Dingo Pictures is a German low budget animation studio that has been in existence since the 1990s. Its movies are
Dingo Pictures
knockoffs of well known movies, many of them from the Disney Animated Canon, and in terms of production quality they are... not exactly on the same level as the films they're mockbusting, which leads to often humorous but sometimes nightmarish results.Unusually, when translated into English, its movies were sold as games, appearing on the PS1 and PS2 despite the only game portion being puzzle sections and a painting program. On the PS1 these were published by Midas, and on PS2 by Phoenix Games. The company does not appear to have made any movies for years, but its website is still in operation.Some traits of Dingo Pictures cartoons:Crude and simplistic animation that looks like it was produced very cheaply.Most of them, in the English versions anyway, have only two voice actors - one male and one female. In some cartoons, there's only one voice actor. This is, however, strangely not the case in the French versions, which on the contrary have excellent voice acting.Numerous characters often start laughing randomly and silently. This is usually represented by two frames of animation of a head bobbing up and down. Yes, really.Dingo Pictures cartoons are based on Disney or Pixar (or other famous) cartoons or public domain stories with which Disney has made adaptations.Most of the animal characters are recycled from cartoon to cartoon. Same for bases of human characters.They also recycle the backgrounds and background music a lot.The words "rubbish", "hell", and "damn" are very commonly used.See also Video Brinquedo and Spark Plug Entertainment for their computer animation counterparts.The Flash Tub has parodied their style a number of times.
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