Digimon + Rio (Rio + Digimon in the promos) is a 2017 Digimon and Rio crossover TV series that airs on Boomerang,Disney XD,Disney Channel,Nick,Nick Toons,HBO Kids,Discovery Kids,Cartoon Network,Netflix,Cubo and Discovery Family every weekend at 8:00 am and every weekday at 4:00 pm.In this extraordinary and exciting crossover TV series,the Digimon and the Black brothers are sent to Rio by their tamers (Who need a really long summer without their Digimon for a really long time) and they first meet Blu and his friends including Bia,Carla and Tiago while sightseeing around the Rio streets and they become friends as Nigel realizes that Digimon are in Rio and tries to get rid of the Digimon but keeps on failing in every single episode but he didn't appear in some of the episodes so Blu,the gang and the Digimon can get some episodes without having to fight Nigel and his marmoset crew.The characters in Digimon + Rio are listed below.Enjoy! And make sure to tune into the show! By the way,the series is a television adaptation to the PS3,Xbox 360,Xbox 1 and Nintendo switch multiplayer party game released in the spring of 2018,the 2018 computer animated action comedy kids and family movie and it's sequel Digimon + Rio 2,which took place a few months after the first one,that all got the same name.The series is rated TV-Y7 while episodes that involve Nigel and his marmoset crew are rated TV-Y7-FV.There is a spin-off series called The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World (Also known as Go,Gatomon,Go!) where Gatomon travels through the digital world to have adventures with her beloved allies and she calls on viewers when she needs help with a problem,which happens frequently during each episode.The show also teaches viewers how to speak cat because Gatomon also calls in viewers to help her out by saying aloud different things about the Digimon as she often does this in cat language since she knows how to speak cat.Unlike Digimon + Rio,The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World is rated TV-Y,meaning that the series is awesome for kids 5 and up. For further information about Digimon + Rio, go to the Digimon + Rio Wiki.The series premiered on August 2, 2017.

Digimon + Rio characters (Heroes,Minors and Villains)

Digimon + Rio Heroes

Blu (Voiced by Jesse Eiesnberg)-One of the two main heroes alongside Agumon,Jewel's good friend/husband,Eva's best friend,Lalamon's future flying student,Wormmon's long lost cousin,Tentomon's cowardly friend and Bia,Carla and Tiago's father.He is also Biyomon's half friend/half rival.In the episode "Firework Run",Blu and Jewel blew up Agumon and their kids' fireworks to get them back from a prank they pulled earlier and Agumon,Bia,Carla and Tiago are angry but in order for Blu and Jewel to save their birdy butts,they have to fix their mistake before sundown.Blu is also a bird Digi-destined from Rio.

Jewel (Voiced by Anne Hathaway)-Blu's good friend/wife,Eva's BFF,Gabumon's long lost sister,Biyomon's relative,Black Gabumon's main love crush,Gatomon's long lost sister and Bia,Carla and Tiago's mother.In the episode "Firework Run",Jewel and Blu blew up their friends' fireworks for revenge of a prank earlier and then have to fix their mistake by sundown.Jewel is also a bird Digi-destined from Rio.

Pedro (Voiced by Will-i-am)-Nico's best friend,Shoutmon's long lost Bro,Eva's good friend/rival and Jewel's first future love interest as he hopes Nico will be the third wheel on their dates and he doesn't.Pedro is also a bird Digi-destined from Rio.

Nico (Voiced by Jamie Foxx)-Pedro's best friend,Veemon's long lost Bro,Gwappamon's surfing partner,Eva's great friend/rival and Jewel's second future love interest as he hopes Pedro will be the third wheel on their dates and he doesn't.Nico is also a bird Digi-destined from Rio.

Rafeal (Voiced by George Lopez)-Eva's husband,Gabumon and Black Gabumon's long lost brother and Blu,Jewel,Nico and Pedro's good friend.Rafael is also a bird Digi-destined from Rio.

Eva (Voiced by Bebel Gilberto)-Nico and Pedro's good friend/rival,Hawkmon's long lost sister/cousin,Jewel's BFF,Black Agumon and Agumon's fun loving,energetic and playful long lost sister,Rafael's wife and Blu's best friend.Eva is also a bird Digi-destined from Rio

Agumon (Voiced by Tom Phan)-One of the main heroes alongside Blu,Black Agumon's twin and Eva's second fun-loving long lost brother with Black Agumon being the first one since Black Agumon is mischievous like Tiago,his best friend,but energetic and playful like Eva.

