Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo Arley's father.,,, null Theater and Director film..,,,


Years Titles Roles Notes
2016Machete (reboot)Graves
2018The Cop 3 (film)Lieutenant Kennedy Carter (rumored)
2017Baddest MadCade Bowen, Sr.
2016Caretaking Place (film)Derek Snow
2017Dave's KidDavid Guerra Sr.
2017Guns Out Titus "Dave" Willis Borden/Victor Jenny Keane
???Get Out MovieDrake Calvin, Sr.(rumored)
???Untitled Hitman Revenge (film)John Smith/Agent 46(villain)
(???)Four Brothers (film)Jack Mercer (before his died in the film)
2016Bye KidRudy Freeman, Sr.Director, films (screenwriter)
2019Daddy's Girl (film)Roger Robert "Biker Guy" Burke, Sr.died in on coffin (cameo only;deceased)
2021Daddy's Girl 2 (film)Roger Burke, Sr.(cameo only)
2017Hugger Bited (film)Taylor Huggins (rumored)
(TBA)Untitled Spy Thriller filmWilliam Kurt/Edwin Stuart(rumored)
???Bank Robbers (film)Agent Chopper, Sr.Director film, Screenwriter,
2017Untitled xXx SequelAlexander Cage
2017xXx 4: SequelAlexander Cage/xXx/Clone Alexander Cage(mentioned only) Alexander Cage/xXx (deceased)


Years Titles Roles Notes
2016 First Dated (TV Series) Will's Father/Lt. Barrows (Episodes-14-99)
2017 Bad Boys (TV Series) Mike Lowery (Episode-1-0)..,, (rumored)..,,,
2017 The Green Hornet (TV Series) James Ried/The Blue Hornet (Episodes-23)
(2016-???)WWE Raw himself/Axel Powell Sr.(Episodes-23-87)
2017Bad Boys spin-off (TV Series)Lieutenant Micheal Lowery Sr. (Ep.1)
???Ghostbusters spin-off (TV Series)Dr. Peter Gabriel (Episodes-21)
2017Good Ideas (TV Series)Freddie Prinze, Jr.(Episodes-21)
2016The Flash (TV Series)Jay Garrick/Henry Allen(unknown Episodes)
2017WWE Smackdown! Axel Powell, Sr.( Episodes-21-34)
2017Second Dated: Last Shoot

(TV Series) ||Narrator/Jarrold Barrows/Will's twin-uncle (Ben Barrows)(cameo only)||

2017-2018California Five-0 (TV Series)Lt. James Sanders, Sr. (Episodes-3)His Return Role reprise From It. Lieteutant James Sanders.,
????Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (TV Series)Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger (Episodes-3)..,,,
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