Dirty Pair: Bounty Hunter is a series based on the light novels and connected to the anime show.

Kei and Yuri of the World Welfare Works Association

Working with a Thaigiron male Thaimiraolian bounty hunter named Zakara Kharai in finding and apprehending a warlord and going on other adventures fighting scum of all types, from slave traders to gangsters to pirates and etc.

Dirty Pair (English Dub)

Plot, Episodes, and Scenes

Eleanor City

World Welfare Works Association

The Lovely Angels meet the Thaimiraolian

"I'm not a big fan of cats."

Filling A Void in One's Heart

Flashback to Childhood: The Yakuza were attacking

a Thaimiraolian dressed in cerulean and green armor approaches the sacred Zakara.

Asks him who he is, He replies his name to Zakara. "Jang Taurn."\

Jang begins to the yakuza henchmen with brutal

Thaimiraolian vs corrupt police

Kei, Yuri and the Thaimiraolian

Family Divided


Lovely Angels

Kei: A hothead tomboy and Yuri's partner

Yuri: a young feminine girl and Kei's partner


Gooley Andrew Francis: Kei & Yuri's supervisor

Mughi: cat-like creature who is the pet of Lovely Angels.




Madame Beryl: A retired TroCon agent.

Doctor Q: scientist of the 3WA from the OVA series.

Nanmo: robot


It's the way, the way of the Thaimiraolian.
~ motto of the Thaimiraolian.

Zakara Kharai is a male Thaigiron Thaimiraolian warrior who works as a bounty hunter. His ship the Dark Fury, a photon phaser rifle that had once been a World War 2 era M1 Grand rifle, World War 2 German Kyber knife Albam cycler pistol, and he joins as one of the main characters alongside the Lovely Angels. Thaimuron

Tarvastin Zarua: male Thaigiron Thaimiraolian warrior and Kharai's first uncle.

Rhukka Zarr: Leader of Clan Zarr, Zakara's father.

Taketin: Zakara's mother

Menara: female Thaigiron Thaimiraolian warrior

Zurra: aunt of Zakara.

Zarzell: warrior

Black Strike: male Scrigrith Thaimiraolian warrior




Krann Kaizar:

Jang Taurn: A Thaigiron male Thaimiraolian, a feared bounty hunter, mentor to Zakara, and a Thaimiraolian-Yakuza Conflict veteran. He is also a Lovely Angels fan.

Equipment: flying stingers, a kyber knife, E-55 blaster, jet pack.

Clan Taurn, cousin of leaders Esegar Taurn and Kamnia Taurn.


Nadasa () is a transgender human Thaimiraolian warrior

Vorneh Thaimiraolian warrior

Mokran: A male Ghakron Thaimiraolian

Swift Sword: female Scrigrith Thaimiraolian warrior

Rinmay: Sovereigness of Thaviria

Tahara (田原) is a female human Thaimiraolian warrior who was Zakara's partner before she mysteriously vanished.


Morticia (モーティシア) is the mysterious leader of a terrorist group called the Serpent's Company.

Kei's godson

Kaguri: advisor to Rinmay the sovereigness of Thaviria.


Thaigiron/Thaimiraolian (タイギロン/タイミラオリアン) is an alien clan-based culture from the planet Thaviria. Warriors of different species.

founded by a female Thaigiron named Thaimira

Kartonian metal

Thaigiron were the first Thaimiraolian warriors. equip with jet packs, rocket jet boots,

Despite being the fiercest warriors in the universe, the Thaimiraolian dread the Lovely Angels because they tended to cause chaos and destruction on missions.

They once visited Earth on many couple of occasions.

Ghakrons (ガクロン) aliens

Scrigrith (スクリグリス) aliens, seven feet tall.

Vorneh (ヴォルネ) aliens.


Dirty Pair Flash

Scrigrith, Predator

The Thaimiraolian have inspiration from the Mandalorians of Star Wars.


Kei and Yuri

Thaimiraolian helmet.jpg

Cycler pistol.jpg
Photon phaser rifle.jpg
Kyber knife

55 E

Thaimiraolian Scrigrith helmet

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