Gabumon (Voiced by Kirk Thornton)-Black Gabumon's twin,Rafeal's first long lost brother,Kudamon's old friend and Jewel's long lost brother.He is very shy at times but he's very helpful.

Biyomon (Voiced by Tifane Christun)-Jewel's relative,Falcomon's cousin,Guilmon's good friend,Hawkmon's twin sister and Bia's great friend.She is also Blu's half rival/half friend.

Gomamon (Voiced by R.Martin Klein)-Tiago's fun-loving long lost brother,Bia's first studied Digimon species and Eva's awesome and adorable friend who she also wants him as a pet.He has an energetic,playful,fun-loving and friendly nature and has a very curious demeanor,often wanting to experience unusual things.

Gatomon (Voiced by Edie Mirman [Normal/Angry/Sad/Fearful voice] and Elizabeth McGlynn [Angry/Fearful voice in some episodes])-Nico's long lost/good friend,who sometimes chases him playfully as she tries to catch him,Black Gatomon's twin and Jewel's long lost sister.She is childlike like Biyomon but also fun-loving,laid-back and charmingly energetic and she can be a bit of a trickster on extremely rare occasions,often playing playful tricks on the other Digimon and Blu and the gang including Nico.She often calls Nico "Bubble bird" because she loves him to have as a long lost/good friend.In Digimon + Rio:The Movie,she is similar to Jewel:A very sassy,spunky and feisty Digimon who is also very bossy at times,much to Agumon's dismay.In Digimon + Rio 2,she is very motherly to Bia,Carla and Tiago when Jewel is not around or when she needs her to take care of them when she goes out for a while.She is also a kind,caring and supportive Digimon who does anything for her friends and yet,she has great chemistry with Blu since she always keeps him company although she calls him "Blue B" because he reminds her of a bluebird from a TV show but she couldn't remember which show it was from.She also has deep feelings for Flamemon and she is often seen with him during the film,either playing together or hanging out with the other Digimon.She stars in the spin-off series The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World [AKA:Go,Gatomon,Go!] as a tomboyish,energetic,smart,kind and special Digimon who is working and playing with her allies at the same time.She calls on viewers to either help her with a problem or repeat different things in cat manner,which is basically saying "Meow".She is also Flamemon's best friend.

Palmon (Voiced by Anna Garduno)-Blu's favorite sweet smelling Digimon,Patamon's best friend,Lalamon's tall relative,Bia's second studied Digimon species and Carla's favorite plant Digimon.

Patamon (Voiced by Laura Summer)-Bia,Carla and Tiago's little orange colored mini pretend airplane,Terriermon's good friend and Palmon's best friend.

Tentomon (Voiced by Jeff Nimoy)-Blu's protectorate friend,Tiago and Carla's computer Digimon and Bia's very loyal and smart friend.

Veemon (Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince)-Nico's long lost Bro,Wormmon's best friend and Shoutmon's great friend.

Hawkmon (Voiced by Neil Kaplan)-Biyomon's twin sister,Eva's cousin/long lost sister and Armadillomon's best friend.She is described as polite,calm,cool and collected.

Wormmon (Voiced by Paul St.Peter)-Veemon's best friend,Armadillomon's great friend and Blu's long lost cousin.In "Rainy Day Games",it is revealed that he doesn't (At all) understand Italian,which Mario is fluent in along with English,which Wormmon understands.

Armadillomon (Voiced by Robert Alexrod)-Hawkmon's best friend,Wormmon's great friend and Bia,Carla and Tiago's long lost uncle.

Guilmon (Voiced by Steven Jay Blum)-Flamemon's very close friend,Terriermon's best friend,Renamon's future love interest,Biyomon's good but (sometimes) annoying friend and Black Guilmon's twin.

Terriermon:Female (Voiced by Mona Marshall)-Guilmon's best friend,Bia,Carla and Tiago's stuffed animal and Patamon's good friend.She can be described as calm but robust and tomboyish.

Renamon (Voiced by Mari Devon)-Guilmon's future love interest,Flamemon's good friend and Impmon's great friend.

Impmon (Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince)-Renamon's great friend,Flamemon's good friend/rival,Black Gatomon's best friend and Shoutmon's awesome friend.

