From the creators of True Blood and Banshee comes a new exciting series featuring a team of Prehistoric Heroes know as the Dino Force. The theme song is Everybody wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fear. It features a group of anthropomorphic Dinosaurs! The show itself was released by Starz Media and is rated PG due to Violence, Language, Drug Use, Sex and Partial Nudity.

Due to the shows success it was followed by some spin-offs, a few sequel shows like Dino Force reborn and The Cenozoics Show, two prequels called Dino Force: The Great War and the follow-up Dino Force: A New Beginning and several comics as well as a five-part crossover with Batman Beyond. It is also the first installment of the Dino Force Universe.


Season 1 - In the year 1981 a decrepit space ark arrives in Earth's atmosphere, its inhabitants a race of anthropomorphic Dinosaurs and Ice Age mammals known as the Saurians whose home-planet Sauria was destroyed 100'000 years ago in the war against the evil Paleo-King. The American Royal Family and the United States Government welcome them warmly, 100 years later in 2081 the Saurians have since blended in the American People, though some still treat them with xenophobia and disgust. However when they learn that Paleo-King who was thought to have died in the war has instead survived and has returned to finish what he started, King Cory, the king of the Saurians reassembles the legendary Dino Force led by the heroic Tyranno-Rex to battle him, the Cretaceous Brigade, the Cenozoics, Wyrm and the E.O.C.E.N.E. to protect the inhabitants of Earth. Helping Dino Force are a group of human teenagers named Cole, Carol, Hale, Jane, Candace, Malcolm, Sam and Rebecca.

Season 2 - The Dino's and the teens are facing some great challenges ahead of them. Meanwhile Hale returns to his war-torn home of Rwongo in West Africa where he meets someone from his past. Paleo-King and Spintorn continue their quest of the conquest of Earth by trying to find the legendary Precursor gems, but the Dino's get a new group of allies the Legion of Heroes.

Season 3 - Cole, Carol, Jane, Malcolm and Hale get some new prototype Dino Humanoid Exo suits, a Dilophosaurus, a Pteranodon, a Brachiosaurus, a Gold Dragon and a Velociraptor and join Dino Force in their battle against the Primordian Empire, Cretaceous Brigade, Cenozoics and new villain Vovadok who seek to find the the 12 sacred Trilobites and use them to conquer the universe.

Season 4 - Dino Force is facing their most difficult challenges yet as new villain Cenozoicah joins forces with the Cenozoics in an attempt to create the ice age! They have to protect the Earth from a group of individuals who believe that they are the gods of Asgard who returned to end the world and then remake it.

Season 5 - An evil red Tyrannosaurus Rex named Tyranno-don plans to conquer the Earth, having being ordered to do so by Paleo-King and only the Dino Force and the teenagers stand between him and Earth's destruction. Meanwhile Cole, Carol, Hale, Jane, Sam, Rebecca, Malcolm and Candace deal with growing up and going to college and looking after themselves.

Season 6 - Dino Force is about to face their most battles ever, first they aid Batman and an aging Bruce Wayne in protecting Gotham City. If that wasn't enough Paleo-King decides to launch an army in an attempt to conquer Earth and to prevent that one of the Dino's must make the ultimate sacrifice to stop him.

Season 7 - Two years after Ankylos' heroic sacrifice Dino Force has split up and gone their separate ways, however they are soon bought back together when they learn that their ancient enemies need to change their ways


Dino Force

The main protagonists of the series are 9 males and 2 female whose are apart of the legendary Dino Force.

  • Velocir (Tony Anselmo)-the second-in-command to Tyranno-rex, her feathers are black, green and yellow with red spots. He's a fast-talking dinosaur, who's fast and he loves owls. Her colors are nearly similiar to Bumble-bee from Transformers
  • Tyranno-Rex (Freddie Prinze, Jr) - The brave and heroic leader of Dino Force and the teams' representative. He is a blue Tyrannosaurus Rex with red stripes and has a kind-hearted soul, as well as being one of the three leaders of Dino Force. He likes Cole and Velocir for calling him Rex for short as with the other members of the team. He is quite interested in human culture and history and is the love interest of Rexandra. His color is similar to Optimus Prime from Transformers.
  • Apatomy (Ty Simpkins) - A tan 14-year old Apatosaurus and the teams youngest member who is also their technician and inventor. He is pretty smart, talented, a little cocky, obnoxious and very intelligent with an IQ of 140, making him a mechanical prodigy. He is nick named "Little Foot" and is under the watch and care of Ankylos.
  • Ankylos (Patrick Stewart) - A black and white elderly Ankylosaurus War Veteran and second-in-command of Dino Force. He trained Tyranno when he was a young dinosaur and is the most respected member of the team, as well as being a father figure to Tyranno-Rex, at the end of season 6 he sacrificed himself to kill Mezo-Master. Following his death he was given a state funeral.
  • Carno (Jeff Bennett) - The teams calm and matured stealth specialist and ninja. He is a slender red Carnotaurus who wears sunglasses and dresses like a 1950's greaser and he keeps a close eye on things that go wrong. He is extremely cautious and sometimes acts like a loner. In between the sixth and seventh seasons, he is married to Aura.
  • Trike (Matthew Lillard) - A green Triceratops and the muscle of the team who is usually quite reckless and gluttonous, and has an intense crave for chocolate which when he takes a taste or the mention of it causes him to become mean and crazy for which he usually gets into fights and ends up crying. Despite all this, he will always remain faithful to the team and their leader, Tyranno-Tex. He also helps to fight off Paleo-King, Wyrm and Spinotron's raptors as well as other universal threats to protect the innocents of Earth.
  • Stegz (Seth Green) - A yellow Stegosaurus who is Trike's best friend and partner-in-combat, he is also the team's demolitions expert and engineer. He and Trike always test each other to see who has the strongest stomach by consuming "out of date" food and beverages, a game for which their is no winner every time. He helps Apatomy with the building of the team's vehicles and Dr. Paras with the building of the teenager's Exo Suits.
  • Dractyle (Matt Bennett) - A male Pteranodon and the team's air scout and aerial combatant. He is quite jumpy and nervous of flying fast. He asked Carol to teach him self-defense in Martial Arts which helps him be more prepared in close-range combat. His color is black and yellow which causes some short sighted people to mistake him for a giant bee, much to his annoyance.
  • Dr. Harold Paras (David Tennant) - A male Parasaurolophus and the team's chief medical officer. He is also an expert on Ancient Cultures and Languages. He designed the Exo Suits for the teenagers with the help of Stegz and his color is Lime Green and Grey stripes.
  • Pachy (Nathan Kress) - A Lavender-colored male Pachycephalosaurus and is 15-years old, which makes him the team's second's youngest. He is quite pugnacious, impulsive, short-tempered and is always eager to smash his think head against something hard. He is also a friend of Cole, Carol, Hale and rest of their friends and hangs out with them.
  • Dilopha (Miranda Cosgrove) - A female 17 year old Dilophosaurus who is the only female member of Dino Force and a friend to the teens. She is known to get a bit emotional when things don't go her way, despite it however she always remains loyal to Rex and her fellow teammates. She also has a crush on Dractyle.


