Detourous Recks is a 2018 action movie about a professional gamer who is known as Detourous Recks, but when he is murdered, it is up to his son and his friends to track his killer down. The movie is rated PG-13.


  • Dave Franco- Daniel Rocks/ Deturus Recks, Detourus' son.
  • Michael Caine- Damian Rocks/ Detourus Recks, the famous pro gamer.
  • Emily VanCamp- Janelle Hakens, Daniel's girlfriend/fiance
  • Samuel L. Jackson- Kevin Michael Jameson/Anonymous, Detourus' killer.
  • Logan Lerman- James Gibson, Daniel's best friend
  • TBA as Michelle Rocks, Detourus' wife and Daniel's mother.
  • TBA as Oscar Franks, Daniel's former best friend and Kevin's adopted son.


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