This person, Diana Lake-Quinn, is NOT a real person; they are just a pure piece of fiction that is portrayed as a real person!

Diana Skye Lake-Quinn (née Uhlman) (b. December 14th, 1980 in San Angelo, Texas) is an American writer, director, actress, creator and video game developer, being known for the 2001–2007; 2021-present Disney Channel series, The Face Paint World Life, the 2008-2013 Cartoon Network series, Kodiak: The Dog Timestopper and the upcoming Onward: The Chronicles of Ian and Barley for Disney Channel in 2021. She founded Rhythmic Uhlman Productions in 2020, and then dissolved in 2020, with the successsor, being founded by both Diana and Elisha, Harmony Light Productions founded on July 30th, 2020, three days before their marriage and Rhythmic Uhlman completely dissolved.

Currently, she is in charge of the Bailey the Face Paint Hero series, replacing Lynne Naylor.


Early Life

Diana was born in San Angelo Community Medical Center on December 14th, 1980. She was homeschooled from 1987 til 1996.

The Face Paint World Life

Planning stages for the series first started in 1995, when Disney was offered to do a Face Paint series. In 1999, during the planning stages and after joining Disney, Diana Uhlman decided to show Disney her The Boy and The Face Paint college short film she made last year. Impressed with the short, Disney decided to turn the particular short film into a beloved television series that would go on to be named The Face Paint World Life.

Kodiak: The Dog Timestopper

In 2004, while working on The Face Paint World Life, Cartoon Network were impressed with TFPWL that they decided to contact Diana when she gets done with the show, she could join the company to produce a show. Despite wanting to propose the dog timestopper concept she planned since 2002 to 4Kids, she then decided to propose her plan to Cartoon Network instead, with success. (w.i.p)



  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon, 1999-present) - writer (various episodes)
  • Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer (Nickelodeon/MTV, 1999-2003; 2018) - writer (four episodes) and storyboard artists. (original series only)
  • Samurai Jack (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, 2001-2004; 2017) - writer (some episodes) and storyboard artist. (original series only)
  • The Face Paint World Life (Disney Channel, 2001-2007, 2021-present) - creator, director (original seasons only), producer, storyboard artist and voice actress (voiced: Shiny, TBD)
  • ChalkZone (Nickelodeon, 2002-2008) - writer and storyboard artist
  • [Me and Sparky or nah?]
  • [The Outback Snake, or nah?]
  • The Face Paint'nimal Gang (Cartoon Network, 2004-2007) - director, writer, storyboard artist and voice actress. (voiced: Rose) 
  • Phineas and Ferb (Disney Channel, 2007-2015) - writer and storyboard artist
  • Kodiak: The Dog Timestopper (Cartoon Network, 2008-2013) - creator, director, writer, storyboard artist and voice actress (voiced: TBD)
  • Sajoedri, USA (Netflix/USA, 2017-present) - writer
  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon, 2018 - 2020) - writer and storyboard artist.
  • The Cosmic Adventures of Stella (Cartoon Network, 2019-present) - writer, director (some episodes) and storyboard artist
  • Amphibia (Disney Channel/Disney XD, 2019 - present) - writer and storyboard artist
  • [The Owl House?]
  • Fluke (Cartoon Network/WB Kids, 2020-present) - writer
  • Video People (MTV/Comedy Central, 2020-present) - writer
  • The Legend of Ferryman (Peacock, 2020-present) - writer and storyboard artist (first project to be credited under "Diana Lake-Quinn")
  • Onward: The Chronicles of Ian and Barley (Disney Channel, 2021-present) - creator, TBD


Video games


  • The Boy and The Face Paint (short film, 1998) - animation short project for college (later on to become a pilot for The Face Paint World Life.)
  • The Modifyers (Nickelodeon, 2007) - writer and storyboard artist
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Coffee (short film, 2016) - director, developer, writer and storyboard artist (short film)
  • Trick Moon (Cartoon Network, 2020) - storyboard artist
  • [webseries or nah?]