  • Cole Daniels/Dilopho-Dash (Ross Lynch) - The main protagonist and ally of the Dino Force. He is a 16 year-old teenage boy with blonde hair and blue eyes who has always loved dinosaurs and adventure. He lives in the (fictitious) town of Phoenix Hills in the American state of Montana, he is the adoptive brother of Melanie and the younger brother of Tate. He is the boyfriend of Carol and best friend of Hale and is the human partner of Tyranno-Rex whom he fondly calls Rex for short. He wears a Dilophosaurus humanoid suit designed by Dr. Paras, at the end of season 6 he, Carol, Hale, Jane and Sam all go off to college for two years.
  • Carol Vulgood/Pterodactyl-Lady (Laura Marano) - The second main protagonist and is Cole's girlfriend and devoted friend, as well as head of the cheer-leading squad of Phoenix Hill High School. She is 16 years-old black hair and bright blue eyes, and is a fan of Peter Jackson's the Lord of the Rings Extended trilogy and is a Protestant. In the episode "Girls, Girls, Girls" her sister Tammy is revealed to be the biological daughter of Princess Corythora. She has large-sized breasts despite her slender-built body. She wears a Pteranodon humanoid designed by Dr. Paras, at the end of season 6 she, Cole, Jane, Hale and Sam all go off to college for two years.
  • Melanie Daniels (Victoria Justice) - Cole and Tate's younger adoptive sister. She is a history buff and helps Dr. Paras in researching ancient civilizations. She is also a psychic and is able to levitate objects.
  • Hale Levin/Velocinator (Leon Thomas III) - An African American 16 year-old who is Cole's best friend and goes to school with him. He and his father moved to the States as his home country of Rwongo in West Africa was very unstable as it was ruled by a corrupt dictator. He wears a Velociraptor humanoid suit designed by Dr. Paras. Eventually becomes Jane's Boyfriend.
  • Jane Walker/Brachia (Ariana Grande) - The Jurassic Justice Link to the people of Earth, at first she was frightened of the Dino Force, but is now completely fond of them. She wears glasses and has a bare midrift-styled shirt. She is 16 years-old and is an expert at science which causes her to work on several projects with Apatomy. She wars a Brachiosaurus Humanoid suit with super strength designed by Dr. Paras.
  • Sam Benson (Landon Liboiron) - The third intelligent member of both Dino Force and the teenagers. He is also Rebecca's boyfriend.
  • Tammy Vulgood (Alana Mansour) - Carol's 8 year old sister. She is good friend with Cooper and Michael, like them she wants to help Dino Force but due to her age she is forced to stay with Ankylos under his watch. She is later revealed to be Corythora's daughter therefore making her a Dinosaur/human hybrid.
  • Rebecca Martin (Romy Pouiler) - The best friend of Jane and later Sam's girlfriend.
  • Cooper Walker (Davis Cleveland) - Jane's 10 year-old brother who wants to help out with the team in their fights with Spinotorn and Paleo-King, but has to stay back at the base with Ankylos. He is best friends with Apatomy. Like Apatomy, Cooper is a prodigy in terms of mechanical engineering and gadgetry.
  • Malcolm Brand/Gold Dragon (Avan Jojia) - Jane's former love interest and a popular Football Jock. He wears a golden dragon suit designed by Dr. Paras and takes tips about being a leader from Tyranno-Rex. At the end of season 6 he and Candace go off and join the Marines.
  • Candace Reed (Elizabeth Gillies) - Malcolm's love interest, she is a popular girl on the swimming team. She is a red head (known for her red hair), a babe midriff, and a tomboy, she knows about the Dino's and is also an intelligent and kind, girl! At the end of season 6 she and Malcolm go off and join the Marines.
  • Agent Cornelius Berkley (Jason Bateman) - An agent of Anamolocaras who is trying see if Dino Force is a threat to the people of Phoenix Hill but eventually learns that is not the case. After his son joins Cretaceous Brigade, he becomes Dino Force's liaison.
  • Dr. Kirby and Bianca Daniels (John Henson and Jill Benjamin) - Cole, Melanie and Tate's parents and devoted allies to Dino Force. Kirby is a world famous paleontologist and Bianca is a zookeeper, Kirby is based on Dr. Spike Taylor from Dinosaur King and Bianca is usually seen cooking and cleaning for the dinosaurs.
  • Samantha Walker (Rose Byrne) - Jane and Coopers aunt who took them in after their parents died in a plane crash. She is aware of the Dino's existence and is a good friend of Bianca.
  • General Chi Levin (Don Cheadle) - Hales widowed father he moved to the United States after the death of his wife. He was a general in the (fictitious) Rwongo Republic Army, before joining the rebels against their corrupt president. Sometime after leaving the rebels he and Hale left Rwongo and moved to the Kingdom of the United States where he became a general in the United States army, he is also a secret agent of Anamolocaras as he fears for his sons safety around Dino Force but learns to accept that they are good.
  • Storm Knight (Christopher Eccleston) - Carol and Tammy's long lost father who disappeared when Carol was 8 years old, it was later revealed that he was taken to Primordia where he spent several years as a prisoner but he later escaped. He revealed that he wrote the mysterious book the Dinosaur Chronicles which holds vital about the forefathers of Dino Force which Paleo-King is desperate to get his hands on.
  • Pierce Rosland (Jack Gleeson) - Cole's pen pal from Ireland who becomes the main human ally in season 7 after Cole and his friends go off to college. He moved to Phoenix Hills during season 3 and began attending Phoenix Hills High School, it was there that he befriended Cole and the others and eventually he met and fell in love with Rebbie.
  • Rebbie Mason (Sophie Turner) - The love interest of Pierce who she fully supports, but she is incredibly shy but is always comforted by Carol and Melanie. In the 10th episode of the third season she is revealed to be a mermaid who was born in the 14th century and who is named Rojona.
  • Prof. Ian Thatch (Christopher Lloyd) - An eccentric Prehistorian and the one who gives clues to the Dino Force about where to find the five 12 sacred trilobites. He was later killed by Paleo-King and Spinotorn after refusing to give them the location of the Trilobites.
  • Dave Baxter (Donal Logue) - Bianca's older brother who works as a detective in the Phoenix Hills Police Department. He is shown to be distrustful of the Dino's as he believes that they shouldn't be interfering with police business, despite this he is shown to care for his sister and nephews and niece.
  • Victoria (Genevieve Gaunt) - A beautiful young girl from Great Britain who moved to Phoenix Hills with her family, she eventually met and fell in love with Ronald despite being aware that he was Paleo-Kings son.
  • Angelina Kyle (Kari Wahlgren) - The hottest news lady of Phoenix Hills.

Imperial Guard

  • Gigano (Kevin Michael Richardson) - The Leader of the Imperial Guard and The Elite Special Forces Commander of the Dino Force. He is a Giganotosaurus, and he also respectful toward Tyranno-Rex's intentions.
  • Zander (Paul Eding) - A Styracosaurus and Gigano's second in command of the Imperial Guard, who is a veteran like Ankylos.
  • Kenta (Sam Riegel) - A Kentrosaurus, and is the cousin of Stegz.
  • Brachio (Ray Romano) - A Brachiosaurus who is the Imperial Guard demolitions expert. He usually smokes a cigar and is always sooty, he is also sarcastic and
  • Ne-Croc (Phil LaMarr) - A Deinosuchus who is the Imperials Guard's Heavy Weapons Specialist and speaks with Texan accent.
  • Plow-Stone (Bill Fagerbakke) - A Minmi and the Australian interpreter of the team.
  • Iguanodox (Hayden Christensen) - Corythora's charming brother and skilled warrior, he is an Iguanodon who is well-liked among the Dinotopians and the Dino Force.
  • Comm. Quezle (Patrick Seitz) - He is the Sky commander of the Saurian army on Sauria and was at first reluctant to train the new human recruits (Cole, Carol, Hale, and Sam). He's a Quetzalcoatlus and Dractyle's superior.
  • Tarbo-Battar (Jim Cummings) - Tyranno-Rex's half brother and a Tarbosaurus. He is shown to care for Rex deeply as when they were children Tarbo's father would beat Rex severely and Tarbo would often stop him from doing so. He eventually joined the Imperial Guard where he became their survival expert, he helps the kids to learn about their environment! His coloration is brown with orange stripes.
  • Archie (Billy West) - An Archaeopteryx who has a lay back personality as a Hippie.


  • Rexandra (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - Rex's beloved fiancee.
  • Packy's Mom & Dad (Gary Anthony Williams & Susan Silo) - Pachy's overprotective parents who believe that he's not safe near Dino Force and worry that the teenagers will get him starting on drugs. But they eventually release that he would won't a little boy forever and so ease their over-protectiveness.
  • Princess Corythora (Allison Miller) - Tyranno-Rex's childhood friend and the princess of the Saurian Race and one of the three leaders of Dino Force. She is a Corythosaurus who is also a skillful fighter. In the episode "Girls, Girls, Girls" she reveals to Tyranno-Rex that Carol's sister Tammy is her daughter.
  • King Corytho (Ian McShane) - The kindhearted leader of the Dinosaurs in Oligocene City, he a wise and generous ruler to his people and is determined to protect them at all costs. He is also shown to be a good mentor to the teenagers.
  • Mayor Metros (Addy Milder) - A Dimetrodon who is the Mayor of Oligocene City and a well meaning person.
  • Professor Allosis (Bryan Cranton) - An Allosaurus with glasses and a good friend and college of Dr. Paras.
  • Mixo (J.K. Simmons) - A pink Mixosaurus who is the mayors assistant.
  • Ovi-Ying (Gordon Liu) - A Oviraptor that teaches martial arts for young dinosaurs and humans, dresses like Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol 2.
  • Mya (Grey DeLisle) - A female Miasaura and a Nurse in Oligocene City Hospital.
  • Aldan (Jeff Bennett) - Mya's husband who helps her at the Hospital.
  • Indrika (Sumalee Mantano) - She is the strong one of the group next to Mammoth, she is an Indrikothere, and she is also the one who has a crush on Iguanox! She reforms and leaves The Cenozoics in "Ice Age", and becomes one with the Dinotopians.
  • Saurian Citizens (Various) - Various anthropomorphic dinosaurs such as: Incisivosaurus, Microraptor, Psitticosaurus, Camarasaurus, Compsognathus, Torosaurus, Monoclonius, Brachiosaurs, Tarbosaurus and other species!
  • Alberto (John DiMaggio) - An Albertosaurus who always sticks his nose into DF's business as he's a nitwit but he likes to help and means well. He works as a restaurant clerk and he's like Fung from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awsomeness.
  • Gorgo (Eric Bauza) - A Gorgosaurus who is Alberto's partner and tries to keep him out of trouble.
  • Auca (Maria Canals Barera) - Carno's wife and an Aucasaurus!, with Pink coloration, and Gray Spots!
  • Carno Jr & Jake (Nacy Cartwright, and Pamela Aldon) - Carno & Auca's sons.
  • Tarasaki (Jon Polito) - A Torosaurus who owns a 1950's style diner as head chef. The Ornithomimus serves as the waiters and waitresses.
  • Prox (Udo Kier) - A Pachyrhinosaurus, whom always talks about the old-ways, he also speaks in a German accent.
  • Megalan (Steven Blum) - A male Megalania the ally of the Dino Force in seasons 2-5, the Cenozoics found and captured him. He was a Megalania hatchling from 2 millions years ago that was frozen in ice somehow, they took him to their ice cavern in the Himalayas and they mutated him and subjected him painful experiments but they could not broke his rage, he a attacked them and escaped from them and stole an ice gem from them about five weeks ago. He speaks in an Australian accent and lives in Sydney
  • Mega-Don (Peter Lurie) - A male Megalodon the ally of The Dino Force in seasons 2-5 He was a Megalodon pup the E.O.C.E.N.E. found, captured and mutated him and he rage at them, He attacked them and he escaped from they lair 3 months ago. He lives in Atlantis and got out his city before it was destroy by Lio-Blast. Mega-Don then helped the Dino's to stop Lio-Blast. The final war on Tyranno-Don. Version of Ripster from Street Sharks. Whilst on land he has to wear a breather tank with water.
  • Gojira (Patrick Warburton) - A Gojirasaurus and an ally of the Dino Force in season 5, he's a old friend of Tyranno-Rex from college who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He with Mega-Don and Megalan aid the Dino's in stopping Tyranno-Don in the final fight against him
  • Saur-X (Sam Riegel) - An ally of the Dino Force Tyranno-Rex's old roommate from college with Gojira, He lives in the state of Oklahoma, he a Saurophaganax and has a knack for cookie baking.
  • Cryolopho (George Lopez) - A Cryolophosaurus who speaks Mexican accent, he lives as a hermit in Anchorage, Alaska.

