Diego y Glot (roughly Diego and Glot) is a Chilean animated series created by Claudio Kreutzberger in 2005, with the collaboration of Sebastián Correa and José Tomás Correa of CuboNegro studios, for Canal 13. Diego and Glot is the first hand-draw animation TV series made in Chile since the Condorito shorts in the 1980s (excluding Villa Dulce, which was released before Diego y Glot, but it was made with CGI). Satirical humor, cultural references and real famous public people of the country is recurrently featured in the show.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television now owns the international broadcast rights for Diego y Glot and made an english dub of the series, airing on Disney Zoog as Diego and Glot in the english dub.

Names in the English dub

English Spanish
Diego Pla Diego Plá
Glot Glot
Amadeus Armando
Elizabeth Perez Esmima Pérez
Lalo Lalo
Granny Margarot Abuelita Margarita
Isaac Droguett Ismael Droguett
Danny Paniagua Danilo Paniagua
Violeta Ochoa Violeta Ochoa



  • Rodolfo Vasquez as Diego
  • Marcela Arroyave as Esmima Pérez
  • Cristián Carvajal as Armando
  • Eduardo Valenzuela as Lalo
  • Soledad Guerrero as Abuelita Margarita
  • Vanesa Silva as Danilo Paniagua
  • René Pinochet as Ismael Droguett
  • Viviana Navarro as Violeta Ochoa


Diferrences between the dubs

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