Disney's Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an American action RPG video game based on the homonymous interactive game at Walt Disney World. It is developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (under license from The Walt Disney Company), being released for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Sega Orion on April 16th, 2020.


Hades began corrupting the Disney multiverse causing Merlin to frantically beam in one Disney fan to master power cards and to stop Hades in his tracks.



  • Custom Character (non-speaking) - the one fan Merlin whisked into the Disney worlds and has the power of the power cards.


Note: * means the person got corrupted by Hades' magic.



The game is a RPG-esque game with a focus on collecting Power Cards. Each Power Card doesn't have strengths or weaknesses over other types but instead each one has a different effect which will either aid or harm players. You start with your choice of five cards over ten different cards as the other ways to win cards is to beat opponents, buy them with cash or do quests.


  1. Mickey's Magic Blast - Mickey blasts a ball of magic dealing 10 damage.
  2. Donald's Quacking Fury - Donald attacks the enemy dealing 10 damage.
  3. Goofy's Camping RV - Goofy uses his RV to create a shield that can withstand 10 damage.
  4. Pluto's Doghouse Block - Pluto uses his doghouse to protect the fighter and can withstand 10 damage.
  5. The Junior Woodchucks' Bear Trap - the Junior Woodchucks summon a bear trap and traps the opponent for one turn.
  6. Scrooge's Money Shot - Scrooge blasts a barrage of money dealing 10 damage.
  7. Chip and Dale's Super Net - Chip and Dale blast a net at the opponent, forcing them to skip a turn.
  8. [Darkwing Duck, defense] - TBD
  9. Pete's Steamboat Barrage - Pete summons a few steamboats to crash into the opponent dealing 10 damage.
  10. Magica's Sleep Spell - TBD
  11. [Winnie the Pooh, status] - TBD
  12. [Piglet, defense] - TBD
  13. [Tigger, attack] - TBD
  14. [Snow White, status] - TBD
  15. [Cinderella, attack] - TBD
  16. [Aurora, defense] - TBD
  17. [Maleficent, attack] - TBD
  18. [Peter Pan, status] - TBD
  19. [Tinkerbell, defense] - TBD
  20. [Captain Hook, attack] - TBD
  21. Kaa's Hypnotic Glare - Kaa glares at the opponent and forces them to reveal their hand.
  22. [Quasimodo, defense] - TBD
  23. [Esmeralda, status] - TBD
  24. [Frollo, attack] - TBD
  25. [Milo Thatch, defense] - TBD
  26. [Kida, attack] - TBD
  27. [Wreck-It Ralph, attack] - TBD
  28. [Vanellope, status] - TBD
  29. [Fix-It Felix, Jr., defense] - TBD
  30. [Nick and Judy, attack] - TBD
  31. [the most powerful cards of each category, Chernabog for sure for attack] - TBD
  32. [most powerful defense, ideas] - TBD
  33. [most powerful status] - TBD


  • Although various Disney characters appear, a lot of the ones that don't appear are turned into cards.
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