Sea Squad

  • Tylo (Stephen Moyer) - Leader of Sea Squad he a Tylosaurus and a firm friend of Dino Force, when he was younger he was trained by both Anklyos and Hesper and as a result he is a good and wise leader of Sea Squad.
  • Hesper (Bill Nighy) - A Hesperornis and Tylo's second in command of Seas Squad. He is the oldest member of Sea Squad and is a veteran of the war against Paleo-King.
  • Cretoxy (Simon Pegg) - A Cretoxyrhina who is Sea Squad's researcher and the best friend of Xiphac, since he's a fish he has to wear a breathing tank with water.
  • Elasmo (Martin Freeman) - An Elasmosaurus who has a huge love for sushi.
  • Arche (Anna Paquin) - A female Archelon who is Tylo's love interest and Sea Squads weapons expert.
  • Xiphac (Nick Forst) - A Xiphactinus who is the cook of the Sea Squad and Cretoxy's best friend, like him he also has to wear a breathing tank with water.

The Nocturnals

  • Night-Bat (Jeff Bennett) - The leader of the Nocturnals and the one sent by E.O.C.E.N.E. to capture the Dino Force! He reforms and becomes an ally of Dino Force along with the others.
  • Night-Fox (Fred Tatasciore) - A Fox like creature of the group, and the one who is the eyes for Night-Bat.
  • Night-Wolf (Troy Baker) - A Wolf and strongman of the group!
  • Night-Owl (Corey Burton) - An Owl like creature who always spies on the other groups!
  • Night-Moth (Alexander Polinsky) - A humanoid moth who may not be the brightest but the most dangerous. which makes him a vital member of the team!
  • Night-Snake (Cree Summer) - A snake humanoid who is the team's only female, and the slickest heroes.

Legion of Heroes

  • Ultimate Man (Brandon Routh) - The leader of the Legion who is similar to Superman.
  • Metro Woman (Kate Bosworth) - The second-in-command and the wife of Ultimate Man and similar to Wonder Woman. Her costume resembles Jetstream's from the Disney movie, Sly High except with no gloves.
  • Black Raven (David Sobolov) - A parody of Batman.
  • Mr. Elastic (Ioan Gruffudd) - A parody of Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four
  • Tidal-Wave (Daran Norris) -
  • Mars-Master (Kevin Michael Richardson) -
  • The Archer (Dave Wittenberg) -
  • Micro-Man (Paul Rudd) -
  • Green-Knight (Sean Pertwee) - A member of the the legion who was once an ordinary clerk from Great Britain.
  • Fox-Woman (Naomi Scott) - She is an amalgam of Vixen and Foxy Love!
  • The Shining Eagle (Rick D. Wasserman) - An eagle humanoid from another planet.
  • No-man (Eli Roth) - A masked vigilante who patrols the streets of San Francisco with his wife No-woman. It was revealed that he and his wife were once both police officers in the San Francisco Police Department until a criminal who they were investigating used his power and influence to ruin their careers.
  • No-woman (Lorenza Izzo) - The wife of No-man and a vigilante operating in San Francisco. It was revealed that she and her husband were once well respected officers in the San Francisco Police Department until a criminal they were investigating used his power and influence to ruin their careers

The Precursors

  • Raphus (Jonathan Pryce) - The leader of a group of Precursors who were stranded on Earth during the eighteen century, he is a kind and fair being who is a strong ally of the Dino Force.
  • Doda (Kate Fahy) - Raphus' wife who was stranded with him along with several other Precursors on Earth during the eighteen century. She is often suspicious of strangers which caused her to distrust the Dino's and the teens at first but she later came to respect them.
  • Beaka (Lucy Boynton) - Raphus and Doda's daughter and the captain of the Precursor guards who were stranded with them.


Cretaceous Brigade

  • Spinotorn (Kevin Spacey) - One of the 2 main antagonists of the series, he is an albino Spinosaurus, he is the tyrannical leader of the Brigade but unlike them he is more aggressive, more power hungry and sadistic. Millions of years ago on planet Earth he was a cadet under the tutelage of Ankylos, back then he and Tyranno were the best of friends, like Rex he was in love with Rexandra but got jealous when she choose Rex. The final nail to the coffin came when he was bought before King Cory and the High Council accused for terrible crime that he didn't commit and was kicked out of the Dino Force corps, distraught at being kicked out of the people he called family he snapped and teamed up with Paleo-King. After teaming up with Paleo-King he formed Cretaceous Brigade, most of his henchmen are raptors and they'll do anything to please him especially Rap-Eye and they call him boss. He despises the human race after he saw dinosaur bones in museums and dig sites in horror. He supports Paleo-Kings plan to transform to world into a prehistoric paradise, His voice is similar to Hopper from A Bug's Life and his personality is similar to the Shredder from TMNT (2003 series). He is also an ally to Paleo-King. His design was reused from the Spinotosaurus from the British Science Fiction Show Primeval.
  • Zucho (Daran Norris) - A brown Suchomimus and Spinotorn's cousin, he is very ambitious and very much competitive and he is Spinotron's substitute until they find him. Although Spinotorn despises his cousin, he respects him as family though.
  • Razer (Robin Atkin Downes) - An gray Geosternbergia who is very loyal to Spinotron and he's Dractyle's nemesis, due to him being a Pterosaur he is Cretaceous Brigades scout.
  • Baryx (Jennifer Hale) - Zucho's sister and Spinotorn's cousin, she is a Baryonyx with purple coloration and yellow spots. She later joined the Cretaceous Brigade along with her brother.
  • Rap-Eye (Steven Blum) - Spinotorn's right-hand hench-raptor, he is a scared Velociraptor and the smartest of the raptors. His signature color is red with orange stripes. He carries a magma blaster and he knows claw-to-claw combat. He wears sleeve ripped vest with shorts. He is one of the few raptors that Spinotorn respects!
  • Spittor (Carlos Alazraqui) - He of is the spy of the raptors. He dressed like a ninja except it's short sleeved. His signature color is blue.
  • Klaw (Jeff Bennett) - The dumbest of the raptors and very gullible. He has an overweight appearance as he loves to eat meat when he slacks off. His signature color is yellow. He carries a club and always bonks himself on the head with it and falls unconscious
  • Slasher (Eric Bauza) - He is a Utahraptor, and a dangerous one at that, He was always Rap-Eye's favorite. His signature color is green with red stripes, he is a very dangerous character as in one episode he sliced of a humans head with the claw on his tooth.
  • Patches (Tom Kenny) - The most insane of the raptors as he laughs a lot. When he grabs a weapon of any kind, he shoots off like crazy. Due to his personality it is assumed that he's mentally unstable
  • Sever (Ted Lewis) - A Troodon who is Cretaceous Brigades scientist and the most intelligent of them all.
  • Scyclaw (Frank Welker) - A robotic raptor, capable of hacking into any network and equipped with an arsonel. He can hack in any security network
  • Pyro (Max Koch) - A Pyroraptor.
  • Dei Sisters - Four female Deinonychus sisters.
    • Claudia (Samulee Mantano) - The oldest sister and adversary to Carol. She has colorful crimson feathers, she becomes Slasher's wife!
    • Talonia (Tara Strong) - The second oldest sister, and has a Blue streak on her back and is the fastest! She has a crush Hale Levin.
    • Rhen (Nika Futterman) - The third grayest of the sisters, and the most lethal as the knows when to sharpen her claws.
    • Screech (Katie Griffin) - The Last sister and Talonia's superior and the Greenest of the bunch.
  • Basilo (Troy Baker) - A Basilosaurus and a former member of Cenozoics, he tried to overthrow Saber and becomes the new leader of the Cenozoics in season two in "Ice Age" but his plan did not work and stranded on and island were he joins Spinotorn as his best underwater operative. Him and Ursus are the only members of Cretaceous Bridge who are mammals.
  • Ursus (David Herman) - A Short-faced Bear who is a commander of Spinotorn's raptors. He wears the same uniform as Errol from Jak and Daxter, he also has the same personality as him but unlike him he doesn't become a cyborg. Rap-Eye, Basilo and Sucho often take the piss out of him by calling him Winnie the Pooh which causes him to lose his temper.
  • Spikehead (Jeffrey Combs) - A Saurolophus who works as the medic
  • Jackson Berkley/Therizino-Talon (Danny Cooksey) - A jealous Football Jock, who always tries to out do Malcolm, he is also Agent Berkley's son. He once was the spy for Wyrm but was later transformed into a Therizinosaurus humanoid by Dr. Euryipterid and then afterwards joined Cretaceous Brigade.
  • Tarascobo (Daniel Riordan) - A Tarascosaurus, and a traitor who joins Spinotorn. He speaks in a french accent!
  • Arkilo (David Sobolov) - A Abeilosaurus and Carno's rival! Akilo is also in love with Auca but since Auca is Carno's wife it causes Arkilo to have a deep hatred of Carno.
  • Raptors (various voices) - Spinotorn's foot soldiers, they usually wield Magmablasters and Paleo-Sabres.

