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Dipper Pines is the twin brother of Mabel Pines and one of the main Characters of the Supernatural Science fantasy Horror Comedy-drama animated series, Gravity Falls. He is voiced by Yuki Tai and Jason Ritter in Japanese and English.


Dipper is intelligent, compassionate, self-conscious, brave, competent and rational.


Dipper wears a blue and white hat, with a blue brim and a blue pine tree on the front. He has somewhat messy brown hair and relatively pale skin, and his nose is a bit darker than the rest of his face. His eyes are brown, like Mabel's, with noticeable bags underneath. He wears a navy blue hooded vest, (which has an inner pockets on both sides) a reddish-orange T-shirt, grey shorts, white socks with a red stripe, black sneakers, and a sometimes visible grey digital wristwatch. He is sometimes seen with a green backpack. He has a birthmark on his forehead shaped like the constellation, the Big Dipper, hence his nickname "Dipper," which he hides under his bangs.

Roles in Fanon Works

Disney Legends: Final Wars of Weirdmageddon

His role as one of the Heroes of the Weirdmageddon Trilogy remains the same, except in a broader scale like moments where we see Dipper teaming up with many kinds of Heroes and Heroines (Superheroes, reformed Criminals, heroic Monsters, Anthropomorphic Animals, Athletes, Repairmen, Inventors, Repairwomen, reformed Assassins, heroic Pirates (especially with Captain Jake, of all people), Swordsmen, Swordswomen, Vigilantes, Detectives, people who are affiliated with the Military/Armies, Martial artists, Archers, Hunters, Gods, Goddesses, reformed Antagonists, Cyborgs, Mages, Magical Girls, Spies, Scientists, Mad Scientists, Magicians, Secret Agents and whatnot, among others) to stop Bill Cipher from causing Weirdmageddon across the Omniverse.


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Dipper Pines/Quotes


  • He is inspired by Alex Hirsch (particularly when he is younger), the creator of Gravity Falls.


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