Cancelled projects

  • In 2013, a 5 minute cancelled footage of Diana Uhlman's Mario series was released on YouTube. During an interview, Uhlman originally wanted to conceive the series as a Netflix original, and the name for the show was to be named The Mushroom Kingdom Tales of Mario and was to start in 2015, but was cancelled afterwards.

Personal Life

Diana is a lesbian, being part of the LGBTQ+ community, and married to the Ferryman creator Elisha Lake-Quinn since August 2nd, 2020, started dating since 2014, and living in Burbank, California with her wife, since she moved there in 2001. She went to San Francisco, California to attend a college named Academy of Art University until end of 1998. She has an older brother named Oscar Uhlman (six years older than Diana). She currently has two pet cats named Ice (age 2) and Kaylia (8 months). She also has two niece (who is an actress) named Lynette Uhlman and the baby girl named Everly Uhlman.

She is not in any of the political party, neither as she has any political preferences, due to the fact she prefers people that care about the United States and the people, and not selfish people that only care about money and themselves, and the fact that people that are politic are known to be hateful.

During her youth, she was a Catholic, going to the Saint Joseph Catholic Church in San Angelo, Texas. However, she and her family stopped going to church and being a religion at age 16.

YouTube Channel

See Diana's Channel Palace

Since 2019, Diana Uhlman started a YouTube channel related to topics related to various stuff (like game reviews, news related to various cartoons and (sometimes) live-action, animated shorts and etc.) in addition to outfit vlogs, especially Outfit of the Day (OoTD).


  • She is close friends with her girlfriend Elisha Lake-Quinn, Diane Schmidt, Genndy Tartakovsky, Todd McFarlane, Bryan Andrews, Rob Renzetti, Chase Eilliott, Chris Reccardi, Darnell Freeman and Lynne Naylor, TBD.
    • She and Jessica DiCicco are also very good friends.
  • In addition to being a cartoonist and writer, Diana stated she is VERY BIG to fashion, especially skirts and pants.
  • Diana's favorite foods include salads, pizza, barbeque, tacos, most Chinese food, spaghetti and meatballs, porkchops, grilled steaks and sushi.
    • It is revealed that Uhlman is neutral with hotdogs and hamburgers.
    • However, her least favorite include olives, anything fish (except for shrimp, fish in a sushi and Captain D's fish), mushrooms, squash, brussel sprouts and broccoli.
  • Diana's favorite drinks include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, chocolate milk, water, tea, TBD.
  • During an interview, Diana ADORES wearing pencil and long skirts (especially denim), preferring to wear them over pants, but she did say she likes wearing pants too, especially exercising.
    • It is also shown that Diana also ADORES jean shorts and any shorts.
  • Diana's favorite films include Jurassic Park (and its sequels), The Terminator series (except for TBD), The Goonies, [reserved for Green].
    • For the cartoon side, the list includes The Lion King, Bambi, Lady and The Tramp, [reserved for Green].
  • Diana stated that her favorite games include Lemmings (which she has a childhood heart for, since it is her first game she played), MarioSonic the HedgehogMinecraft, TBD.
  • Diana's favorite cartoons include The Smurfs, TBD.
  • Diana had a childhood cat she adored the most named Matthew, having white fur, blue eyes and black chest fur.
    • In awake of his death in 2000, she decided that the cat character of Collin would be based off the cat.
  • She is one of the people with a rare mismatched eyes, with it blue on the left and green on the right.
  • [give Diana Lake-Quinn a fan nickname for her fans?]
  • Both the first seasons of Fluke and Video People, and The Face Paint'nimal Gang Forever were the final projects with Diana involved where she is being credited as "Diana Uhlman" before becoming "Diana Lake-Quinn" after the marriage, with the first season of The Legend of Ferryman being the first project to use that.
  • Despite the fact she is not a fan of Ellen DeGeneres due to her attitude, Diana did admit that she actually likes Dory.
  • It is shown that Diana has a fear of clowns, heights and even a fear of the number 666.
  • It is also shown that Diana Lake-Quinn actually loves the Rabbids, considering them funny and inspirtational.
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