The Primordial Empire

  • Paleo-King (Cotter Smith) - The main antagonist of the series, he is the evil, ruthless, vicious, brutal, tyrannical, unmerciful, bloodthirsty, nefarious and sadistic ruler of Primordia and its empire. He wants to revert the modern Earth into a primeval never-land, he sees the Dino Force as a threat who stands in his path for conquering of Earth and the Universe, 100'000 years he wagged a long and bloody war against the Saurian race. His desire to conquer the universe and to have it under his brutal regime.
  • Reba Gomez/Paleo-Princess (Claire Blackwelder) - Paleo-King's granddaughter and the one who usually tries to please him, while her grandfather desires conquest of the universe she and her older brother prefer to follow the ancient laws of their people. It is revealed that she and Mezo-Master are secretly lovers but kept it a secret from Paleo-King for fear they will never see each other again and even at one point plotted to run away together. She does not feel anything against Dino Force but after Mezo-Masters death she them hates them and wants them destroyed.
  • Ronald Parsons/Paleo-Prince (Nicolas Hoult) - The grandson of Paleo-King and the heir to the throne. Like his younger sister he follows the ancient laws of their people, he is also in love with a human woman named Victoria. However he is an enemy of Dino Force as like his grandfather he blames them for his mothers demise, at the end of season 5 he was seemingly killed. He was later rebuilt as a cyborg following his near death.
  • Mezo-Master (Sam Witwer) - Paleo-King's most favorite lieutenant and Reba's lover. As one of Paleo-Kings most devoted followers he supports his plan on devolving the population of Earth and making a Paleozoic Paradise! He is also Paleo-Princes best friend, it was revealed in his first appearance in season 2 that he and Reba were secretly lovers but kept their relationship hidden from Paleo-King for fear they will never see each other again. Mezo-Master was later killed in the season finale of season 6 when Ankylos sacrificed himself to destroy him. His death left Reba heartbroken and enraged at the Dino's.
  • General Stego (Mark Hamill) - A Stegosaurus and a commander in Paleo-King's army. Years ago he was a general who lived on the Ark with his family until he was unfairly accused of a severe crime and was launched into space in a pod, he floated for days until he was rescued by Mezo-Master. He was enraged and bitter at being accused that he joined the Primordian army as a commander and soon became on of Paleo-King's most favorite commanders, he is also Stegz long lost father.
  • General Silurian (Giancarlo Esposito) - One of Paleo-Kings most feared generals as well as supporters. He is infamous for his strategies which has result in most of the battles he's fought in being won, he is also one of Paleo-King's most devoted followers as well as one of his most favorite military commanders.
  • Overlord Permian (Željko Ivanek) - A Primordian overlord who is one of Paleo-Kings most high ranking military commanders and Mezo-Master's father. He is also the commander of the famous Canis Cavalry
  • Sil & Uiran (Jack and Conor Daly) - Two Primordian brothers who serve as technicians in Paleo-Kings laboratory on Edapo-Island.
  • Primordian Army (Various) - Paleo-Kings army who are completely devoted to him and are impossible to sway from his cause. The Primordian Army is made up of five divisions.
    • Primordian Officers (Various) - The commanding officers of the Primordian army and some of Paleo-Kings most loyal enforcers. They wear blue Nazi style uniforms and red sashes.
    • Primordian Troopers (Various) - The main force of the Primordian Army, they are well trained and are deadly soldiers. They are the most seen of Paleo-Kings soldiers.
    • Sagoths (Various) - A race of Gorilla like beings who serve the Primordians as slave soldiers
    • Canis Cavalry (Various) - A division of the Primordian army that ride the large Canis Wolves. The Canis Cavalry is considered to be the most honored regiment in all of the Primordian army, the animal they ride the Canis Wolf is considered scared to the Primordian race as they are seen as a symbol of strength loyalty.
    • The Royal Guard (Various) - Paleo-Kings bodyguards who accompany him everywhere from his office to even his bedchambers. They are well trained and well armed which makes taking even one of them out extremely difficult.

The Cenozoics

  • Saber (Dennis Leary) - Leader of the Cenozoics, he is a Smilodon/Sabre Tooth Tiger, and is the most ambitious of the group, he wants to recreate the Ice Age so that his minions could live and take over the new icy world and enslave humanity in their new Ice Age Eden.
  • Mammoth (Kevin Michael Richardson) - The muscle of the Group, he is a Woolly Mammoth, and he is Trike's arch nemesis. He's all brawn, no brain. He speaks in a thick Russian accent and is also fluent in it..
  • Entelo (Pat Shortt) - He is the sadistic member of the group, he is an Archaeotherium and he is very short tempered and has a violent streak.
  • Gastorn (Rob Paulsen) - The Scientist of the group, he is a Gastornis, he is also very cowardly and very treacherous.
  • Scratch (Chris Wedge) - He is the smallest of the group, he is a sabre-tooth squirrel. He pilots a robotic exo body which is in the shape of an acorn, he also greatly resembles Scrat from Ice Age.
  • Cludd (John Kassir) - A Titanis of the group, He is the one who often tries to get Basilo to reveal his secrets as he is both nosy and very loyal to Saber which earned him his place as Saber's second in command.
  • Andrew Rick/Andrew-Sarcus (David Lodge) - A crime-lord who often tries to gain money! he was mutated into an Andrewsarchus humanoid and joins the Cenozoic gang along with BrontoThere.
  • Tate Daniels/ BrontoThere (Justin Berfield) - Cole and Melanie's older brother and a bully. He was mutated into a humanoid Megacerops super strong soldier called BrontoThere by E.O.C.E.N.E and
  • Stallion (Janina Gavankar) - A Prehistoric Stallion who is the only female member of the Cenozoics.
  • Sloth (John Leguizamo) - A Megatherium who dresses like Freddy Krueger and wears clawed gloves on both of his hands.
  • Snowmen (Dee Bradley Baker) -


  • Ladon (Robin Atkin Downes) - Leader of Wyrm, he is a indigo three-headed Dragon with glowing red eyes who wants to make the human race pay for their kind being wiped out. In "Ladon's Big Score" was killed by Tranno-Rex with Cole's help and the Wyrm's retreated.
  • Skalidor (Nolan North) - Ladon's second in command, he's a regular dragon, he becomes Ladon's successor in season 5 and becomes leader after he states someone will have to lead the dragons.
  • Fathnir (Fred Tatasciore) - Skalidor's lieutenant, who resembles the Common Green Drakk, and he is the one who gives Skalidor ideas of conquest!, In season 4 he was slain by Stegz and Trike!
  • Azuresong (Andrea Baker) - She is a young adult dragon. She has blue scales and notably large and vicious claws. Her breath is a disruptive wave of sound. She is a scholar at heart. Her fighting skills are exceptional.
  • Numinis (Darran Norris) - A Chinese Dragon who planned to over throw Skalidor, until he came to his senses and realized that it's impossible.
  • Dovix (Peter Jessop) - A Silver Dragon who is a trainer of Wyrms!
  • Cynda (Nika Futterman) - A female Black Dragon.
  • Frost Dragon (Gary Owens) - A dragon was originally created by E.O.C.E.N.E, however after being mistreated by them too often, he left and joined Wyrm.
  • Wyrm's (Dee Bradley Baker) - Scouts of Wyrm and Ladon's most loyal minions.


  • Dr. Beki Robinson/ Dr. Eurypterid (Jane Kaczmarek) - A scientist that is hired by Spinotorn to create monsters in an attempt to defeat Dino Force. She is the head of the E.O.C.E.N.E. Corporation. She is a cruel hearted woman who doesn't care if her experiments kill people. In the season finale "Extinction", she attempts to double cross Spinotorn and his raptors but failed and was eaten screaming alive for her betrayal.
  • Lieutenant Pierce (Matthew Rauch) - Dr. Eurypterid's assistant and second-in-command.
  • Dave Robinson/Brontoscorpio (Erik Per Sullivan) - A nerd who desires Scorpions, and is the son of Dr. Euryipterid! he wanted revenge on the Cretaceous Brigade for his mother's death and becomes the new head of E.O.C.E.N.E. He was later mutated into a Brontoscorpio and was sent to prison.
  • Professor Klaus (Maurice LaMarche) - Dr. Euryterid's chief scientist who creates mutant monsters to destroy the Dino Force, he later gets mutated into a prehistoric monster.
  • E.O.C.E.N.E. Agents and Scientists (various voices) -
  • E.O.C.E.N.E Mutants - Monsters created by Dr. Euryterid and Professor Klaus
    • Quarry (Robert Patrick) -
    • Quantinero (Troy Baker) -
    • Pleisticerio (Robin Atkin Downes) -
    • Oligocena (Tara Strong) -
    • Pliocenis (Kevin Michael Richardson) -
    • Eoceneus (Charlie Adler) -
    • Squishy - A squid-like monster.
    • Blade-A-Demon (Udo Kier) -
    • Exomantis (David Lodge) -
    • Serperion (Richard McGonagle) -
    • Magmadon (Khary Payton) -
    • Khyberus (Dee Bradley Baker) -
    • Pyro Lion (Gary Anthony Williams) -
    • Tusky (Kevin McDonald) - Giant Humanoid Walrus.

