The Princess and the Frog is an installment of Disney's Animated Storybooks.


  1. New Orleans
  2. Meet Tiana
  3. Naveen of Maldonia
  4. Tiana's Dreams
  5. Friends On The Other Side
  6. The Kiss
  7. All Croaked Up
  8. Louie The Alligator
  9. Ray The Firefly
  10. Mama Odie
  11. Back To New Orleans
  12. The Shadowman
  13. Magic Vs Mucus
  14. Ray's Funeral
  15. The Kiss
  16. Dreams Do Come True In New Orleans

Voice Cast

  • Cree Summer as Tiana
  • Phil LaMarr as Naveen, Doctor Facilier
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Louie, Alligators
  • Alan Tudyk as Lawrence
  • Jim Cummings as Ray
  • Jennifer Lewis as Mama Odie (Narrator)


Rated E.

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