Derek Kim & Pals: World Tour is a movie coming out in June 2020. The movie is rated PG for rude humor.


In the movie we introduce Derek Kim. While Derek was practicing his drum lessons, A new fella, Gracie Kim, was born. As she destroyed Derek's drums. Gracie blames the drum thing to Derek since he owned the drums. And D.W. Read, Cozy Glow, Joe, Julie, Lucy, Flash Backman, and Classic Francine thought that he did it, but they never believed him. So they kicked him out of the house forever. Derek finds another place to live in, but he can't find anything. Then, he meets Yaili Aburharon, which turned out to be a great friend for him. But Dora wanted a friend too so she asked Derek, but he said no because he told Dora that one friend is enough. That made Dora mad so she teamed up with D.W. Read to destroy Derek. As Derek Kim and Yaili Aburharon meets Liza, P-Head, Mickey, Ami, Yumi, The Peanuts (except Lucy), Cosmo, Wanda, Thomas, and Percy, Derek had more friends. And that made Dora even angrier so she built a robot so she could destroy Derek. The villans agreed with her as they went into the robot. After they hypnotized Everyone except Derek Kim and Yaili Aburharon, Dora sent Derek and Yaili to the moon but she forgot to take off the space helmets. So then Derek and Yaili went back to earth, and they had a huge battle. Derek and Yaili lost the battle. But before Dora could zap them, The people who got hypnotized floated around The robot, then they zapped the robot with rock music, then Dora said her last words, "NO!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO OBEY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As the villans got defeated Derek and his friends went to go celebrate with rock music, and it was in a concert. So the crowd cheered for the rock music as they lived happily ever after. The end.

At the post-credits scene, Dora asked his father where Diego is, He said that he also got defeated by rock music. "Rats." Dora groaned.


Grey Delisle as Derek Kim

Scott Beaudin as Yaili Aburharon


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