Flamemon (Voiced by Micheal Reisz)-Blu and the gang's loyal,kind and honorable friend,Guilmon's very close friend,Renamon's good friend,Black Guilmon's great friend,Impmon's good friend/rival,the Pawnchessmon twins' leader/very close friend and Tiago's monkey samurai warrior,who Tiago thinks that's what Flamemon is because of his clothes.He is very energetic,confident,fun-loving and extremely friendly but he looks more of a monkey Digimon rather than Demon man Digimon and he's a bit timid.In "Ducks on the walks",it is revealed that he never watched the movie Zootopia.In Digimon + Rio:The Movie,he is similar to Blu:A cowardly,timid and socially awkward Digimon who is very skittish and shy.In Digimon + Rio 2,there is a more childish and childlike nature to Flamemon's personality.During the film,he is often seen playing with the other Digimon,Bia,Carla and Tiago.He is also Gatomon's best friend.

Gaomon (Voiced by Skip Stellrecht)-Lalamon's good friend,Kudamon's sidekick and Dorulumon's sibling.

Lalamon (Voiced by Dorothy Phan)-Gaomon's good friend,Palmon's small relative and Blu's future flying teacher.

Kudamon (Voiced by Sam Riegel)-Gaomon's sidekick,Gabumon's old friend and Bia,Carla and Tiago's bedtime storyteller.

Pawnchessmon:Female and black and white (Voiced by Elizabeth McGlynn [Both])-Flamemon's trustworthy soldiers/very close friends and Blu and the gang's protecters.

Falcomon:2006 Digimon anime (Voiced by Steven Jay Blum)-Gwappamon's owl brother,Biyomon's cousin and Bia,Carla and Tiago's babysitter.

Gwappamon (Voiced by Jeff Nimoy)-Falcomon's kappa brother,Nico's surfing partner and Falcomon's babysitting helper.

Shoutmon (Voiced by Ben Diskin)-Pedro's long lost Bro,Impmon's awesome friend and Dorulumon's best friend.

Dorulumon (Voiced by Kyle Hebert)-Shoutmon's best friend,Gaomon's sibling and Blu and the gang's protector.

Black Agumon (Voiced by Tom Phan)-Tiago's best friend,Agumon's twin,Black Gatomon's first and smallest cousin,Eva's first long lost brother and Black Gabumon/Black Guilmon's younger sibling who is very mischievous,very energetic and very playful.

Black Guilmon (Voiced by Dan Kiesler)-Guilmon's twin,Black Gatomon's third and tallest cousin and Black Agumon/Black Gabumon's older sibling who is intelligent like Bia but kind and honorable like Flamemon,his great friend.

Black Gabumon (Voiced by Lex Lang [Normal voice],Dan Green [Fearful and Sad voices] and Brian Drummond [Angry voice])-Gabumon's twin,Rafeal's second long lost brother,Jewel's love crush,Black Gatomon's second and medium cousin and Black Guilmon/Black Agumon's middle aged sibling who is sensitive,calm and sometimes dead quiet.He can also be hot-headed on an empty stomach but very kind-hearted in conclusion.

Black Gatomon (Voiced by Karen Strassmen)-Black Agumon,Black Gabumon and Black Guilmon's cousin,Gatomon's twin,Impmon's best friend and a very sneaky and mischievous but playful female Black cat Digimon who often plays tricks on Blu and the gang to show her loving affection,playful attitude and sneaky yet mischievous behavior.

Bia,Carla and Tiago (Voiced by Amanda Sternberg [Bia],Rachel Crow [Carla] and Pierce Gagnon [Tiago])-Blu and Jewel's children,Patamon's pretend plane passengers,Armadillomon's nephew and nieces and the Digimon's great friends.Bia,Carla and Tiago are also bird Digi-destined from Rio.

Digimon + Rio Villains

Nigel-Main villain who is trying to get rid of the Digimon,who befriended Blu and the gang,with numerous ways but keeps on failing in every single episode but he doesn't appear in some episodes.

Mauro and the marmosets-Nigel's marmoset henchmen who will help him get rid of the Digimon,who befriended Blu and the gang,but keeps on failing in every single episode along with their master Nigel but they doesn't appear in some episodes.

