King Leonard and the Piggies was suprised to delicious new food untill Leonard want a BIGGER PIZZA, but Chief Pig make a bigger pizza it become "PIZZAZILLA"

- Angry Birds Hatchlings Shorts - Angry Birds Bloopers and Outtake - Chuck and Olaf Meeting the voices - Stella's Dating Red Video Tape

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