High school student Adam Foodles lives with his only friend and longtime crush Madison, her brother Tommy and her parents Noel and Jennifer because his parents, who are doctors, work traveling abroad. One day Adam attempts to defend Madison from a local gang led by rapper Will and is rescued by his childhood friend Ryan Ackerman, a child prodigy and American university professor. Ryan tells Adam that his recent expedition to the Amazon rainforest revealed the existence of an ancient race of demons but that the world's governments are suppressing this. Seeking Adam's help to expose the demons' existence, Ryan takes Adam to a dance club called Sabbath. Adam is horrified when Ryan begins slashing people with a broken bottle; the violence causes several demons to appear, and they massacre the remaining humans while Ryan films it. Ryan cries out to a powerful demon named Amon, ordering him to devour Adam, but Adam's will overpowers Amon, transforming him into Devilman and allowing him to slaughter the demons. Adam's body has been physically altered by his demonic encounter, giving him strength and athleticism.


The film cost $ 250,000,000 and grossed $ 750,000, making it the biggest box office failure in film history, causing the bankruptcy of Platinun Dunes.

The film had 2% approval on Rotten Tomatoes by critics and 4% approval by the public

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