Orphan Husband

Darcy Helmandollar

Devon Delightful
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Duo-Franchise
Myles Bots
Video games
Books and Comics
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Unknown (Devon/Zim)
Unknown (Darcy)
Performance model
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Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Determined, loving, crazy, brave, friendly
Appearance Disguised: Same as Original Darcy Homandollar
Henchangel: Same as Prime Invader Zim
Previous: Same as Regular Show Orphan Husband
Occupation Myles Bot
Allies Zachary Delightful, Carrie Courageous, Captain Underpants, Grey Matter, Alex Katsopolis
Enemies Faux Ice Bear, Wreck Marauder, Varrick Forthright, Penny Rolling
Likes His brother, cuteness
Dislikes Invasion of privacy
Powers and abilities Irken physiology
Weapons Laser guns

Zim, also known as the Duo-Franchise incarnation of Darcy Helmandollar, is a main character in the Duo-Franchise continiuity serving as a deuteragonist alongside his teammates. Previously, he worked as a coerced member of the Super Separatists and used the alias becoming an ally of the Myles Bots and a friend of Levi Weston, Blisstina and Alex Katsopolis as they all have some tragedy in their lives occurring with Levi getting separated from his family for years and getting his memories, Blisstina feeling remorse over her apparent meltdown and retreating to a secluded island and Alex losing his parents to a mugger working for Joker Jr while Zim was bullied into being banished to Earth and in the Duo-Franchise continuity was coerced into fighting against his idol Zachary Delightful by a then-living Shelby Forthright and his brother Beardo. It is later revealed that he is actually an entirely different person (one of Zachary's long lost brothers, Devon Delightful, who went into hiding after his physical form was destroyed by the Faux Ice Bear) when adventuring with Zachary and the Myles Bots helped him make up for lost time with his family.


She had a warm heart, despised Beardo, Rolling and Joker Jr. with deep hatred for what they did to her, and clashed with them when an all too vengeful Joker Jr. (who was seeking revenge against the Myles Bots for what they did to him) escaped and manipulated Darcy when the villain toyed with her emotions and drove her to put her newfound friend and foil in a bad light. Darcy felt ashamed for what she had done and turned to Zachary Delightful and his adoptive children Captain Underpants, Za-Naron, Levi Weston, Alex Katsopolis, Blisstina and a now-rejuvenated Wall-E unit revealing her true nature immediately and making Levi, Alex and Blisstina realize that they went through similiar experiences growing up. After Darcy was put through tests that immediately confirmed that she was telling the truth, Zachary took her in to teach her about every single thing that the city goes through, good and bad, with Levi, Alex and Blisstina agreeing as well as the misunderstandings that occurred throughout Darcy's first major appearance driving the Myles Bots' mystery revolving their frame-up and the deaths of some of Zachary's loved ones closer than ever to be uncovered. Later, she reveals her true identity as the Duo-Franchise incarnation of Zim and joins the Myles Bots in fighting back against the Faux Ice Bear and is among the minor characters to attend the subsequent celebrations. In the process, he immediately reveals his true colors as Devon Delightful, one of Zachary's long lost brothers and is among the people who survived the city's near-destruction as he is relocated to San Franjose, California along with the other survivors.

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