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Diary of a Orphaned Nobody is a TV Series created by TBD


Zack Skyler is 14 year old with Abusive Foster Parents. He is a Nobody at School with only one friend. And even worse his parents died. So he Writes his grievances in a Diary. Who would dare to read it and learn what’s inside?


Zack Skyler

The Main Character (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook) He writes his grievances in his Diary. He is shown to have a Monstrous Temper.

Trenton Carter

Trenton (Voiced by Matt Hill) is the Son of Zack’s Foster Parents. He is mean and Spoiled and hunts Zack for fun. Zack often calls him “Jerkass” when mentioning him in his Diary.

Mr. Carter

Mr. Carter (voiced by TBD) is Zack’s Foster Father. He along with his wife are abusive to Zack and spoils Trenton. He is stern and serious.


Mrs. Carter (Voiced by Tara Strong) is Zack’s Foster Mother. She along with her Husband are Abusive to Zack And Spoils Trenton. She is calm and witty at times

Kevin Wilder

Kevin (voiced by TBD) is Zack’s Only Friend. He is Witty and Clever. He has ALS so he moves around in a Wheelchair.


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