Norse Gods and Monsters

A group of humans who claim to be the Gods of Asgard who have come to Earth to destroy it, so they may end war and rebuild the world. It was revealed that they were kidnapped by a fanatic pastor named Jim Morris who brainwashed into thinking that they were the Gods of Asgard, they revived their powers by bathing in the waters of Planet X. Whilst they believe that their actions are for the greater good however what they instead cause is chaos and destruction.

  • Odin (Hugh Daly) - The King of the Norse Gods and their leader. Despite caring for the group he is shown to distrust Freyja as he deems her dislike to violence weak and often tells her to use her powers on the human race, he is however very proud of his son Vidar as he was seen comforting him after Bjorn was killed. He rides his eight legged stallion Sleipnir and is psychic like Melanie, he is killed in the early stages of the island's destruction when he was consumed by lava following a psychic duel with Melanie.
  • Thor (Jack Daly) - The God of Lighting and the right hand man of Odin. After Loki he is the most hot tempered of the group, his weapon is a hammer which he can charge by summoning lighting and can shoot lighting from his hands. He often argues with Freyja when it comes to killing Dino Force, he is killed in the destruction of the island after being set on fire by lava.
  • Freyja (Eliza Taylor) - The beautiful Goddess of the Hunt, Love and Beauty. Unlike the others she is the voice of reason and dislikes unnecessary violence, although she has doubts about killing off the world she will do as her duty requires. Her companions are Thrym, her younger brother Freyr and her pet boar Hildisvíni. She was later shot by Jack Morris but barely survived, she later stop Loki from killing Rex and Cole and reveals the truth to him before dying.
  • Loki (Thomas McDonell) - The God of Fire and Trickery. He is the most arrogant and destructive of the group, however he is often swayed from his current course of action by his beloved Freyja whose necklace he often steals. He is the god who Dino Force first meet, he is later killed in the destruction of the island after being crushed by debris.
  • Heimdall (Brian S. Carpenter) - The Watchman of the group and the one who informs them of intruders.
  • Vidar (Conor Daly) - The God of vengeance and Odin's son as well as his left hand man. He is shown to be best friends with Bjorn and to care for him deeply, after Bjorn is killed he is consumed by rage and wanting to avenge his friends death. He is later killed in the destruction of the island after being consumed by lava.
  • Freyr () - Freyja's younger brother who has the appearance of a child.
  • Týr () -
  • Bjorn (Kevin Michael Richardson) - An anthropomorphic Polar Bear who wields a large ax that can smash through rock and shoot sonic blasts.
  • Oxman (Frank Welker) - An anthropomorphic Musk Ox who wears a pink tutu and leotard. He is shown to be unable to speak, have no powers or abilities other than having a huge appetite and is seen by the other Gods as cowardly disgrace as he always runs away at the sight of danger and seems to have no purpose. He is later killed in the destruction of the island although his death was off screen
  • Forst and Thrym (Steve Blum) - Two twin Jötunns who are members of the Asgard team. Frost has ice blue skin, hair and breaths ice whilst Thrym has red skin, hair and breaths fire, Thrym often competes with Loki and Freyr for Freyja attention and often does dramatic things much to Frosts embarrassment. They are both killed in the destruction of the island when they descend into a crevice that had opened whilst going after Freyja's body.
  • Valkyries (Unknown) - Three warrior women clad in golden armor and ride winged horses. They are armed with swords that shoot bolts of lighting,
  • Monsters - Several creatures part of Norse Mythology were created by Jim Morris as part of his team.
    • Sleipnir - Odin's eight legged horse whom he rides mostly into battle.
    • Fenrir - A Gray Wolf who who genetically modified by Jim Morris into a giant wolf.
    • Jörmungandr -
    • Trolls (Kevin Michael Richardson, Dee Bradley Baker) -
    • Draugr (Frank Welker) - Zombie like humanoids who serve the Gods as their army

Other Villains

  • Vovadok (Frankie Muntz) - The main antagonist of season 3, he was the son of a fanatic preacher who preached that the Saurians were a threat to the human race. One day he discovered the mystical Trilobites which gave him incredible powers, he then formed an alliance with Paleo-King and Spinotorn until he betrayed them. He was killed when he was thrown into the lava by Paleo-King and Spinotorn for his betrayal.
  • Lio-Blast (Tim Curry) - A Liopleurodon who is the conqueror, and the ruler of the Pacific Ocean, his color scheme resembles that of the Liopleurodon from Walking With Dinosaurs.
    • Mo and Ichthy (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) - Two bumbling Ophthalmosaurus twins who are Lio-Blast's henchmen.
  • Ugh (Andy Serkis) - A 30,000 year old Neanderthal who was found frozen in a block of ice in a glacier who was then thawed out accidentally by Cooper and Apatomy. He then went on a rampage through Oligocene City but was stopped by Dino Force and the teenagers but he escape, his appearance is the same as Ull from Far Cry Primal but without the burns.
  • B.E.D.R.O.C.K. (Alexander Armstrong) - A supercomputer A.I. who was created by Apatomy, however he rebelled and started believing that he was superior to man and tried to erase them from the face of the Earth but failed and was eventually destroyed by the good old computer virus.
  • Gorgonops (Mark Hamill) - A Gorgonopsid warrior who was once a member of the Saurian army until tried to overthrow the mayor but failed.
  • Moschops (Dee Bradley Baker) - a Mammal Like Reptile and the partner of Gorgonops. In the end he leaves him and moves to Los Angeles.
  • Man-Lobster (Frank Welker) - A mutant lobster monster created by E.O.C.E.N.E. until he escaped on a rampage.
  • Cenozoicah (Juliet Aubrey) - The main antagonist of the 4th season, she wants to create a new Ice Age and an ally to Ceonozoics. She is killed in the season 4 finale and being frozen with liquid nitrogen and then pushed off a cliff where she smashes into a million pieces.
  • Professor Nanite (Samuel West) - A human mad scientist who controls small nanobots and creates weapons which he uses to rob banks to finance his experiments.
    • Zog (Andrew Lee Potts) - Nanite's eye patch wearing assistant.
  • Kongar (Andy Serkis) - A Gigantopithecus, who wants to create a planet for the apes!. He's identical to King Kong and has a deep hatred of humans.
  • Tyranno-don (Wade Williams) - Season 5's main antagonist, and he's a Tyrannoaurus Rex with Black coloration and Red stripes. Tyanno-don has a red eye color he is Tyranno-Rex's most dangerous adversary! even Skalidor tries to outmatch him, despite his personality he does love his brother Daspleto very dearly. At the end of season 5 he is so distraught by Daspleto's death that he commits suicide.
    • Daspleto (Andre Sogliuzzo) - Tyranno-don's 36 year old brother he is a Daspletosaurus. He is killed by Malcolm and Candace in last episode of season 5.
  • The Sea-Kraken - A prehistoric monster, who is an amalgam of a kraken and dino, and eats people for food.
  • Tera-Boa (Kari Wahlgren) - A female Titanoboa who lives in Costa Rica and she is the queen of the prehistoric snakes.
  • Col. Ferris Innes (Gary Oldman) - A United States army Colonel who wants to eliminate the Dinosaurs. He is also in charge of Area 51, it was revealed in season 7 he was the Grand Master in the Teutonic Knights during the Sixth Crusade until he, Maine and Zelda were abducted by Grey's. For the next he, Maine and Zelda hunted aliens across the United States in an attempt to prevent the human race from suffering the same fate he, Zelda and Maine suffered centuries ago.
    • Lt. Maine Phillips (Travis Van Winkle) - A lieutenant in the United States Army and the boyfriend of Zelda Esmeralda, in season 7 it was revealed that he was once a Teutonic Knight during the Sixth Crusade. For the next 7 centuries he, Zelda and Ferris hunted aliens in order to prevent the rest of humanity from suffering their fate.
    • Pt. Zelda Esmeralda (Julianna Guill) - The niece of Colonel Ferris, a private in the United States army and the girlfriend of lieutenant Maine, in season 7 it was revealed she was a healer from the Sixth Crusade. For the next 7 centuries she, Maine and Ferris hunted aliens and eventually she joined the army and became a private.
  • Doug & Lars Redface (James and Oliver Phelps) - Two human poacher brothers from Australia who hunts rare animals to sell either to Zoos or their horns or fur on the black market. The Dino's and the teens first encounter them in the Rwongo Republic where they were hunting black rhinos but were foiled, they were encountered again hunting Alligators in the everglades.
  • Queen Guinevere (Janet Montgomery) - The main antagonist of the "Camelot" story arc. Once the beloved queen of King Arthur and the mother of their son Lohlot, she eventually banished for her affair with Lancelot and in her grief turned to black magic and became a sorceress.
  • President Benedict (Samuel L. Jackson) - The corrupt president of the (fictitious) Rwongo Republic in West Africa and the main antagonist of the "Home" story arc. When he first became president of Rwongo the mysterious energy ore Platinum X was discovered and was persuaded by Belgium to turn his presidency into a dictatorship,

Vehicles and Weapons

  • Dinoblasters - Revolver like blasters which Dino Force use in their battles against Cretaceous Brigade, Paleo-King and other threats they encounter.
  • Trilobite Shields - Trilobite shaped shields that Dino Force use to shield themselves from Cretaceous Brigades Magmablaster blasts and PaleoSabre attacks.
  • Ptrygotocycles - Dino Force's transport for they use to get around, they are motorcycles that in the shape of Pterygotus. Cretaceous Brigade have their own variety with mechanical claws that can be used to grab onto things like a truck and crush things.
  • PaleoSabre - A laser sword that is the preferred weapon of the Primordian Royal Family and Cretaceous Brigade, it has a fossilized like hilt and a laser blade that shots up when a button on the hilt is pressed.
  • Archecoptor -
  • Sliders -
  • Metorlazers -
  • Evolution Ray -
  • Magmablaster - Magmasblasters are a variety of Saurian firearm. They are rock like guns that shoot magma like bullets, they into two varieties hand blaster or sub-machine blaster.
  • PaleoPreserver -
  • The Doom-Bringer - Paleo-Kings Flagship and the most powerful ship in his fleet. It has a fearsome reputation for being the most powerful and deadliest warship in the Galaxy.

