The Frogy also know as Diplocaulus are ten diplocaulus featured in Reign of the Planet of the Apes. They appear in Movies being raised by Koba and Bad Ape for food for the survivors at the West Georgia Correctional Facility. Their mother was Diplocaulus.


Chapter 4

"Days Without Accident"

The piglets are seen in this episode getting fed by Bad Ape and Nova.


When walkers build up along the fences, Koba and Bad Ape drive to the field so Koba can feed the diplocaulus to the walkers in order to distract the walkers long enough for Bad Ape and Nova to reinforce the fences with large wooden beams.

When Koba is burning down the pen, Bad Ape remarks that maybe they caused the disease. Nova replies, "Or we gave it to them".


Killed By

  • Koba
  • Zombies

When the fence starts to give way, Koba decides that they will kill the five diplocaulus by slashing the sides of their bodies and leaving them for the walkers, while Bad Ape and Nova repair the fence.



Chapter 4

  • "Days Without Accident"
  • "Infected"


  • According to Andrew Lincoln, the piglets were named "Bandit", "Peddle", "Buddy" Pork", "Rex" and "Rexa" Cordelia", "Mr Labby and Mrs Labbity", Chaps".
  • During shooting, the pigs escaped their pen and Andrew Lincoln chased them through the field.
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