Lili X Cammy is a Disney Channel series to be made by Namco, Capcom, and Walt Disney Television animation and spin-off to Tekken, Street Fighter, and their well-known crossover fighting game which features the potentially acquired characters, Lili Rochefort and Cammy as well as the supporting characters.


Main cast

  • Lili Rochefort (voiced by Rachel Hirschfeld) - a rich, intelligent, responsible, childlike girl who lives in her mansion in Monaco. She is graceful and confident and uses her self-taught, ballet dance style, moves to dodge and attack enemies and is warm-hearted and caring although she can be a little selfish and snobbish. But she doesn't like it when people disrespect her even by telling her that they would tell her father to ground her.
  • Cammy White (voiced by TBA) - Lili's muscular and determined best friend from United Kingdom. Learning from her military experiences, she is smart, straight, and practical when focusing on her fights with enemies. When things go wrong, she gets easily frustrated and when with Lili who does not intend to do the wrong thing but does it, the girls get into conflicts and long arguments without attacking. She also gets disrespected when people make fun of her thighs.
  • Asuka Kazama (voiced by GK Bowes) - The main villain and Lili and Cammy's enemy.

Reccurring cast

  • Nina Williams (voiced by Candice Hillebrand, reprising the role from the live-action film) - a grouchy recluse and silent assassin.
  • Anna Williams (voiced by Tara Platt) - Nina's sister.
  • Eddy Gordo (voiced by Lateef Crowder) - a Brazilian capoeira fighter
  • Christie Monteiro (voiced by Kelly Overton) - a happy-go-lucky, Brazilian carnival dancer who is Eddy's student.
  • Kuma II - known as "Kuma" for short.
  • Roger - a boxing kangaroo made from Dr. Boskonovitch who is uncontrollable with his fighting stunts especially his hooks and jabs and is also in charge of the DJ turntables that are available in dance parties.
  • Alex - a velociraptor from the Prehistoric times known for studying fossils and tricking others by licking them.
  • Sakura (voiced by TBA) - Cammy's friend.


Season 1

  • TBA

Season 2

  • TBA

Disney Parks

Lili and Cammy will permanently make live appearances as well as do meet-and-greet sessions at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's New York at Disneyland Resort Ireland.

They will also have a daily parade at DHS called the Lili X Cammy Showdown Runway Parade starting with Walt Disney World's Disney Channel Celebration.

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