Precursor Artifacts

Through the series, the Dino's and the teens find several artifacts belong to the Precursors.

  • Stone Tablet -
  • The Gems -


  • The Kingdom of the United States of America - The country on Earth where the series takes place, it is a federal constitutional monarchy which means that the King and Queen have some power. In the real world America is not a monarchy.
  • Oligocene City - The metropolis where the Saurians live. It is located in a giant sinkhole in the badlands of Montana. It is technology advanced with Eco-friendly sewage treatment and waste disposal, it was founded in 1980 when the American Royal Family and government gave the Saurians some land when they land, It resembles Pau City from Star Wars.
  • Sinclair Gas Station - An American oil company whose logo is a Brontosaurus. One such gas station of the type is located along Highway 150.
  • Highway 150 - A highway in Montana that is located near Phoenix Hills.
  • Phoenix Hills - A (fictitious) small town located in the state of Montana, it is the home of Dino Forces teenage allies.
    • Phoenix Hills High School - The High School where Cole, Carol, Hale, Malcolm, Candace, Sam, Rebecca, Jane and Pachy attend. It has three floors, a gymnasium and a football field. The students wear uniforms. Carol is a member of the cheer leading squad and Candace is a member of the swimming team.
    • Dino HQ - The base of Dino Force, it's on an island located off the coast of Phoenix Hills. Inside,
    • Phoenix Hills Prison! - A prison where human criminals are locked up, Tate was meant to be sent there before he was mutated into Bronto-There.
    • Burger King - A fast-food restaurant where Cole, Carol, Hale, Malcolm, Candace, Sam, Rebecca, Pachy and Dractyle often hangout.
    • Phoenix Hills Zoo - A zoo located in Phoenix Hills where Cole, Melanie and Tate's mother Bianca works in as a zookeeper. It is mentioned to have Elephants, Lions, Gorilla's, Rhinos, Chimpanzees, Tigers, Giraffes, Penguins, Kangaroos, Crocodiles, Snakes, Hippos, Komodo Dragons and Bears.
    • Phoenix Hills Museum of Natural History - The Museum where Cole, Michael and Tate's father Dr. Kirby works in, he works the paleontologist department on the bones of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.
  • Wyrm Island - The HQ of Wyrm, it is located in the Bermuda Triangle and the island itself is littered with lost ships and planes.
  • The Ice Cavern - An ice cave located in the Himalayas, it is the lair of Cenozoics.
  • Edapho-Island - An island located in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire and where Spinotorn and Paleo-Kings base of operations is. It was destroyed at the end of season 3 by a volcanic eruption.
    • Volcanic Grotto - The headquarters of Spinotorn and Paleo-King from season 1 until season 3. It is a large volcanic cavern located near the volcano on Edapho-Island, they used the geothermal crust to power up their ships that were docked there.
  • Tar-pit Penitentiary - A maximum security prison build specially for Saurian criminals like Cretaceous Brigade, Cenozoic and Wyrm with a tar pit all around making escape impossible. The prisoners wear black and white jumpsuits.
  • Sydney, Australia - Capital of Australia, home of Megalan and Doug and Lars Redface.
  • Avalon - The legendary resting place of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. When Arthur was buried Merlin placed a spell that allowed Avalon to move slowly through time, appearing for a week every one hundred years.
  • Borneo -
  • The Rwongo Republic - A small (fictitious) country in West Africa and the home of Hale and Chi Levin. It was formerly a colony of Belgium until it gained it's independence in the 1960's, for over seventy years it was an economically successful country until 2036 when Plutonium X a rare energy ore was discovered. When Belgium got news they persuaded newly elected president Benedict to turn his presidency into a dictatorship,
  • The Primordial Empire - A vast interstellar empire that spans three galaxies and rules over 10'000 worlds.
    • Primordia - The home planet of the Primordians, a race of savage vampiric beings who are known for their supposed immortality and their brutality. It is also the home of Paleo-King, Reba, Ronald and Mezo-Master, the planet is five times the size of Earth and has a portion of its southern hemisphere blown away leaving a trail of smaller asteroids.


  • Saurians - A race of anthropomorphic Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals who were the inhabitants of the planet Sauria during Earth's Mesozoic Era. They were created 150'000 years ago by the Precursors who experimented on some of the local dinosaurs making them, anthropomorphic, human sized and highly intelligent, the mammal Saurians were also created by the Precursors who experiment on the small mammals with their evolution rays. They a highly advanced civilization and lived peacefully for 50'000 years until their war with the Primordian Empire after which they were forced to find another planet for which the journey lasted 100'000 years until they landed on Earth in 1981.
  • Primordials - A vicious race of immortal vampiric beings who hail from the planet of Primordia. They are known throughout the universe for their brutality and their warmongering ways, they also have a reputation for being being savage conquerors and plundering worlds for either their resources and riches. They resemble humans with sharp teeth, reptilian eyes and clawed feet.
  • Precursors - A mysterious and ancient race of beings known only as legends to most of the universe. It is said they originated in the universe before the present one, according to legend they had the ability to create worlds and filled them with life and also created artifacts which wielded great power. They eventually debuted in the fifth season and are revealed to be a race of anthropomorphic Dodos.


  • The Great World War - was an armed conflict that took place on the planet Sauria between the Saurians and the Primodorian Empire 100'000 years ago during the Late Cretaceous on Earth. It started when the Primordian Empire invaded Sauria in an attempt to take the planet for the themselves, the long and bloody conflict lasted fifty years and ended when Paleo-King launched a Meteoroid bomb at the Saurians in an attempt to wipe them out.
  • The Great Exodus - was when following the war against the Primordian Empire the planet of Sauria was severely damaged to the point where it was deemed uninhabitable, it was then decided that the survivors would travel to the nearest life supporting planet they could find. The Ark was built and the survivors then began their 100'000 year journey to Earth during which countless generations had being born and died on the Ark.