Minor Digimon + Rio characters

Mario (Voiced by Charles Martinet)-Mario makes his first appearance in the episode "Welcome to the Amazon" in all of the 4 parts.He is Blu's good friend/neighbor.Mario makes rare and cameo appearances in Digimon + Rio episodes but he sometimes randomly appears in them.In Digimon + Rio:The Movie,Mario is a comical,friendly,kind,courageous,cheerful and playful character who befriends with Blu,the gang and the Digimon during his summer vacation in Rio.In Digimon + Rio 2,Mario and the Digimon lived in the birdhouse,where they made a few changes on this morning,while the rest of their friends stayed in Linda,Tulio and Fernando's house to have breakfast.When Jewel arrived at the birdhouse with some fruit,Mario knocked on the window to let Guilmon know that Jewel is at the door and Guilmon answered it,seeing Jewel with some fruit and playfully snatches the fruit from Jewel's wings saying "Thank you for the fruit,Jewel! Hehehaha!".Mario is still the character from the first Digimon + Rio movie but he is a bit timid when it comes to going to the Amazon jungle for the very first time and he is a little sassy during the film,often arguing with Jewel on going back home along with Blu.He also seems to bond with Jewel very nicely,much to Blu's jealousy and curiosity of Mario marring Jewel sometime in the future when Blu dies.When Jewel said "Morning,boys!",Mario said happily "Hey,Jewel!" and does a special fist bump with her as Blu then said angrily "I saw that! You're not marring my Jewel,Mario!" and Mario said "OK! Wait! You mean I can still friends with Jewel but I can't marry her,right? Because she's yours!".Mario is very attentive towards the Digimon as he is always willing to help them out and put their needs before his own.In the episode "Rainy Day Games",it is revealed that Mario is fluent in both Italian,which is the language that Wormmon doesn't understand,and English.For example,Mario says things such as "Can someone help me get Tapirmon off my head,per favore?" and "Phew! Grazie,Gatomon!".Although Mario first became a minor character in season 1,he is officially a main character in season 2.Mario was announced to be a main character in season 2 in the Digimon + Rio season 2 trailer,which aired on February 11, 2018.In season 2,Mario has an ability that Blu and the others don't have:He can Digi-fuse with Platyquillmon, his Digimon partner, whenever he likes by using his very special Digivice.When it's time to leave,Mario and Bulcomon de-Digi-fuse.To Digi-fuse with Platyquillmon,Mario says "Digivice activate!" and presses the white button on his Digivice.To de-Digi-fuse with Platyquillmon,Mario says "Digivice deactivate!" and presses the blue button on his Digivice.

Demi Meramon (Voiced by Queen Latifah)-Demi Meramon makes her first appearance in the Black Friday episode "Fanbeemon frenzy" where Blu and the gang saw her walking away with a bag of stuff in her hand as Flamemon said "It's a Demi Meramon!" and Eva said "Wow,she's got a bunch of stuff stored in that bag!".Blu said "Don't worry guys! I'll talk to her!" and goes to confront Demi Meramon,Blu said to Demi Meramon "Hi there! I'm Blu! You're Demi Meramon! What gender are you?" as Demi Meramon answered to Blu "I'm a female Demi Meramon!" and Blu said "You're female? Awesome! Can you help me and my friends win the shopping contest in the store? Because that huge Fanbeemon clan is in the lead by 10 items,making that 75 items and we're in second place right now with 65 items! Please help us win this contest because we'll pay you $100 if you do it!" as Demi Meramon said "$100? I'm in! For the money! Out of my way,huge Fanbeemon clan!" while she dashes into the store and buys multiple items before the Fanbeemon clan members.After Blu,the gang and Demi Meramon won the shopping contest,The Fanbeemon king apologized to the gang and Blu paid Demi Meramon triple of her $100 thank you payment.

