Dinosaurs Keeps With Times is a 2021 science fiction-comedy feature film of the ABC television series Dinosaurs, realesed 30 years after the show's premiere.


After a huge meltdown over the Rocky Mountains, a group of paleontologists discovers a remote 6,000,007 year old valley. Filled with mysterious sturctures almost identical to a late 1900s urban area.



Dave Goelz, Matt Vogel, Ryan Dillon, Kevin Clash, Bill Barretta, Brian Henson, Peter Linz

Voice cast

  • TBA as Earl Sinclair
  • TBA as Fran Sinclair
  • TBA as Robbie Sinclair
  • TBA as Charlene Sinclair
  • Ryan Dillon as Baby Sinclair
  • TBA as Ethyl Phillips
  • TBA as Roy Hess
  • TBA as Monica DeVertebrae
  • TBA as B.P. Richfield
  • Kevin Clash as Howard Handupme
  • TBA as Sid Turtlepuss
  • TBA as Ralph Needlenose
  • TBA as Thatcher Spikeback
  • TBA as Ed Longsnout
  • TBA as Spike
  • TBA as Mindy
  • TBA as pterosaurs

Human cast

  • TBA as man protagonist
  • TBA as woman protagonist
  • TBA as boy protagonist
  • TBA as older girl protagonist
  • TBA as younger girl protagonist
  • Paxton Whitehead as Sir David Tushingham
  • Eileen Dunn as Miss Honeywell

Home media

Dinosaurs Keeps With Times is only available through the streaming service Disney+.


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