Season 1

  1. Welcome to Earth pt. 1 - In 2081 100 years after arriving on Earth the Saurians, a race of anthropomorphic Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals have since become a part of the American population. Although the majority of America's population has begun to accept the Saurians certain people see them as a threat to the human race, in the High School of Phoenix Hills in Montana Cole, his girlfriend Carol, best friend Hale, Cole's sister Melanie and their Pachycephalosaurus friend Pachy are in their last class of the day waiting for school to end and to begin the long awaited summer holidays.
  2. Welcome to Earth pt. 2 - Ankylos visits New Jerusalem where Rex has being living in exile ever since an incident years before, later that night whilst celebrating a young couples wedding New Jerusalem is attacked by a group of armed Velociraptors led by the vicious Spinotorn, an old childhood friend of Tyranno who was kicked out of Dino Force years earlier and after a brief duel Spinotorn reveals that he was sent by Paleo-King whose survival is proven by a holographic appearance.
  3. Welcome to Earth pt. 3 - Horrified to learn that Paleo-King is still alive and has returned to finish off what he started and if that wasn't worse enough Spinotorn reveals that he and Paleo-King have joined forces. King Corytho then decides to resemble the Dino Force in order to combat the wicked tyrant, Rex also then decides to come out of exile of lead Dino Force once again.
  4. Welcome to Earth pt. 4 - As the combined forces of Paleo-King and Spinotorn try to conquer the Earth and its people, Cole, Carol, Hale, Jane, Malcolm, Candace and Sam, Rebecca join forces with Tyranno-Rex, Ankylos, Apatomy, Trike, Stegz, Carno, Dractyle, Pachy and Dr. Paras to try and fight off these brutal tyrants.
  5. Ice Age Heroes? - A new group of Characters who call themselves the Cenozoics have arrived and make themselves heroes by stopping a supposed terrorist plot but Carol knows that something about the Cenozoics just doesn't just feel quite right.
  6. Echo Beach - The teenagers and the Dino's hit the beaches in California for the weekend where they are joined by the Sea Squad, but rather then it being a surfacing, ice cream eating, barbecuing and bikini clad girls party they encounter the sinister Lio-Blast and his two bumbling henchmen Mo and Ichthy.
  7. Dragons are Real - Wyrm have awoken from cyro sleep and seek to lay waste to wipe the human race from the face of the earth for killing off Earths dragons.
  8. Google is Evil - Dr. Paras builds a supercomputer called B.E.D.R.O.C.K. to help the Dino's in their fights against Spinotorn and Paleo-King. But however Paras underestimates B.E.D.R.O.C.K's artificial intelligence and instead of helping the Dino's it rebels and plans to replace everyone with computerized copies.
  9. E.O.C.E.N.E. - Cole, Carol, Hale and Jane are kidnapped by an evil organisation know as E.O.C.E.N.E. led by the cruel Dr. Beki Robinson/Eurypterid who uses Dino DNA to turn them into humanoid dinosaurs, can Dino Force both rescue and cure them whilst facing off Dr. Robinson's scientific freaks.
  10. Girls, Girls, Girls - Carol's younger sister Tammy has a sudden condition that makes her feel ill in cold weather, Dr. Paras helps to make her better but in the process of her blood test her discovers something quite shocking and to top it all off an evil warlock is released from his imprisonment.
  11. Like Mother like Daughter - Upon discovering that Princess Corythora is her real mother, Tammy decides to get through it by spending time with her and King Cory. Spinotorn learns of this and hatches and sends Zucho, Rep-Eye and Ursus to kidnap her and hold her hostage, however the Dino's come to her rescue.
  12. E.O.C.E.N.E Hates Picnics - E.O.C.E.N.E returns and begins causing trouble in Yellowstone National Park by attempting to mutate the Bison herd into an army of super soldiers, however the Dino's and the teens are visiting when it happens. They manage to stop E.O.C.E.N.E and prevent the herds mutation except for one who decides to out the rest of its life in the wilderness.
  13. Hollywood Park - Famous director Sam Stegoberg invites the Dino's to Hollywood to star in his next film a remake of the classic 1985 horror film "Attack of the Dinosaurs from Space". Spinotorn however feels offended by the film and decides to give an unexpected ending in which all of the humans are killed.
  14. The Good Daughter - The teenagers befriend a mysterious new girl named Reba Gomez who begins attending Phoenix Hills High, however they later discover that she is Paleo-King's daughter.
  15. Big Brother - A Megacerops humanoid named BrontoThere kidnaps Cole, Melanie and their parents and whilst Dino Force come to rescue them they discover they BrontoThere is non other then Tate Cole, Melanie and Michael's older brother who disappeared the year before.
  16. The Prince and the Master - Dino Force are shocked to learn that both Paleo-King's favorite lieutenant the dreaded Mezo-Master has also survived the war that wiped out the dinosaurs and the Saurian civilization and has come to Earth to help his master and to resume his relationship with Paleo-Princess and that Paleo-Kings son and heir, Paleo-Prince has also survived. Dino Force and the teenagers are soon forced to face two of the most powerful Primordians after Paleo-King himself.
  17. The Cenozoics Freeze - Saber decides to try out Cenozoics new experimental freeze bombs that will freeze an area of 1'000 miles. The Dino's race to stop their plans to recreate the Ice Age and turning the Earth into a frozen planet of snow and ice.
  18. Force and Guard - King Corytho informs the Dino's and the teens that Giganto, leader of the Imperial Guard has being captured and taken to a secret Primordian base in Antarctica, he requests the Dino's and the teens to rescue him from Mezo-Master and the sadistic Overlord Permian.
  19. Extinction pt. 1 - Dino Force and the teenagers receive a shock when they learn that Dr. Eurypterid has formed an alliance with Spinotorn and Paleo King and now plan to unleash an army of monsters on Oligocene City and Phoenix Hills.
  20. Extinction pt. 2 - After Dr. Eurypterid's attempted betrayal Spinotorn orders Rap- Eye and his soldiers to savagely maul her to death ending their alliance with E.O.C.E.N.E. Meanwhile the Dino's and the teens have final defeated the last of E.O.C.N.E but now have to deal with Spinotorn's raptors and the Primordian army.
  21. Extinction pt. 3 - Wyrm join forces with Cretaceous Brigade in order to destroy Oligocene City and Phoenix Hills, Dino Force and the teenagers know that the chances of winning the battle are very slim.
  22. Extinction pt. 4 - Paleo-King and Spinotorn unleash their troops on both Oligocene City and Phoenix Hills. However thanks to the bravery of both Dino Force and the teenagers, Spinotorn and Paleo-King are defeated and are forced to retreat.

Season 2

  1. Jurassic Amish - Enraged and humiliated from their defeat Paleo-King and Spinotorn decide to take an entire Amish community hostage but luckily for the Amish Dino Force and the teenagers come to their rescue.
  2. Raptors in the White-house - The Dino's and the teenagers are invited to visit president Mary Wilson and King George in the White-house in Washington D.C. however Spinotorn and his raptors show up and attempt to take both the American president and the American Royal Family hostage.
  3. Las Vegas - Kirby and Bianca go off to to Las Vegas for a second honeymoon. However once there they have an unpleasant encounter with the local Crime-lord Andrew Rick and now its up to Dino Force, Cole and Melanie to rescue them from the gangster.
  4. Meet the Nocturnals - Dave takes over E.O.C.E.N.E following his mothers death at the hands of Spinotorn and has his scientists create a new group of mutants called the Nocturnals to destroy Dino Force.
  5. Ladon's Big Score - Ladon hatches a sinister plot to bring Rex to his knees by kidnapping his beloved Rexandra and his brother Tarbo-Battar. When Rex decides to go after them alone he is captured and is hung over the edge of a cliff. Luckily the Dino's and the teens rescue him in time and after a fierce duel with Lado Rex finally kills him.
  6. The Gems - King Corytho learns Paleo-King has found an ancient table of the legendary Precursors which tells of the six legendary Precursor Gems which if bought together could grant the user infinite powers and the power to charge his devolution ray, Paleo-King has found the first gem and now the frantic race to find the remaining four begins.
  7. Home pt. 1 - The Dino Force and the teenagers get news that Spintorn and Paleo-King are helping the corrupt president in Hale's home country of Rwongo and has even sent Mezo-Master and his most dreaded servant Stego, Hale and his father are both reluctant to return to their country as Hale's mother was killed by some soldiers during the revolution. However they agree to return and help his Uncle who is one of the rebel leaders, when they reach Rwongo they discover that Paleo-King has rebuilt his Indomos army whose human commander has a particular interest in Hale.
  8. Home pt. 2 - As the combined forces of Paleo-King, Spinotorn and president Benedict attempt to crush the Dino's and the rebels. Meanwhile Trike, Stegz, Sam, Malcolm and Jane are captured by two poacher brothers Doug and Lars Redface after ruining their rhino hunt, Hale struggles to learn why the Primordian human commander is interested in him.
  9. Home pt. 3 - Whilst fighting off a group of Spinotorn's raptors and Paleo-King's Sagoth troopers Hale discovers much to his horror that the human Primordian commander is his mother, meanwhile the conflict between the rebels and president Benedict has caused the production of Platinum X to be disrupted and tensions are growing between the world powers. Can the Dino's prevent a possible third world war.
  10. Home pt. 4 - As the Dino's and rebels hold back the soldiers and Primordian troopers they discover that Hale has being kidnapped and now have to sneak into the presidents base. Meanwhile Trike, Stegz, Sam, Malcolm and Jane manage to escape Doug and Lars and make their way back to the rebels. The Dino's eventually rescue Hale who tries to get his mother to join them but he reluctantly kills when she refuses and tries to shoot him, however Mezo-Master and Inquisitor Rexan escape.
  11. The Cenozoics Strike Back - Following the Rwongo Republic Hale has become withdrawn and depressed and even angrily rejects attempts to help him through his pain putting a strain on his and Cole's friendship. Meanwhile the Cenozoics capture the Dino's and the teens and only Hale can save them, will he break his depression and help his friends or leave them to their fates.
  12. Queen of the Snakes - The Dino's track the first gem, the blue one to an abandoned Mayan temple in Costa Rica. However they discover that its inhabitant the Queen of the Snakes Tera-Boa possesses the gem and will not give it up easily especially after taking Carol hostage. However Cole and the Dino's rescue Carol and destroy Tera-Boa's temple.
  13. King Kongar - The evil Gigantopithecus Kongar shows up in Washington and takes princess Michelle hostage and will only free her if humans let apes rule the world, luckily however Trike, Ankylos, Apatomy and Dractyle are visiting and soon rescue her from the human hating ape.
  14. Nocturnal Time - E.O.C.E.N.E sends Night-Bat and the Nocturnals to destroy the Dino's and Cretaceous Brigade in an attempt to avenge his mothers death at the hands of Spinotorn and his raptors. However the Dino's once again defeat the Nocturnals who return to a very angry Dave and after being punished by him, Night-Bat begins to wonder if he and the other Nocturnals should leave E.O.C.E.N.E behind.
  15. Megalan - The Dino's learn that the green Precursor gem is located in the outback of Australia, whilst out there they are attacked by a humanoid Megalania named Megalan who eventually reveals himself to be a kind and gentle soul despite his venomous bite and temper. He then decides to help the Dino's and the teens in finding the lost Precursor stone, things then become complicated when Doug and Lars Redface show up determined to get even with them for humiliating them in Rowongo.
  16. A Night to Remember - It is the night of the Prom and everyone is excited about who will be this years King and Queen, but however Spinotorn and his raptors decide to make an unwelcome visit to the Hotel and spoil what is supposed to be the greatest night in a teenagers life.
  17. Iceman - Kirby is leading an expedition in excavating frozen Woolly Rhino carcasses in Norway when he and his team find a Neanderthal holding the Red precursor gem, King Cory has the block bought back to Oligocene City so they could extract the gem. However Cooper and Apatomy accidentally thaw out the Neanderthal named Ugh who then goes on a rampage throughout the city, however the Dino's manage to get the gem from Ugh but he escapes.
  18. Holy Jurassic - A Fred Phelps style pastor and his son Vovadok move to Phoenix Hills to preach against the attendance of Dino's in the town and the high school. Eventually Spinotorn grows tired of the pastors preaches and has Rap-Eye and Slasher kill the pastor and take Vovadok hostage, although the Dino's rescue him he swears revenge against them and all of their kind.
  19. The Justice League - Whilst facing off against some of Paleo-Kings Indomos troopers the Dino's are aided by a group of Superheroes who easily beat back the Indomos, their leader Ultimate Man introduces himself and the team to the Dino's and explains that they can handle the situations, however when they are captured the Dino's come to their rescue earning their respect.
  20. Christmas Gem - The Dino's manage to located the Yellow gem before it is used as the star on the town Christmas tree. However the Cenozoics decide to steal the Yellow gem in an attempt to use it to bring about the next ice age, however with Christmas just around the corner will the Cenozoics find it in their hearts to give it to the Dino's or be regular grinches.
  21. Gems pt. 1 - The Dino's are shocked to learn that Paleo-King has found the gold precursor gem and has stolen all the other gems from the Royal Saurian Palace. Now that he has them all together he and Spinotorn begin to power the devolution ray.
  22. Gems pt. 2 - The race to stop Spinotorn and Paleo-King from harnessing the gems powers proves to be a dangerous one as it involves sneaking onto Edapho-Island and stopping their machine. However they arrive too late and Paleo-King and Spinotorn have being given some of the combined gems powers, they Dino's eventually realize that the only way to stop Spinotorn and Paleo-King is to destroy the gems.

