Desert Flower and the Ghoul School Is A 1990 Film.


Voice Cast

  • B.J. Ward as Desert Flower/Chieftess/Daughter Hound
  • Frank Welker as Chief/Matches
  • Kath Soucie as Dolly Flower
  • Don Messick as Scooby-Doo/Scrappy-Doo
  • Casey Kasem as Shaggy Rogers/Mirror Monster
  • Tress MacNielle as Mrs. Spooky
  • Cathy Cadavini as Emma Spooky
  • Howard Morris as Chuckling Chipmunk
  • Patty Maloney as Tanis
  • Pat Musick as Elsa Frankenteen
  • Susan Blu as Sibella
  • Russi Taylor as Phantasma
  • Candace Hutson as Winnie Werewolf
  • Glynis Johns as Miss Grimwood
  • Allan Melvin as Game Show Announcer
  • Michael Bell as Laughing Donkey
  • Hamilton Camp as Phantom Father
  • Ruta Lee as Revolta
  • Andre Stojka as Grim Creeper/Mummy Daddy
  • Jeff Cohen as Grunt
  • Ronnie Schell as Colonel Calloway
  • Walter Franklin as Dracula/Frankenteen Senior


  • Rules of the School - Mrs. Spooky, Emma Spooky, and The Students
  • I Want to Be in Your Tribe - Dolly Flower
  • Creature De La Nuit - Revolta and Grim Creeper
  • Build This School - Chief, Desert Flower, Chieftess, Dolly Flower, Laughinng Donkey, Chuckling Chipmunk, Mrs. Spooky, Emma Spooky, Tanis, Winnie Werewolf, Phantasma, Elsa Frankentee, Sibella, and Matches


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