The Dino Force Universe is a television franchise created by Netflix that consists of four shows.


Dino Force - In the year 1982 a decrepit Space Ark with its inhabitants, the Saurians, an intelligent race of anthropomorphic dinosaurs and ice age mammals lands on Earth, 100 years later in the year 2082 they have since blended in with the American people. However some are still treated with xenophobia and distrust, however the Primordian Empire lead by the evil Paleo-King has returned to Earth. The Saurian ruler King Corytho decides to resemble the legendary Dino Force to combat the wicked tyrant and his armies along with eight human teenage allies.

The Cenozoics Show - Set five years after the death of Paleo-King, the Cenozoic gang are offered their freedom by joining a government organization to protect the Earth against alien and supernatural threats.

Dino Force: The Great War - Set 100'000 years ago during the war against the Saurians and the Primordian empire.

Dino Force: A New Beginning - Set 100 years before Dino Force, it depicts the arrival of the Saurians and the origin of Dino Force.

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