Season 3

  1. King Megalodon - E.O.C.E.N.E has being conducting experiments on marine life in the Atlantic and one of their subjects a half human half Megalodon named Mega-Don escapes from their lab and meets the Dino's. Mega-Don requests that they help him to stop E.O.C.E.N.E's twisted experiments on the ocean life.
  2. The Trilobites - Vovadok returns and discovers an ancient Precursor book which tells of the 12 sacred Trilobites whose power could be used to shape the universe to the wielders will. He then forges an alliance with Spinotorn and Paleo-King although the Dino's and the teens are sure that he will eventually betray them. However the Dino's manage to obtain the first Trilobite Spinotorn, Paleo-King and Vovadok begin their quest to hunt for the remaining 11.
  3. The Trilobite Race Begins - Paleo-King, Spinotorn and Vovadok track down the second Trilobite in an aquarium in Los Angeles, however the Dino's are not about to let them abuse the Trilobites power for their own evil desires, the teens and the Dino's then meet with an eccentric Prehistorian Prof. Ian Tatch
  4. The New Kids in Town - Two new teenagers begin attending Phoenix Hills High School, Cole's pen pal Pierce Rosland from Ireland and the shy Rebbie Mason. Pierce immediately takes a liking to her and the teens do their best to make Rebbie feel like one on them, however whilst visiting the beach Rebbie refuses to go intro the water. Then Lio-Blast shows up and attacks the group. During the fight Pierce is knocked into the water and Rebbie is forced to dive in after him and reveals herself to be a Mermaid.
  5. Atlantis pt. 1 - After revealing herself Rebbie decides to leave her new friends behind and return to her own kind
  6. Atlantis pt. 2 -
  7. Trilobite Power pt. 1 - Paleo-King, Spinotorn and Vovadok find the 11th and 12th Trilobites and steal the rest of them. Realizing that what's at stake the Dino's and the teens sneak over to Edapo-Island to stop the three villains, but they are captured by the Raptors and Primordian troopers. They are then bought before Paleo-King, Spinotorn and Vovadok who then begin to harness the Trilobites power is being harnessed. However Vovadok then betrays Paleo-King and Spinotorn and takes the power of the Trilobites for himself and begins his campaign of wiping out the Saurians,
  8. Trilobite Power pt. 2 - As the Dino's and the teens attempt to stop Vovadok's genocidal campaign, the Trilobites rebel and overload Vovadok's machine. However it cause the islands volcano erupt as the Dino's attempt to rescue the Trilobites who allow themselves to be consumed by lava in order to stop their power from being abused again. Enraged at Vovadok's betrayal Spinotorn and Paleo-King break his legs and leave him to be consumed by the lava.

Season 4

  1. Dino Gladiators - The Dino's are invited by the Deadliest Gladiator studios to participate in one of their challenges. At first the challenges seem harmless, but however when the producer shows them some real serious challenges the Dino's begin to suspect that she might actually be intending to hurt them.
  2. The Ice Queen - After being foiled by the Dino's again the Cenozoics are in their ice cavern when a mysterious woman who calls herself Cenozoicah and claims that she wants help them to defeat the Dino's and recreate the ice age. Soon enough she and the Cenozoics rob a bank to get the Dino's attention and soon enough they show up, however when they try to stop them Cenozoicah reveals that she has ice powers and she and the Cenozoics escape. The Dino's soon begin to worry that with her on their side the Cenozoics have become even more dangerous.
  3. Revenge of the Snake - Tera-Boa makes her way to Phoenix Hills to get vengeance on Dino Force for taking her Gem and nearly crushing her to death. She captures a bus full of elementary school students and threatens to eat them if the Dino's do not show up for her, when they do they manage to trick her into letting the students go and defeat her.
  4. Surfing Saurs - Cole and Carol attend the annual surfacing contest in Hawaii along with Rex, Trike, Stegz, Carno and Dractyle. Carno decides to go heads and heads with surfing legend Conor Daly, however things become complicated when Lio-Blast shows and announces that he is taking part in the contest leading Cole and Rex to think he's planning something sinister.
  5. The Lost World - Cole, Bicana, Rex, Ankylos, Dractyle and Paras visit Bicana's uncle Prof. George Challenger who has claimed to have seen a pack of living Velociraptors on a remote plateau in South America, they go investigate and discover that his reports are true. However they soon discover that the raptors have cybernetic enhancements and that Challengers treacherous assistant Ed Malone tricked him into creating them and now controls them, although Malone is defeated and killed Challenger is fatally wounded and before dying asks for their forgiveness.
  6. Ragnarök pt. 1 - When devastating disasters and the sightings of many people believe to be godlike figures the Dino's and the teens head to a war torn country in hopes of stopping such a incident. However once they arrive they find themselves confronted by a group of individuals who claim to be the Norse Gods of Asgard.
  7. Ragnarök pt. 2 -
  8. Ragnarök pt. 3 -
  9. Ragnarök pt. 4 -
  10. Ragnarök pt. 5 -
  11. Crime and E.O.C.E.N.E - Andrew Rick returns to seek payback on Kirby and Bicana, however they are kidnapped by E.O.C.E.N.E who attempt to experiment on them. Although the Dino's and the teens rescue them Andrew is mutated into a humanoid Andrewsarchus and escapes the facility but not before swearing revenge on the Dino's.
  12. A New Gang Members - Still angered at his mutation Andrew Rick meets up with Tate and the Cenozoics. Saber offers them the chance to become new members of his gang and to help get revenge on the Dino's, they first steal a large African diamond to use in their attempt to freeze the world. However the Dino's manage to stop them and the Cenozoics are arrested, although Saber welcomes Andrew Rick and Tate into the Cenozoic gang.
  13. Stormy Knight - Carol is feeling upset as it is the 9th anniversary of her fathers disappearance and despite the comfort of Cole and her friends she still feels sad. However a Primordian ship crash lands near the Dino's HQ and its pilot is revealed to be Carol's long lost father Storm Knight, he then reveals that shortly before her 9th birthday he was captured and taken to Primordia as he wrote the book "The Jurassic Chronicles" which contains valuable information on the Saurians and their ancestors relationship with the Precursors which Paleo-King desperately wants.
  14. The Everglades - The Dino's and the teens go on a trip to the Everglades in Florida and to see the wild life, especially the Alligators and especially the newly discovered large albino species. But they not the only ones in the swamps as Doug & Lars are also in the swamps and are also determined to turn a few gators into handbags and suitcases.
  15. Killer Instinct - Paleo-King discovers that a pack of ancient predators that only hunted ceratopsians from Saurian mythology exist in hibernation between Phoenix Hills. He uses a sonic bomb to awaken them and send them after the Dino Force, however he discovers that they are too aggressive to control but sends them after the Dino's anyway and to make matters worse Trike decides to go after the predators alone.
  16. Jurassic Wild West - The Dino's and the teens are invited by Rex's old friend Gojia to a Western themed resort where the old west is reenacted by realistic robots. However B.E.D.R.O.C.K hacks the parks computers and causes the robots to rebel and start killing tourists, can the Dino's and the teens hold them off so Gojia can reject B.E.D.R.O.C.K from the parks computer system.
  17. Mrs Freeze -

Season 5

  1. Wyrm Strikes Back - Wyrm return following the death of Ladon and with Skalidor as their new leader.
  2. The Ancient Ones - Storm Knight discovers the Precursors are try to communicate with him and the Dino's
  3. The Evil Rex - The evil T-Rex Tyranno-don finds his way out of the Caverns of the Lost along with his brother Daspleto with the intention of seeking revenge for being banished to the caverns.
  4. Camelot pt. 1 -
  5. Camelot pt. 2 -
  6. Camelot pt. 3 -
  7. Goodbye Teenagers pt. 1 - Having grown tired of Tyranno-don's failures Paleo-King orders
  8. Goodbye Teenagers pt. 2 - Tyranno-don kidnaps Carol in an attempt force the Dino's and the teens into surrendering, however

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

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