Tyutyumon and Chuumon (Voiced by Nika Flutterman [Chuumon] and Natasha Lyonne [Tyutyumon])-Chuumon and Tyutyumon make their first appearance in the episode "Riona Montana" part 1 where Tyutyumon used "Tyutyu Twitter" in Gatomon's ear during Blu and the gang rehearsal preparation for their Riona Montana play,making Gatomon samba dance when Blu assigned her to do ballet for rehearsal.Tyutyumon laughed at Gatomon's samba dance and Chuumon slapped her in the face as they left.After Blu and the gang got upset with their first rehearsal,they saw Chuumon and Tyutyumon outside of a mouse hole in the studio walls as Palmon said "It's a Chuumon" and Terriermon said "Not just a Chuumon,there's a Tyutyumon too!" as Lalamon said "Wow! What a pair of strange mice!" and Chuumon and Tyutyumon said together "How dare you call us a pair of strange mice!".Biyomon said "Wait a minute,are you two the mouse sisters? Anyway,what are you two doing here in the studio?" and Chuumon said "We're here to become Digimon Drama Queens!" as Wormmon,Patamon and Gatomon said "Digimon Drama what?" and Tyutyumon said "Ugh! Chuumon,my sister,these guys don't know what our goal is about!".Chuumon decided to explain to Blu and the gang about her and Tyutyumon's goal,Chuumon said that she and her sister Tyutyumon want to be crowned the Digimon Drama Queens,so they traveled from studio to studio and be the best at every single play.When Nigel and the marmosets appeared to watch their play,Chuumon,Tyutyumon,Blu and the gang must find a way to make them retreat and never return to the theater ever again and Jewel had a plan.While Pedro and Nico were singing "Hot Wings:I wanna party",which really distracted the marmosets and Nigel,the others were throwing fruit at the unexpected marmosets and Nigel,making them get scared and retreated as Blu and the others were cheering because of their victory while Nico said to Jewel "Jewel,your plan worked!" and Jewel said "Yeah! The good old 'Dance in distract' plan never gets boring!".To celebrate,Blu and the gang party down at the samba club with Chuumon and Tyutyumon happily dancing with their new friends.

Chamelemon (Voiced by a female dog)-Chamelemon makes her first appearance in the episode "Rainy Day Games".She is described as dog-like and playful.She is one of Gatomon's friends from the digital world.The others are Bearmon (He is cool,fun-loving,laid-back and carefree but a bit cowardly at times),Tapirmon (She is whimsical,childish and friendly but a bit timid at times,even when Black Gabumon gets mad),Rhinomon (A rookie level Digimon despite being a golden armor type),Sheepmon (A rookie level Digimon despite being a armor type.She is mellow,cute,lovable,silly,smart and kind but sometimes gets scared or surprised,meaning that fear may be a source of friction to Sheepmon),Toucanmon (Same as Sheepmon.Out of all her friends from the digital world,Gatomon bonds with Toucanmon the most),Psychemon (She is carefree and fun-loving but a bit of a sassy,spunky showoff),Rabbitmon (Same as Sheepmon and Toucanmon.She is calm,strong and sassy),Erismon (He is mellow and fun-loving but can be self-cautious and timid sometimes,especially when Gatomon is around),Togemogumon (Same as Sheepmon,Toucanmon and Rabbitmon.He is very hot-headed but he is very kind,loyal and friendly) and Elephantmon (Same as Sheepmon,Rabbitmon,Togemogumon and Toucanmon.He is gentle and loving but can be easy to snap at times).

Black Biyomon (Voiced by Patricia Rodriquez)-Black Biyomon makes her first appearance in the episode "May Fools".She wasn't introduced in Season 1 but she is introduced in Season 2.She is friends with the Black Gang but bonds with Black Agumon the most.In the episode "Bath Day",it is revealed that Black Biyomon loves bath day because she gets to take as many baths as she wants.

Platyquillmon (Voiced by Wally Wingert)-Platyquillmon makes his debut in the episode "Easter Madness".He wasn't introduced in Season 1 but he is introduced in Season 2.He is Mario's Digimon partner.He is spunky,fun-loving,risk-taking,curious and lively.Like Gatomon,Platyquillmon is a champion-level Digimon.Like typical rookie-level Digimon and unlike Gatomon,Platyquillmon acts childishly.In the episode "Firework Run",it is revealed that Platyquillmon likes to go to the arcade.He tends to eat a lot and gets distracted very easily.He is rather lazy and is often seen sleeping on the job,angering his human partner.Despite being childish,easily distracted and lazy,Platyquillmon knows when it's time to get serious,especially when Nigel and the Mamosets appear.Platyquillmon's rookie form is Platypetmon and his ultimate/mega form is Swimperormon.

Labramon (Voiced by Lara Jill Miller)-Labramon makes her debut in the episode "Pet Smarts".She is Elecmon's best friend.She wasn't introduced in Season 1 but she is introduced in Season 2.

Elecmon (Voiced by Elsie Fisher)-Elecmon makes her debut in the episode "Pet Smarts".She is Labramon's best friend. She wasn't introduced in Season 1 but she is introduced in Season 2.








TV-Y7 (Most episodes)

TV-Y7-FV (Episodes with Nigel and the marmosets only)


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