"Dirty Beasts" is an upcoming future film based on the book by Roald Dahl.


Animals decide to not live their lives as the ones in real life and can't help themselves.


  • Piggy: A brainy pig who finds out that his kind is raised for meat, so he flips that order by eating his master, Farmer Bland.
  • Bland: Piggy's master, a farmer who gets eaten by Piggy so as to change the way of humans eating pigs.
  • Crocky-Wock: A crocodile with an appetite for human children. He likes to eat boys covered in mustard and girls covered in caramel and butterscotch.
  • Leonard: A lion who prefers to eat humans rather than other animals.
  • Stingaling: A scorpion with a bad attitude who likes to sting people on the rear, especially in bed.
  • Roy: A greedy, spoiled boy from a rich American family who always demands whatever he wants. He demands a giant anteater as a pet. When he gets one, he treats it very badly and refuses feed it; but the anteater gets even with him eating his Aunt Dorothy and decides to eat Roy for dessert.
  • Dorothy: Roy's 83-year-old aunt from his father's side of the family. When she comes for a visit, she gets eaten by Roy's pet anteater because he's very hungry and the way American people pronounce words.
  • Andy: A giant anteater who is given away to Roy by his previous owner, an Indian gentleman for 50,000 gold rupees. When Andy arrives, he asks for food because no one took care of him on his way to America, but Roy refuses to give him any. When Dorothy comes to visit, Andy mistakes her for an ant because of the way American words are pronounced and eats her. Then he decides to get back at Roy for mistreating him by eating him for dessert.
  • Lisa: A little British girl who only gets her allowance when she's been good. She buys chocolate from a candy store and goes to a secret place to eat them, but she accidently sits down on a porcupine and gets some of the quills stuck in her rear. She asks her mother to pull the quills out, but instead she's taken to the dentist to have them removed.
  • Poky: A porcupine who gets sat on by Lisa and pricks her with his quills.
  • Mr. Myers: A cheapskate dentist who Lisa is taken to in order have the porcupine quills removed from her rear. He pulls them out with pliers and asks for 50 guineas as payment.
  • Miss Milky Daisy: A sensitive dairy cow who tries to fit in with the other cows on the ranch she lives on. On her back, she finds two lumps that turn into silver and gold wings. When her owner sees her wings, she is given the idea of being famous for flying. The idea turns out a success, but then Daisy hears a man from Afghanistan insult her. She gets back at the man by dropping her dung on him.
  • Afghan Man: A practical, rude person who comes from Afghanistan to watch Daisy's flying show. When he watches, he insults Daisy by calling her crazy and doesn't even apologize for it. Daisy gets even with him by dropping her dung on his head.
  • Henry: A smart little boy who likes to play in a lily pond. He is visited by a giant toad who takes him to France. When French people come after the toad, Henry gives the toad a warning; but the toad (who never worries) turns himself into a snail and then a Roly-Poly Bird. Henry is taken home by the Roly-Poly Bird and decides not to tell anyone about his adventure.
  • Tyler: A giant magic green toad who meets Henry and takes him for a ride to France. When they arrive, they see thousands of French people coming after Tyler. Fortunately, Tyler is never one to worry and saves himself by pushing a button on his head which turns him into a giant brown snail named Seymour.
  • Seymour: A giant magic brown snail who was once Tyler the toad and never has anything to worry about. The French people decide to eat him and Henry still warns him, but Seymour saves himself by pulling a lever on his shell which turns him into a Roly-Poly Bird.
  • The Roly-Poly Bird: A fictional bird from other Roald Dahl books. In this film, he first appears as Tyler the toad, then Seymour the snail, now his true self. He flies Henry back home and then goes on his merry way.
  • Bobby: A fat boy who thinks that there is someone in his stomach always wanting to be fed. He tells his mother about it, but she doesn't believe him at first. Then the unseen character in his stomach rumbles and demands to be fed, causing Bobby's mother to faint on the floor.



  • This film has yet to be made.
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