Digimon Time Wars
Studio Toei Animation
Genre Action/Adventure
Science Fantasy
episode 1-30 (Arc 1)
31-54 (Arc 2)
55-85 (Arc 3)

Digimon Time Wars is a spin-off of Digimon Fusion (Xros Wars) and includes elements of the Power Rangers Time Force and Gurren Lagann.


Arc 1

Digimon Time Wars takes place in a year 2018. A 11-grade boy, Ben Stelar hears a mysterious voice and finds a dying Digimon named Furydramon in a nearby alley. Mikey's desire to save Furydramon causes a mysterious, legendary Digivice called the Time Loader to appear in front of him that drags him, and his friends Jenny Mamamoto, and Gus McKai into the Digital World. Learning that the DigiWorld's 120 zones are slowly being taken over by an evil empire under the rule of Ransikmon, who is after the Code Crown fragments needed to control the DigiWorld. Feeling the strong responsibility to save the world, Mikey forms his own group called the Time Fighters to battle the Ransik Army. (Story Detailed Coming Soon)