Disney's Galactic Racers is an upcoming racing game of the Disney Channel and Disney XD characters teaming up in a galactic adventure.


This is game is referenced like the Sonic Riders series.


In a galactic city name Galaxtropia, it's a place full of humans, robots, and other species. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were on a ride to go to downtown. They've encountered robot enemies named "X-Force Candidates", and escaped from the candidates. They soon realize that the city is in danger of the villain who forms an apocalypse to take over Galaxtropia. Mickey and the heroes races in an adventure of the galactic grand prix and stop the villain terrorizing the town.

Characters (Cast)


  • Story Mode
  • Grand Prix
  • Exhibition Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Time Trial
  • Shop
  • Gallery
  • Options


  • Galaxtropia
  • Aquriem
  • The Volcanic Fields
  • The Urban Jungle
  • The Deserted Tundra
  • Intergalactic Defense Lab
  • Glyts Highlands
  • Azure Skyland
  • Dimension X-0
  • Disney's Origin Boulevard
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