Dennis Stewart
Personal Information
Aliases Nitro Bolt
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 10-11 (Monster Kid)
14 (Monster Kid)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Homeworld Earth
Residence Diamond City, Virginia
Friends Mimic
Enemies Gold Vulture
Parents Mary Stewart (mother)
Dr. Harold Stewart (father)
Spouse(s) Machi Yoko
Children Olivia Stewart (daughter)

Amber Stewart (daughter)

Siblings Max Stewart (twin brother)
Megan Stewart (older sister)
Daisy Stewart (younger sister)
Pet(s) Bargora
Production Information
Voiced by Dannielynn Birkhead (10-11 years old)
Yuri Lowenthal (13 years old)

Dennis Stewart is a 10 year-old boy and the deuteragonist of Monster KidMonster Kid: Master of Monsters and Monster Kid: Evolution as well as a major character in Return of Monster Kid. He is the younger brother of Megan and the twin brother of Max. Eventually, he gets expose to the energy levels of an alien crystal, giving him the power of superhuman speed, becoming a superhero named named Nitro Bolt.




Early Life


Monster Kid

Monster Kid: Master of Monsters

Monster Kid: Evolution

Return of Monster Kid

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-level Intellect -
  • Superhuman Physiology -
    • Superhuman Speed -



  • Dennis is known as the child prodigy of the Stewart family.
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